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Since I posted the Egg Spell for Spiritual Defense, I feel it would be good to offer another magickal use for an egg:  Cleansing – also called a Limpia.  (Very useful as part of an Uncrossing!)


NOTE:  If you have paid someone to do a Limpa upon you, or are thinking about having one done, please read this important warning!


NOTE ABOUT READINGS FROM ME:  When I first posted this technique, I was more than happy to offer simple readings for folks who wanted to send me pictures of the results of their limpias.  Since then, this has become the most popular post on my blog, and I have become overwhelmed with requests for readings.  Sadly, this has meant that many of you have asked for readings and not received a reply…  :(

So, I have no choice but to put a bottleneck on the requests.  I will need to charge a small amount for a reading (payable by Paypal) – just $15.  You will need to send me pictures of the results, and I will offer interpretation and advice.  (If you want to undertake a full consultation that goes beyond the reading, it will be a bit more expensive – but I am ridiculously reasonable.)

However, before you pay for a reading, please read on and check the comments section of this blog.  I have already interpreted many limpias right here, and it is quite likely one of them will cover what you see in your egg.  If you would rather discuss it with me personally, just contact me at


I have seen this process done by Ocha Ni’Lele, using a live bird instead of an egg.  There was no ceremony to speak of – it was actually an impromptu action taken after a wild bird landed and simply allowed him to pick it up.  Assuming it was a gift from the Gods, he passed the bird over his entire body (making sure to allow/encourage its wings to flap) and then released the bird again.

Sadly, it was assumed the bird would have died.  I suspect it was already headed that way, or it wouldn’t have allowed a human to pick it up.  However, I have to admit I couldn’t bring myself to use a live animal to cleanse myself of negativity in any case.  On the other hand, I have heard of using raw eggs for the same purpose.  I recently saw the subject discussed on a Hoodoo forum, and it inspired me to post my egg material here.

What follows is simply what I learned from Ocha Ni’Lele, replacing the live bird with an egg and some basic Hoodoo technique.

Update 1-13:  As this post is perhaps the most popular one on my blog to date, I have decided to re-format it somewhat to make it easier for folks to perform the egg cleansing properly.  It contains all the same information – most of it mine, some coming from a post I referenced here in the older version of this post (but which I have expanded upon below).

Instructions for Egg Cleansing

-For a cleansing, you want a standard “Grade-A” white egg from the fridge.  It should be cold.

-Also, if you have an established altar for general spiritual work, make sure to power it up for this work.  Light the candles and incense you normally use there.  Have consecrated water on the altar and ready.  Then invoke your spiritual patrons and guardians as you would normally do before any magickal work.

If you do not have such an altar, setting up a temporary one for this process is not hard.  Cover a small table with a white cloth.  Place a white candle upon it, and a censor to burn holy incense like Frankincense, “Church” Incense or something Solar.  (Pretty much any incense you find that relates to the Highest Divinity will work.)  Also place your favored holy symbol upon it – a Cross or Rosary, a Pentagram, a Goddess Symbol or whatever fits your beliefs.  If you would recite specific prayers or Psalms, have the prayer book or Psalter there as well.

Finally place a cup of water on the altar.  If you don’t know how to make full-fledged Holy Water (such as done in the Solomonic and Wiccan traditions), you can consecrate it by reciting a prayer over it.  Or, you can obtain holy water from a church or from someone else who knows how to make it.

-Once the altar and tools are ready, light the candle and incense and pray for Divine help and guidance.  Then get the fresh and cool egg, bring it to the altar, and consecrate it with a prayer while passing it through the smoke of the incense and sprinkling water upon it.

-When this is done, take your holy symbol in your left hand and hold the egg in your right.  (Or vise-verse if you are left-handed.)  Recite Psalm 51 as you perform the following actions:

-Begin at the crown of the head and pass the egg downward over every part of your body.  From the crown to the nape of the neck.  Then downward along either side of the face.  Then downward strokes along the chest and abdomen, down the spine, then from shoulder to fingers on each arm, then downward strokes between the legs in the groin area and finally long downward strokes along the legs to the feet.  Overall, this should appear as if the egg were a bar of soap, and you are using it to wash every part of your body.

Once done, you can break and flush the egg down the toilet, or toss it into a crossroads or river.  Or, you can use the egg as part of a divination to see what kind of astral gunk the egg absorbed from you:

Egg Divination Instructions

The following instructions are quoted from this link.  Also see the comments section of this post as it contains many examples of interpretations I have done for others.

[B]reak the egg into the glass of water [*not* the glass of holy water!], checking for abnormalities such as color, blood, shape and texture.

Some basic interpretations:

-If the water smells bad with blood present, this is a sign of evil work being done.

-If there are blood spots in the water, this is a sign of bad luck and harm being caused by strong spellwork especially if the water is murky.

-If the water turns murky with no smell or blood, this is a sign of susto (soul loss) as long as there is no blood present.

-If the yolk of the egg has the shape of a face, this is a sign of an enemy. A thin face indicates a male enemy, a round face indicates a female enemy.

-If the yolk is in the shape of an eye, this is a sign of the evil eye.

-If there are small bubbles in the water, this is a sign that the negative energy was absorbed by guardian spirits.

-If the water is clear, with no abnormal shapes, smells or blood, this is a sign that nothing unnatural is happening.

To the above, I would add the following from my own experience:

-If the egg white forms a “mesh” or “webbing” pattern, this indicates something that is entrapping you, holding you back and impeding your peronsal or spiritual progress.

-The egg should sink directly to the bottom of the glass.  If it floats, this is a sign that further cleansing – preferably an Uncrossing – is necessary.  This is also true if only part of the egg floats while the rest sinks – though that indicates a smaller or still-developing problem that you want to rectify right away.

The remaining egg and water would then be disposed of as previously described – down the toilet, etc.  Feel free to share your own results if you give this divination a try.



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  2. I had the egg cleansing last week, due to some very rare bad luck happening all at once. I had so many things happen in a matter of hours it was horrible. Needless to say after a few hours of everything in my home breaking for no reason I went to my mother in law and asked her to do the egg cleansing. She did it and the first day the water was YELLOW and had only one point that came to the top of the water. But by the egg there was a whirlwind of a web effect. THen the second day same water YELLOW and more points arose and the web continued. The third day again water YELLOW more point rose and this time I had points at the bottom with a ball(bubble) on top of the points and still the web was there also, but this time the egg was partly cooked also. Each day when converting the egg to the bag to take it to a crossroad the eggs broke before touching the bag or leaving the glass this was rare and never happened before nor to anyone else in the family. I have felt bad energy for a while now, and I know that people are working against my hussband and I. He has had the cleansings before and they showed that we have people doing black magic on us. We know who they would be of course. I have even had a preist come out and bless the house because so much has been passing us. I continue to have bad days but they have gotten better. I keep my faith stong as I can and so does my husband. If you have any suggestions or can give me a better description of what has been happening please email me the info. I want to get to the bottom of this and get rid of the bad energys we have surounding us. So please help if you can! Thank You!

    • Have you done any work toward Uncrossing? I have a blog post here with full instructions for an Uncrossing bath and house cleaning procedure. You may want to try a good solid 7-day process…

      If someone is attacking you, I also have a great mirror spell here that would work quite nicely. ;)

  3. what happen if the egg falls down and crack while rolling. Thaks

    • That means it has lived out its usefulness – possibly because it absorbed something rather massive. You can inspect the insides as described above, dispose of it and get a fresh egg to re-start the process.

  4. What does it mean if the yolk doesn’t land on the bottom of the glass of water if it stays stuck in the middle of the glass and strings come out from the top and bottom?? I did a cleanse to my baby and that’s what came out :0

    • Greetings, Yazmin! Sorry for the delay.

      When the egg floats, that is bad news. Yours is suspended in the middle, which suggests to me a problem that is probably not immediately obvious to you. Something just below the surface, and perhaps in “stasis” – like something that doesn’t seem to be a problem right now, but any moment could boil over.

  5. What if it was all blood….?

    • Blood is a very bad sign – especially if there was so much of it. I recommend you search this blog for “Uncrossing” – read it over, and perform it at least 7 consecutive days.

  6. I didn’t see a change in my egg, do I need to do the method again.

    • You say you didn’t see a change? Is this is the second time you performed it? Or do you mean that there is nothing remarkable about the egg?

      • I did not see any changes the egg was the same! Did I perform it correctly

      • By this do you mean there was nothing remarkable about the egg inside? Yoke perfectly round, no webbing, no breakage, no blood, no debris, nothing? Or are you comparing the current egg to an earlier one you used?

  7. Hi i did a egg cleansing and it had a out line of a person on it and another small out line on top of its head of blood what does that mean????? thank you for any info….both out line were of blood.

    Maria harrington
    • Going by that alone, I would suspect that a specific person is casting bad magick your way. Of course more divination should be done to see if that is indeed the case…

      • Hi i have a person i suspect to stop her from harming me? oh and what does webbing mean in and egg cleansing? thk u for all ur help i appreciate it.

      • Yes what wouuld have to do to find out more info on what it means and what is a mirror spell?thks again for ur time and interest on helping us.

    • Hi i would like to know how to do uncrossing?thku again

  8. Hi i have a question about soul loss what does that mean?

    Maria harrington
    • It’s based on an ancient theory that sickness and death is caused by the separation of the soul from the body. Shamans would engage in visionary journeys into the underworld to find and retrieve the soul in order to replace it in its owner and thus heal them.

    • Hi i was wondering what is webbing mean on ur egg?

      • In the past, I have interpreted webbing as an indication that something has “caught” or “entrapped” you. In one case, I was helping someone who was quite mired in their own fears and doubts about a situation, and that state of mind showed up in their egg cleansing as webbing. Once those fears and doubts were overcome, their situation improved considerably.

    • Hi is there a way to find out for sure its the person u think it is that is doing harm or magic?

      • HiI AGAIN MY FRIEND Said that WHEN U DO A EGG CLEANSING U SHOULD PUT IT UNDER UR bed so it keeps abbsorbing more neagative energy from u

      • I would class that in the “very bad idea” category. You’ve just used this object to absorb your sickness and negativity – do you really want to then sleep over it?

        I suspect your friend was confusing the egg cleansing technique with the egg self-defense technique. You can read the egg defense spell here on this blog. Just search the blog for “egg” and you’ll find both techniques. :)

  9. what does it mean when there is a skull shape in the egg. I have a photo of it. Never seen this before

    • I’d like to see the photo (

      I would like to know if there was anything else that went along with it – blood, webbing, floating, etc. Without any further context, I would say the skull represents Death. However, *exactly* what that means is not clear without more context. It could be warning you that you are facing a serious illness – in which case get to the doctor for a full check-up ASAP. On the other hand, it could also indicate the involvemnt of the dead – like an ancestor is hanging around you. Also, there is always the Tarot interpretation of “Death” as a major change on the horizon.

      I would look to the first interpretation as the highest priority – just to be safe. (This is a cleansing, so it should have been taking something out of you.) The second interpretation would be next in priority – which possibly means some kind of message is being given to you, that you need to consult your ancestors for more info, etc. (Do you have an ancestor altar?) I actually highly doubt the Tarot interpretation – again because this is a cleansing and not a divination such as you’d get from a Tarot reading…


    • Ok I just saw the pics you sent. That’s pretty amazing, to be honest. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

      The yolk is a nice shape. There is no discoloration nor blood. The egg also sank down – with the exception of a few bits of rising stuff that looks like rising smoke. And in the “smoke” is the skull along with a few other bubbles.

      So I would say no evil magick is working against you. And I don’t see any direct indication of sickness. BUT I would still see a doctor as soon as convenient just for a check up to be sure – in case that’s the message you’re being given. The bubbles also indicate that something negative was absorbed into the egg – but the bebbles are few enough that I wouldn’t think there was anything overwhelming. Perform a nice simple cleansing bath and then do the egg cleansing once more.

      Meanwhile, on the face of it, I would suggest you consult with your ancestors for possible messages or warnings they may have for you.

  10. thank you very much for all the info.

  11. hello i have been doing egg cleansing it seems like I’m getting real sick i think because I’m having extreme relationship issues i keep going to different people and they keep charging me a lot to those candles n spells what can i i feel like someone i trying to break my relationshipp apart?

  12. Hi, I have seen small bubbles carrying the tissue around the yolk as if it is carrying it upwards. what does that mean?

    • The bubbles indicate that something was cleansed from you. I think the action you describe is essentially the same thing – probably indicating you should do some cleansing/uncrossing then try the egg cleansing once again.

  13. I had a egg cleansing done, she smashed the egg that I wrapped in a napkin, and it had alot of black in it.. What would you say of this.

    • Sounds like you’ve got some serious issues going on there. I would suggest doing a good uncrossing. (Search this blog for “Uncrossing” for instructions.) I would do a three-day uncrossing, then try the egg cleansing again to see what comes up.

  14. did another egg cleansing today and there where so many bubbles. I couldn’t count them. the yolk was incased in the egg white. The top of it had lots of bubbles atached to small strings centermeters from it, then about 10 plus atached to longer ones. The bubbles looked like silver beads.

    • Very good! I assume you did this after an uncrossing or other process of cleansing/purification? All the bubbles do indicate that the egg scrubed a bunch of stuff out of you, but at least the black is absent – so good progress. Maybe try another cleansing bath (just one this time), then another egg to see how it looks.

  15. I was doing a limpia on a friend and as I was getting down to her feet the egg broke what does it mean?

    • Sorry I didn’t get to this earlier. It basically means there was something farily major that needed released from your friend – a blockage bad enough to crack the egg. What you should do is immediately wash your hands – holding them under the running water for a couple of minutes. The person getting the reading should immediately do a cleansing bath, then repeat the limpia.

      • So does that mean someone has done something to her? What kind of bath? What would be needed thank you so much

      • It is not, in and of itself, an indication that someone else is doing something to her. But it does indicate that something was amiss – which could be something someone else has cast or just something within her, etc.

        Cleansing baths can be found easily enough with Google. Or you can use one I outline on this blog: search for “uncrossing” or (as an alternative and very powerful cleansing bath) search for “solomonic bath.”

      • Thank you so much for your help

  16. what do you mean by evil eye?

    • The “evil eye” is essentially a curse cast upon you by another person. It can be done on purpose (such as making the “sign of the evil eye” at you). Or it can be the unconscious result of someone’s anger or hatred toward you – where the sheer force of their passion transfers negative energy upon you. See:

  17. hi i did a cleansing with the egg to my husband and the yolk came broken all weird i vidio record it i would like to know what it means. thank you

  18. my mother in law did my egg and it floated and their was a thick white circle around the yolk,there was a few tall points but reminded me of a net, and small bubbles. the egg white was really thick.

    • Can you email me a picture of this egg? Otherwise, based on your description, it sounds like definitely had some negativity that needed cleansed. You might even have a particular issue that is “hemming you in” or holding you back. Repeat the cleansing and tell (or show) me what you get. If more bubbles and netting shows up, you’ll want to perform an uncrossing bath then try the cleansing a third time. If there are still problems shown by the egg after that, you’ll want to take more direct action.

  19. Hi I did an egg cleansing last night , but I felt very week after …. I felt like the egg looked very normal but noticed a white line across the yolk and also noticed 3 long strands and 1 half strand can u please tell me what this means I took a pic 2 send u … Thank u so much
    Love & light

    • Greetings! I have answered you in email, since you sent me pictures of the egg. But, in general, I think your egg looked pretty good. It cleansed some stuff out of you, and might have resulted in your symptoms afterward. But nothing about it sounds like there is any major problem. In the email, I suggested you perform some yoga/stretching for a week or so to mobilize and expel any toxin build-up you may have in your body.

  20. thank you i will ask to her to do it again and take a picture this time

  21. Can you do a non direct cleansing such as placing an egg under the bed for work? Or cleansing certain parts of the body only, like over the stomach only or cleansing inanimate objects such as a car? Thank you for your information!

    • Greetings!

      This kind of method isn’t suitable for indirect cleansings. Here on this blog I have shared an “egg defense spell” where you can place the egg under your bed. But it doesn’t cleanse you. You CAN use the egg to cleanse a specific part of the body, though.

      As for cleansing inanimate objects with it – that’s actually a good question. I wouldn’t think it would be very effective. For inanimate objects you’d want to use water as the medium. Either plain water for a simple cleansing, or you can use herbally infused or holy waters – in either case you would use prayers of consecration along with it.

      • Thanks so much for the info, now I have another question for you. About 7 months ago I stopped dreaming, and my psychic visions just stopped. About a month after that I kept smelling bleach and my eyes kept burning. Nothing physical anywhere in my house was there bleach as I don’t use it because we are on a septic system. What kind of spell work uses bleach to blind someone and affect the memory? I have had every medical test known to man nothing to explain my symptoms. Any help would be appreciated.

  22. hi. my mom just did it to me…and the 1st time she told me that a lot of hatered is in my way..i did it again my mom said the white is the bad shit…but we both noticed that there was a circle in the middle of the egg that moved and never went away my mom said she couldnt focus on the thing when she was doing it and she felt weird idk i wanna know what that middle circle thing is its small and its in the egg..idk i just wanna know waht it means

  23. Hi, greetings, i would like to know if i just finished the egg cleansing my egg has a line on just one side of it. But i will send a photo to you so you can take a look and give me more details maybe? THank you so much!!!

  24. Hi I did the egg cleansing (limpia) last night because I felt sick, tired, alot of anxiety, and I felt a heavyness on my chest. and put the egg in water along with holy water I put 3 crosses made of tooth pick, but my egg went sank down to the bottom and it did have a few bubbles that floated to the top but what concerned me was why it was almost all covered with the white you could barely see the yolk?

    • The egg should sink, that is a good thing. From what you describe, whatever was causing the negative feelings and “heaviness” was caught by the egg. It was thick enough to obscure the egg yolk. How did you feel afterward?









    THERE WHAT COULD THAT BE? I did take picture of it I also see a lot of bubbles in the water & on the egg?

    • Both bubbles and red spots indicate something the egg cleaned out of you. Red spots are near the top of the list of negative signs – I would suggest seeing a doctor for a general check up, as well as undertaking an Uncrossing process. If there is any reason to believe an attack is coming from an outside source, there is also the egg defense spell and the mirror spell on this blog that would help.

      • Thank you so much I also cleansed my 10 month old and her egg yoke also has the red spots. Is this somethinB I should worry about?

      • Make sure the baby is getting regular medical check ups. I would then suggest you take an Uncrossing bath for at least three days. Then clean out and seal your house. Finally, perform another egg cleansing on yourself and see if the red spots are gone. You can then do one for the baby and see how it looks for her.

      • Thank you so much, the baby is up to date with 3 doctors that have to check her a little more often then it should be. I’ve been feeling very anxious, body aches, sleeplessness.I want to get better for my 2 babies. I appreciate that you are taking the time to read our comments and helping!

  26. Hi… my mother just did a cleansing and once she put it into the glass, on the left side of the yolk there was two bubbles (oval) the water was clear and no smell it had a few pearls on top of the cup with the white drapes coming down. This is the first time I do this pls help me to figure out what’s happening…

    • It sounds like the egg did cleanse something from you. But overall it doesn’t sound too bad. Try taking a ritual cleansing bath, then repeat the egg cleansing to see if it comes out the second time without the bubbles or the two pearls.

  27. what does it mean ifthere is a web right above yolk i have pictures of it from first time i cleansed until last now the water is clear & white is on the bottom near yolk.

  28. Hi, what does it mean if the egg turns cloudy white?Thanks

  29. aaron ~had my daughter to a cleansing because of some things in her life. everything looked ok except the water turned yellow. ( the yolk did not break)

    • My first thought here is that she might have a medical problem brewing. Have her get a general check up, and look into any ailments she is currently dealing with…

  30. ok so bad things have been happening to me. and I have a bad feeling about it. but now its affecting my oldest daughter. I know someone is doing this to us. I cant explain it.i feel like I want to take a shower because I feel heavy or dirty. like I want to shake or rub off what is on me but of course there is nothing on me but my clothes.also this has happened once before and I had a dream of the person or girl I believe is doing this to me and my daughter or she came to my dream. now I had a dream about her again and then shit start hitting the fan but so far it has to do with money.lots of money not 20 dollars or even a couple hundred dollars. this is thousands of dollars. anyways. I did the egg cleaning on myself. my eggs have always come out fine. this time when I put the egg in the water the clear stuff went to the bottom( was very murky) my yolk was surrounded by thick murkiness too but with bubbles in the yolk. many of them in fact. then there was many bubbles outside the yolk but stayed in the middle of the glass, also a lot of the murkiness that was in the middle was in a web like way but then turned white real quick almost like those parts were cooked. plus a big bubble the size of a pea is coming out of the yolk but not all the way to the top. kind of like it wants to come out of the yolk but the murkiness around the yolk has it trapped the bubble with it. plus a couple of bubbles that have strands on it but didnt make it to the top of the glass. what do the bubbles mean. when opening the egg, I had trouble getting all the egg in the glass because of all the bubbles inside the shell as if we mixed it. please if you have any information on this I would like to know and would be greatful. I have a picture of it if you would like to see it. also should I be doing this to my baby too?

    • There is no harm in dong the egg cleansing for your daughter as well. Also, I strongly suggest you search this blog for “uncrossing” and follow the instructions for an uncrossing process. I would do it for *at least* three days, but in your case it might be good to do it for seven days in a row. Then repeat the egg cleansing and see what you get.

      I also suggest you search this blog for “mirror defense spell” and put that to use – I would say three days into the uncrossing process.

      • thank you for you help but just one more thing. this mirror defense spell, what does it do exactly? I know who is doing this to me and although I never liked the person. I would never want someone to get hurt or anything bad to come to them. God would not be too happy with me if I went and did the same thing back to her. If it does, is there something else I could do instead. besides pray for her?

      • The mirror spell is purely defensive. It merely reflects anything negative sent at you and reflects it back at the sender. It’ll thump them hard enough, but not because of anything you personally sent at them.

      • ok. hope your right. I still feel like I don’t want to do that but only because in my head I am saying that if I do this mirror spell and something happens it is my fault. although I did see a egg spell that can take whatever is coming my way and take the hit itself. I just don’t want her to get hurt. I just found out she is pregnant. baby’s are innocent and pure. I could never live with myself if something happened.

      • Ok well if you do feel that way about the situation, then by all means use the Egg Defense spell I give elsewhere on the blog. It won’t stop her attack, but it will divert at least some of the negative energy off of yourself.

      • is there a defense bath I can do instead?? can I make one myself with things from home and if I can what? if you don’t mind I would like to give myself and children one. thank you and have a good day/night.

      • In that case I would perform the Uncrossing Bath as instructed – but instead of the nine herbs I list there, use Fiery Wall of Protection powder or oil instead. And use Psalms that speak of Divine protection (several on the uncrossing page will work, or find others that suit you better). As for the Fiery Wall of Protection powder or oil, you can get it from any botanica, or at this link:

        That link even has another Fiery Wall of Protection spell you can try.

  31. holly crap. I just went back to my egg.. and i think i see a eye almost in the middle of the egg or a face!!!! but i diff see a eye. i just cant tell if its just that or if its part of the face. but if it is face it looks like its wearing a mask . cccrrraaazzzyyyy

  32. A limpia was performed on my husband yesterday. When we got down to his feet (left) the egg “jumped” from my hands and cracked. We put it in water in a clear glass. There were two pearls that had drapes attached to the egg. One of the pearls/drapes was bigger than the other. The water was clear, no order. I’m concerned or rather more curious about the yolk it self. It had this whitish coating over it to where you couldnt see the yolk (looking down).

  33. egg turn black after a cleanse

    • That’s not good at all… I would visit a doctor for a general check-up. Also perform an uncrossing process for at least seven days – and use the Psalms meant for breaking a curse. (Also follow the instructions concerning looking for a trick that may have been left on your property or brought into the home, and perform the full house cleaning.) Then do the egg cleansing again and see what results you get.

  34. my egg has like a whit dot in the middle yellow yolk and piece of the shell fell on it and alot of webbing and a bubble my husband litterally left me we are an older ccouple what shall i do

    • Could you email a picture of the egg to me? I’m not entirely sure about the white spot in the middle of the yolk. Bubbles indicate impurities/negative energies that were entrapped by the egg during your cleansing. The webbing, in my experience, generally indicates something that has you snarred. Though I don’t have much to go on, what you say indicates that your past is the “web” holding you back. What you need is something that will mark a transition for you, from your old life to the new. Even though you say you are older, there is NO age that makes you too old to begin a new journey.

  35. st need to know your email i did a limpia today and the egg yolk broke at the edge i was so going crazy all day bubble and a letter

  36. Namaste, I just performed an extensive egg cleansing ritual. The egg yolk was perfectly suspended in the middle of the glass of blessed water. The egg white was lightly fogged & encased the yolk. There were 3 solid lightning bolt shaped shoots extending out from very near the yolk. As I do not have access to a bathtub, I then performed a cleansing shower ritual. How soon &/or should I perform another egg cleansing? This was my first experience with both cleansings. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  37. I wish that I had taken a photo. I neglected to mention that the yolk was perfectly round. In it’s entirety the yolk & white looked like an eyeball looking back at me with 3 distict white veins coming out of the yolk extending through the lightly fogged white.

  38. Hi. I just finished doing an egg cleansing a few minutes ago. But the woman smashed the egg under the napkins and It looked like a tiny dead baby yellow bird. Buf now reading this it may have been yellow webbing with a bunch of holes or bubbles through it. As soon as she saw it she got scared and said I had to give her money to bury it so the curse is released from me. What exactly does that mean? Does it need to be burried or can I do something different that doesn’t require me to shell out money that I don’t have?

    • I didn’t even see the yolk. She smashed it and I.saw a glance at the yellow thing then she quickly covered it.

      • Greetings!

        Actually the woman doing that was almost certainly a scam artist. Ususally they will put a dead baby bird in the yolk via slight-of-hand. But in your case you just a “quick glace” then had to take her word for it – and hand over your money. Do yourself a favour and stay away from deals like that. ;)

  39. Hi there,

    I performed an egg cleansing on myself and husband who have been experiencing very bad luck for about five months. I deeply feel as if I’ll will or La Sal has been wished on me. I am half Mexican and my father who is fully Mexican had a big fall out earlier this year. He can be a very angry and vengeful person.

    Long story short I performed the cleansing. My husbands egg looked mostly clean apart from a bubble.

    But mine, I should gave taken a photo. It looked like castles, full of bubbles big and small. It reminded me of chrystal castles, long and tall webs with so many bubbles I couldn’t count them.

    The other odd thing was the detached white globs that looked like little tadpoles that actually seemed like they were swimming. I think there were two, they reminded me of little ghosts and very much tadpole like, detached from everything else.

    There were also large bubbles at the surface and a small blood clot, not too bloody but definitely there.

    The egg yolk was rich and perfectly rounded, it did sit at the bottom.

    The whit webbing almost looked like it was climbing? It really looked like a city.

    What doc you gauge from that? What should I do? Thank you for your help and advice.

    • For starters, I would have a medical check up, just to make sure things are ok with you physically. I would also perform an Uncrossing for no less than three days. (Search this blog for “uncrossing.” Follow the given instructions, using the Psalms intended to remove curses.)

      I would also recommend you use some defensive measures. There is a spell here that uses an egg (search for “egg defense”) that might work well for you. But if you honestly feel this is coming from your father, then use the Mirror Defense spell (search “mirror defense”), and that will knock back anything he’s sent at you.

  40. I did an egg cleanse and it sank to the bottom and idk I’d the egg was spoiled but I cracked it into the water and the yolk was a lil broken but it cooked I guess and formed a face a round face and looked like a woman face wit webbing and bubble floating above it! Wat does that mean

  41. Hi, I did 3 egg cleansing rituals. The first time there was an eye and a few bubbles attached to white stems but the yolk was clear. The second time it was relatively clear with only a few white stems. Today I did another one and the eye shape was back . A separate big circle was also formed with the white of the circle.This concerned me because it’s only a day later.

  42. hi just read your blog very nice …just got done doing the egg cleansing …. what appear to be like an dot eye in the middle of the yoke … and few small tiny bubbles on white single white string … those this mean anything ? i have read some of the responds and coment on your page …..and nice i was woondering what are this signs ? i wanted to have a positive result … i will try to do it again to tomorrow … thanks il wait for your reply hope you can help me thanks lot .

    • The bubbles generally indicate that some muck was cleaned out of you by the egg. The eye in the yolk is a bit more of a problem. Traditionally it represents the “evil eye” – meaning that someone (either deliberately or unconsciously) has been sending negative energy your way.

  43. after doing the egg cleansing i left it over night ….. were you suppose to flash in the toilet right away ? or is it bad leaving it over night ?

  44. thank for your reply ….. thank so much ……. i will try to do it again latter on today ……….after doing it for the second time around if the result are still the same …. will this get rid off the negative energy completly ? how would i know that it wont bother me or harass me again ….. what would be the best way to get rid of it completly ? thanks

    • The egg cleansing (limpia) is a good start – though if it keeps showing problems then I always recommend the Uncrossing process. It’s a deeper cleansing used for various purposes.

      As for the negative energy – you’d first want to divine where it’s coming from if you can. then you’d have a better idea how to dispel it. Either the mirror spell or the egg defense spell, or a curse removal, etc. Depends on the circumstances.

  45. how many times can you do the egg cleansing ? and how would i know whos sending the negative towards me ? i only have a few gut feeling instic would be my uncle second would be a few people that i know ….i try doing the egg defends i did what it say but i can still feel the impact ….

    • I would do just one egg cleansing and divination, followed by an uncrossing process, then another egg cleansing to see how it came out. Anything more is overkill.

      As for knowing how is sending the negativity – you would want to have someone do a divination for you. Ask if it is the person who you think it is, then ask about the next candidate, etc. Plus, you can do the Mirror Spell on the person you think is most likely and see if it puts a stop to it. If not, you got the wrong target and can try again.

      Also, if you do all of this – the cleansing, the uncrossing, the egg defense and even a mirror spell and nothing changes, then it means that the problem is coming from within you and not from an outside source.

  46. i try doing the egg cleansing ones more … and this time i dint see no eye … but the watter is not very clear there is no string or whats so ever …. what is this mean ?

  47. I am familiar with the egg cleansing, from growing up in East. Europe. …so tonight I decided to use it ..After I was done cleansing, i broke the shell into the water , the yoke was almost down to bottom , surrounded by ” clouds ” of white and than , three strands with the bubbles on top to the surface . the rest water was clear . No smell . no face, no black dots . I took pics..were should I send them to ? thank you

  48. ok thank you . :) .my e-mail is

  49. I had a egg cleanse done today an baby snakes came out I love my god but really need to know what this mean

    • Let me guess – you paid someone to do it for you. And when the snakes came out they informed you that you were cursed and they could remove it for you, but it was *very* expenseive. Am I close? If so, that person was a fraud, and used slight-of-hand to make it appear snakes were in the egg in order to frighten you into paying big cash to have a “curse” removed.

      • You’re right she showed did 3000 an said that she could only remove 2 that there was another an someone paid 3000 to put roots on me an i have to pay the ssme to have it remove I never seen anything like that before no lie she did get me for 125 but no more what should i do

      • Hi. Today a phychic did the egg breaks with my feet and as she scrambled through the yoke baby snakes appeared. I read a 2013 post of this happening to someone else. Is this a fraud? How do I keep her from hurting me if I don’t pay?

      • Just walk away. She’s a fraud. She’ll threaten you and then move on to the next mark. If you feel attacked, just do the Mirror Defense Spell posted here on this blog.

  50. what does it mean if the yolk breaks when it touched the water

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  52. Super post. I will add that for almost guaranteed effective operation and result, the person to be cleansed needs to truly repent and pray psalm 51 with a salt mix in water and 3 drops of hyssop oil in the water and use it to bath thereafter. It is essential to avoid spirit polluting actions and thoughts thereafter because “evil will always attract evil” and vice versa.
    Messing with the egg after the cleansing should only be done by an experienced spiritual person with full protective spiritual anti-bullet vest since the evil spirits removed from the victim will not take kindly to being made suddenly homeless and will attempt to re-enter the victim. It is thereforebetter to just dispose off the contaminated eggs in a river and and turn back immediately without looking back until the victim is home.

    Michael Emmanuel Nwafor
  53. Hi, does the color of the egg matter? i usually purchase brown eggs, for this cleanse should i buy white eggs?


    • Traditionally white eggs are used – likely because white is the color of purity. I don’t know if there is anything specifically wrong with using a brown egg. But I always use white.

      • I agree with you Aaron. White fresh egg but brown fresh egg is not far behind. The naked truth of cleansing does not violate the universal laws of creation. A kingdom divided against itself. If a person with negative energy cleanses you with an egg, it is highly possible that the egg will absorb some of the negative energy in the hand holding it. That will give a negative feedback. So my advise to all persons is do it yourself if the purity of whoever will do the cleansing cannot be reasonably guaranteed. However, make sure the egg is fresh. Very important. Whenever I have to do spiritual work I as a matter of routine separate myself to purge myself of all impurities so as not to make matters worse for anyone I may be wanting to assist.

        Michael Emmanuel Nwafor
  54. I’ve been doing the cleansing every friday usually get the mess of webs this friday I did the cleansing and the egg yolk was partially cooked what does that mean????

    • Cooked egg? Not a good sign if you ask me but over to you Aaron.

      Are you sure the egg was fresh and uncooked?

      Michael Emmanuel Nwafor
      • Hi,michael.i want to connect with can i reach u?

      • Ok Rita. Got no issues with you reaching me but this is Aaron’s blog and I am not sure of the rules for contacts. I will put it on here and leave Aaron to decide if he wants you to see it. Rules are rules. Mikenwafor at yahoo dot com

        Michael Emmanuel Nwafor
  55. What does it mean if the yellow part has white spot & white stuff comes out ←●→ then it has another white dot but nothing comes out thru that one. Around the yellow part it looks like a web surronding it. Wish I could upload a pic so ya can see…..

  56. Hi I just did an egg cleansing and I am pretty sure there is an eye in it, can I send you a pic for verification??

  57. what about if the egg was oval shaped and it looked as if it was hard, wrapped with a white layer and ends were sealed. one big egg on top of water and like spired web acrossed it?

    mariana valenzuela
  58. I Cleansed my self for the first time.usually I have some els do it.. But this time it was me. As I cleansed my self I prayed so hard! And did crosses all over me..from head to toe. As I placed the egg in a glass of water(holy)water then cracked it. So the egg went to the bottom and it look to like it had 3 bubble eyes and web of the bottom of egg! Plus it smelled so bad!! Anyways flushed it down the toilet and dropped the seat down.. Can you please tell me why it looked like that and smelled really bad! & yes! I know I have someone working on me I see it in my dreams and I feel it every time I go by this person! It’s crazy how people can hate someone so bad! Please help. Thanks

    • If you are sure the egg was originally fresh then you are obviously under some evil eye and you have taken some spiritual bullets. A full 7 days of spiritual cleansing is advised. Simple bathing with river or ocean water or salt water with hyssop oil will do. Psalm 51 personalised will be great. Pray and ask God for mercy. Next clean out your home of all junks and dirt. Evil spirits like dirty places.

      Michael Emmanuel Nwafor
  59. I did an egg cleansing today I feel better. There were 2 bubbles that look like blobs or balloons what does that mean?

  60. Hi there,
    I got a cleansing done today by a psychic. I rub my body with it while repeating what she said. At the end the egg was cracked and it had hair and blood… It looked like my own hair when I wash my hair, it was really freaky. The weird part is that she did not used a cup filled with water, she put a napkin on a plate and cracked the egg. IDK I am just confuse on whether she did that in order for further cleansing or if it is truth. Is it possible to have hair and blood in the egg?

  61. I got cleansed with an egg and when it was cracked there was a small black fetus shaped thing inside. What does that mean? Have you ever seen anything like that? I didnt know the lady who did the cleans I meet here at a store and she randomly came up to me! Was I victimized of fooled to believe it was real. It was murky cloudy with a dark small fetus shape thing. She didn’t charge me just asked me to give here a donation?!? I felt sad or fooled after, comfused. She told me it was the bad spell or work that someone has put on me. Please let me know it it makes since to you.

    • I’m afraid that sounds to me like a scam – though at least it wasn’t one that cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars to find out. lol

      • I posted about the baby snakes in the napkin and yoke. How would the phychic make it appear? I got scared & she got 1000 from me!

      • It’s just sleight of hand. Don’t give her any more money and just walk away. Make NO further contact – don’t even open her emails or answer her calls.

  62. Did a cleansing on my oldest daughter the other day, after I realized that she was losing so much hair! The egg literally exploded in my hand after the 3rd our father, and the inside was like water dripping down and shell turned to almost dust. I repeated the cleansing and flushed the egg down the toilet without trying to read it. Days later after reading your post I did another cleansing to try and read the egg. As I cracked the egg, the clear part burst upward,and the egg yolk looked like it was cooked, (stiff)-She is a sensitive kid and feels heavy energies when they are around her. I hope I got the negative energies, but after the cleaning my heart was racing and I was out of breath. My neck was hurting, and headache followed. I did a cleansing on myself, (first time ever) and the yolk was broken as it came out of the shell. The otter layer of the yolk created lines in all directions, and there were 2 fat bubbles around, one very large. What does this mean? Also, before I cleansed my oldest daughter I cleansed my youngest daughter and when I cracked her egg, it had a huge thick umbilical cord that was knotted. Like a twist and it was thick and white, and the clear looked kinda of yellow, I would appreciate any info. Thank you very much. I have never done cleanses before, but I felt (sensed) that is was necessary. I learned from my grandmother, and now that she is gone, I feel she is guiding me to have the gift to cleanse, and like her I am doing it with lots of faith and with the divine power of God. Thank you in advance for your time, I am worried about my girls, and I am not feeling very well. Am I too weak to handle this. Please advise.

  63. hi i did egg cleansning on me tonight and it was first time so i have no experience but i took some pictures would you help me please?
    thank you

  64. Hey , I did a egg limpia and my egg had three very small red dots forming a perfect triangle , and around the egg or water was like a fog. I’m very interested on what that means?? Thank you for your help.

  65. How do u do a bath cleansing plz and thank:)

  66. Hello
    Well here goes I have never written on a blog before, anyway here goes.
    My story begins like this I frequently habe seen doctors for my issues of panic attacks,anxiety, heartpalps,dizziness overall not feeling myself
    I have been to someone dir a reading and I was told I had the devil at my dinner table at one time. My first thought was a relative go figure that once I go see this relative after a long time and this person seemed lost and strange to me I soon started getting all these symptoms to the highest extent. I can’t work.I can’t go out and every specialist I see says everything is normal.
    Please help
    Thanks in advance

    • Before you do *anything* else, get a copy of Prometheus Rising by R.A. Wilson. Read it and follow the exercises. THEN you’ll be in a better position to seek a spiritual solution.

  67. Hi I have limpia done by a psychic, he smashed the egg on a plastic bag instead of in a glass of water. First time it had black hair in it and second time it had worms in it. What does that mean? Am I being scammed? =(

    • In my experience, nearly anytime you have a limpia done and the reader “finds” a foreign object in the egg, it’s a scam. At most you might find a fetal chicken or some blood. But hair, worms, black goop, green goop, bones, other animals, excessive blood, etc, etc, etc are all sleight of hand scams. Don’t fall for it!

  68. ok my name is susie i had a cleanse done on me and i need to no wat this means there is a white peel lifted from egg yolk and a couple lines goin up and down in water can u help me

  69. Hii. Is this blog still open. If yes i have a question about my egg

  70. Hii! (: is this blog still open if yes I have a a question I would like to ask please.

  71. What does it mean if the egg breaks a few seconds into the cleaning ?

  72. My egg went to the bottom, then little bubbles floated. After that i noticed a lot of webbing in the egg white.
    what does this mean?

  73. Hi i did the egg cleaninsing. The yolk sank to the bottom, however one strand of the egg yolk floated to the top, still attached to the egg yolk. What does that mean? Also is their such thing as doing an uncrossing to get married. I believe I was crossed to never get married. I firmly believe by someone.

  74. what it mean when york breaks a little when touch the water

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  76. my egg went to bottom and had bubbles and it was like the white of the egg made a straight line across the egg what does that mean?

  77. I had a cleaning done and it gad black lik oil in it what does that mean. Can they be trying to get money fron me i have a picture

  78. Hi,

    My girlfriend did a cleansing on me last night and my results are as follows.

    There were three white spots on the yolk and one white line going through one side of the yolk. There were two small white strings extending to the top if the glass and over the course of a few minutes a serious spiderweb like formation was formed around the yolk. Unfortunately, I’ve already flushed it and didn’t get a chance to take photos. How would you interpret this?

    Thank you much

  79. Hello, I recently had an egg cleanse and I’m not so sure how to read it. It had lots of white strands around the yolk, just one bubble floating, but it had lots of small holes in the yolk. It you can help thanks!

  80. Today I did myself a egg cleansing to me looks like yolk is in half but with a piece hanging like a nose or some other body part but on bottom its the same what could this mean?

  81. Hi i always cleanse myself lately i haven’t done it for awhile and im having horrible relationship issues we were awesome together all of a sudden he started changing and always looking at his phone then now he wont even talk to me and his family acts like they dont know me and we are still together when i cracked my egg its in the shape of an eye and has like a muggy shield around it has one little string from the middle of yolk and one big one on the side with six points and at the top of the glass its all white ive been crying so much and my heart hurts and he tells me he loves me then tells me to fuck off all the time

  82. I don’t know if anyone will respond, but my mom did a cleansing on me last night and I’m unsure of what it means if two yolks come out of an egg with white spots on it?

  83. Hi, I had an egg cleansing done, and the egg had a white line across it with a white cloud in the water. What meaning does this have?

  84. What it you place the egg in a glass of water and you set the glass down on a table and the glass shatters/explodes? Just curious on this nature

  85. i was wondering about the egg cleansing i had one done ….what does it mean when the egg is all scrambled and she pours it all over ur head?

  86. What does it mean when the egg is boiled, cloudy with bubbles and shape like a crown?

  87. What does it mean when blood comes out on a egg. It has never happened to me before. I rubbed my daughter with a egg and blood came out. Please let me know. Thank you.

  88. Hi,

    You are so cool for posting good info on this website thanx!. Im half greek/israeli and the believe in such stuff so i gave it a go! I did felt very clear and good so i guess it worked? IIm wondering if you can explain the strings? It also look like in the web you can see a weird men with a beard? Its not someone i know….i guess a bad spirit or so? Its also like yo u can see the letter A end also the letter N connected in the web. Its not clear in the pictures but there are a lot of bubbles connected to top of the strings.Iknow the bubbles are guardian angels that absorbed the bad so thats good! Whats also weird is that on top of the glas (the beginning of the water) you see a small piece egg white floating and also a small piece egg white with grey dirty water(perhaps thats just dust). ANyway the top of the glass and water its kind of murky but just a small piece. There is also a small piece of egg white disconnected and floats in the middle which u cant see in the pictre. Can you please explain what u see with my egg. Dont worry about the top of the glass because thats just a shadow the water is clear in real life! The white above the egg yolk is true and not shadow. I apologize that you also the the reflection of the screen in the egg. Check the pictures out on the links http://

  89. Please email me in case i forgot to check out your site for a reply

  90. Hi its me again Aaron can you please remove the pictures after you saw them? Because its private and just for me and you.

  91. Don’t believe in the Bible. Could I still perform the limpia cleaning? Would it work on me?

  92. I’m not sure how to go about this but i was just wondering what does it mean when there’s a baby in the egg during the first limpia but then it was further away during the second

  93. Hi, I had a limpia done, and by the time she craked the egg, the yolk was already broken into 3 pieces, but it did sink and the water was clear.

  94. How do u get out entrapping u or holding u back and impeding your personal or Spiritual progress?

  95. This lady smashed the eggs inside a white shirt, and worms with ashes looking stuff came out, what does that mean

  96. Do you read tarot cards? Or phone calls?

  97. What should i do with the things that the lady told me to do? Like the rice with quarters or the candle she told me to light for an hour and no more and the little bag that she told me to write my name on it and have it in my purse? Inside it has dirt dollars bills cut into pieces and some charms and rice?

  98. My boyfriend feels creeped out and he even feels or imagines what if someone is watching us? Im afraid to be in my house. It doesnt feel tge same anymore … i feel worried and afraid should i throw away everything tht woman gave me?

  99. I did the egg cleansing and there was a big white dot on yoke, big white ball on side of yoke, a lot of bubbles w/webbing. The white on the bottom also had white webbing

  100. Hi, what happens when you see an eye like the form of an eye when you put the egg inside the container? What does that mean?

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