A Warning about Limpias (Egg Cleansings)   21 comments

Greetings, seekers!

Without a doubt, the single most popular post on this blog has been my instructions for performing a Limpia (aka, “Egg Cleansing”).  Not only does that post have the most views, but keywords like “egg cleansing” and “limpia” are the most-used search terms that lead people to my blog.

The post also has the most comments.  Most of them are from folks who have performed the cleansing upon themselves, and want me to interpret the results.  At first I was happy to olidge.  However, I soon became overrun with requests for readings, and had to stem the flow by requiring a small fee for the service.  (It’s only $15, but it has stopped most of the unsolicited requests.)

The rest of the comments on that post come from those who have paid others to do a Limpia upon them, only to find some kind of horrific object inside the egg.  They are told this indicates a curse has been placed upon them, and that it can be removed – at an exorbitant cost to the client.

The ones who post in my comments are the lucky ones.  They bring the results of the reading to me because they have begun to suspect they are being defrauded.  Thy want to know if, for instance, iron shavings can really turn up inside a chicken egg.  (No, they cannot.)  These people come to me after losing only a few, or a few hundred, dollars.  But this seems to go on a lot out in the world – and some folks will hand over thousands of dollars to such a charlatan before they wake up (or merely run our of money) with nothing at all to show for thier sacrifice.

Folks, if you ever pay someone to do a Limpia on you, and they find some kind of foreign obejct inside the shell, it is a scam.  The worst you should ever find in there is some blood spots, maybe some black material if the egg has begun to rot, or even an embrionic chicken. There can bubbles, discoloration, streaks of white, or a bad smell.  All of these things can be found quite naturally in the egg – and THAT is what you are trying to read.

But anything else:  iron shavings, dirt, hair, stones, other animals, bones, glass, copious amounts of blood or black liquid, feathers, etc, etc, etc, – all of these things are stage-tricks meant to convince you to cough up cash.

Charalatns that work this way can either use sleight-of-hand to make it appear the object came from the egg, or they simply poked a small hole in the egg-shell, inserted the object, and sealed the shell with white wax.  (These are old tricks – and I know them because I was once a close-up stage magician.)

If you see anything like that, the person doing it is a fraud.  Simply walk away and don’t look back.

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21 responses to “A Warning about Limpias (Egg Cleansings)

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  2. I just had an interesting comment on thie post from Jason Miller on my Facebook page. I’m sure he won’t mind if I share it here as well, along with my reply. Thanks, Jason! :)

    Jason Miller: YES YES! Strangely I know of a Nepalese Shaman who does this, but rather than doing it to milk more money out of people, he does it to create more faith in the recipient that something HAS been removed.

    I know two people and read one article by someone that was healed by this man, and while all three saw through the parlor trick, all three also report genuine alleviation of symptoms. Strangeness.


    • Jason made a great point there, which is why I wanted to share it here. So here is my reply from Facebook:

      Aaron Leitch: Jason, now you’re getting into the area of fakirism. That was a practice that we would call “fraud” today, but it was once (and in some areas still remains) an integral and respected part of shamanic traditions. (Like Moses turning his rod into a serpent. Or Elijah’s altar bursting into flame. Or Indian holy men that walk across hot coals, pierce themselves with needles, etc. Or Tibetan wizards that “leveitate” for witnesses, if the witnesses come to the Temple and stand in a pre-approved location. lol)

      There was a time (not so long ago) where a shaman had to *prove* his power by appearing to perform actual miracles. (Like turning water into wine, or producing endless bread and fish out of a basket. Or appearing to thrust your hands into a patient’s body and pull out “cancer itssue.”)

      But these tricks were done, like in your example, to strike awe into the witnesses or client and engender faith in the power of the healer. Your Nepalese Shaman is doing it old-school. :)

      What we now call “stage magic” and “sleight-of-hand” actually evolved out of that practice.


      • I think it’s still somewhat of a colonialist reading to interpret that a shaman (in the case of actual shamans, not frauds) is doing this to prove his power out of ego. I’m sure that also happens, but in an indigenous healing context, great pains are taken to increase the placebo effect rather than curtail it like in a western medical context. If it works, why hinder it, unless you are approaching healing as a scientific materialist statistics game rather than worrying about increasing the chances as much as possible that the client will heal.


      • Actually that is pretty much exactly what we are saying, too. :)


  3. Put something scary in the egg and claim it is a sign of a curse and charge huge amounts to remove it….bloody genius! I know how I’m paying my bills this month LOL kidding of course.


  4. I have been taught that an egg cleansing is just that – a cleansing in _itself_ – and not a diagnostic tool. It is supposed to be repeated over nine days, and in the end your eggs should be “clean”, having absorbed the problem. The reading is only to see what could have caused whatever it was you let the eggs absorb. Only in rare cases must stronger measures be taken.


  5. Hi,

    I guess I read this kinda late? I had one of these done yesterday and the lady first charged me (to see who put the curse on me) $90, $10 per candle. Then she told me to buy some eggs and some paper towel and she did the limpia and there was this stringy strand-like substance and a little blood in it. It was freaky. She said it was $710 to bury it and I gave her $300 and she said I can pay the $410 next month or over time IF I see a change in my luck, love and health for the better. She said the $710 was for a burial and she has to buy a little coffin, a plot of land and a tombstone. Do you think she was scamming me? I mean if she really removed something non beneficial to me then I’m grateful and I will consider it money well spent. But if not I would like to know. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.


  6. What if worms are found in the egg and it was MY egg that i brought? How can that be a scam???


    • Because the person doing the cleansing used sleight-of-hand to make it appear the worms came from the egg. In fact they were “palming” the worms out of your view until the egg was broken.


  7. My mother’s ex ran two different eggs over her body because he told her that people where talking about her and she is a Christian. He had did so many things but she couldn’t leave him. He talked to spirts, admitted he was going to hell broke coconuts around the house and had plastic baggies of water hanging outside every where. Her memory started going soon after. That was 4 years ago. I finally told her if she did not leave him she would never see her grandchildren. So June 21st we moved back to alabama from Florida. He’s puertorican and and I truly believe he practice’s dark santeria. He just showed up at our house about 3 weeks ago and she almost left with him. The first egg was normal that he cracked but the second had a long string hanging from it. The dr. Can’t find anything wrong with her brain. Day by day she gets worse. Please tell me something. Please


  8. I recently went to someone that did a cleanse with eggs. She first gave me a bag to put my name on it and said it was protection she put a liquid and sprinkles dollars and dirt and an amulet and thn she made me put quarters in rice and then she made do an egg cleanse and after i did that i put the eggs under my bed and then i took them to her the next day. She said a prayer over them and thn i cracked them they were in a white shirt and dirt was inside and little snakes swimming around and then she told me i was clean and told me to put all over the house with this black cirlcle thing blessing the house and thn she told me to put oranges in my hair and coffee and to take a shower with dirt and all of this has cost me 1600 i am afraid i dont know what is real anymore what should i do?


    • Nuris,

      Ok, there is no question that sleight-of-hand was used to put the dirt and little snakes into the shirt with the broken eggs. But that all alone doesn’t mean you were ripped off. If the person did a sincere cleansing on you, despite any showy flairs, it can still be beneficial for you. It *could* be that you simply paid top-dollar for the service. Personally I wouldn’t charge so much, but there are many that do.

      The real problem arises when the person uses the dirt and snake trick to frighten you – telling you that you must come back again for another $1600, then another, then $3000, then $6000, then… insisting that you are in dire danger if you don’t comply. This type will even go so far as to threaten to curse you themselves if you stop paying.

      So – did this person tell you that you are clean and all is well? Or are they trying to shock you into coming back for more?


      • Yes the person said i had to go to macys and get a jean paul perfume so she can fix it for me, but she did say that after the eggs were cracked and all tht came out that i was clean and she did tell me aswell to quarters inside a plate with salt and a little bag and write my name on the bag


      • Well it is worrying that she wanted you to go purchase something else and bring it back to her for more work. The *proper* way to go about a cleansing is to do the cleansing and then wait a while to see if it has the intended effect. The client should only come back if HE feels more work is needed.

        My advice is to just walk away from this person now. Don’t contact them, don’t respond to them. See if they get pushy or hostile. Then you’ll know for sure. But basically walk away and see how things go for now. :)


      • Okay thank you . What shall i do with rice and quarters or the little bag i have in my purse?


      • To be honest I’m not sure what purpose that little bag was to have. Perhaps it was intended to draw money to you?


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