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The Sorcerer Supreme

The Sorcerer Supreme

It might seem a bit odd – unless you are Dr. Strange or some other magickal denizen of the comic book universe – to associate modern occultism with straight-up super powers.   And we’re not talking about something metaphorical like “to become more than human” – which means to become a self-actualized metaprogrammer who is literally awake inside their own skull.  Nor are we talking about operative magick by which we invoke the spirits to manifest things that we need, or protect us from harm or even to heal the sick.

No, we’re talking about a belief in Hollywood-style super powers – like the ability to fly, dodge bullets, shatter prison walls, transform substances*, to live without food or water, direct lightning, become (literally) immortal and more.

(* And by “transform substances”, I don’t mean alchemy or anything spiritual like the Eucharist.  I mean things like transforming illegal substances – locked in evidence lockers – into harmless legal substances to upset court cases.  And, yes, that is an example of a claim I recently heard.)

Yes, it seems quite odd that anyone could approach magick from this kind of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or Hollywood fantasy standpoint – and take themselves seriously, let alone anyone else take them seriously.  But it happens – maybe even more than you think it does.  There are even would-be gurus out there who promise those kinds of super powers to their followers – for a price – and it appears they are not lacking in signed checks to cash, either. 

Just this week, I have been dealing with one of these types on the Abramelin Yahoo Group.  He swooped in from nowhere, his long cape fluttering in the winds of the Hoary Hosts of Haggoth, to inform the entire group (and especially me) that we don’t have a gnat’s ass clue what we are talking about.  Where we discuss a “faux-HGA” that slowly guides and teaches an aspirant in the mysteries of magick, the real HGA is supposed to appear and (like Aladdan’s Genie) grant one instant super powers and unlock all the “secret keys” to make use of the Abramelin word-squares and even the Seals of Solomon.

The mere fact that we are sitting around discussing the HGA on a Yahoo Group, says the Great Master, illustrates that we don’t have a clue.  He is here to (and I quote) “keep it real.”  He “knows people” who can wave a pinkie finger and deadlock juries, dodge bullets, transform illegal substances and more.  Not only this, but according to him real magicians don’t read books, nor should any who do read or write books be taken seriously.  So not only does your Holy Guardian Angel make you a thunderbolt-wielding super hero, but you have to be illiterate to even get there.  lol

Ok, yes, it’s funny and we can easily laugh at someone who is so obviously entrapped in his childhood fantasies.  But there is also a more serious side of the coin:  sometimes these types of people get their followers hurt or killed.

Peregrin Wildoak recently wrote his own blog article on this subject.  In it, he brings up the practice known as “Breatharianism.”  This is a practice whereby one gazes into the Sun each morning – a little at first, but increasing the time each day until one is staring into it for nearly an hour or more.  The goal is to eventually take all of your necessary nutrients directly from the Sun, and leave behind your need for food or water.  Why, I even read one article that suggested it would also give you psychic powers, telepathy, the ability to bi-locate and much much more!

And before you scoff at the very idea anyone could fall for that kind of nonsense, you should know that people have bought into it and even died in the attempt.  One Breatharian leader was even challenged to prove she could go for a mere seven days without food or water – and the experiment was called off a few days in, as her body began to break down and lawyers told them they could be legally culpable for her death.  She, meanwhile, spent the entire time insisting she was just fine and wanted to continue!

It is people like this that drag the entire subject of occultism down into the mud.  Sometimes they get people hurt or killed.  But most often they just swindle people out of a lot of money.  You don’t know how many times I’ve been contacted by people who went to a self-proclaimed “healer” for a cleansing, only to be shown some kind of stage-magic trick and told they were cursed – a curse which could be removed for several hundred dollars.  (And then several hundred more, and then…)  Just read through the comments made on my Egg Cleansing post for a few examples.  And they are just a few I’ve been able to warn away from being taken – I shudder to think of how many aren’t so lucky.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I know we’re dealing with a gray area here.  As one who practices “operative magick” – that is magick done to make things happen in the real world – I know there is something of a fine line to walk.  I deal with angels and spirits as if they were as real as you and I.  I speak about jumping between realities as easily as an episode of Sliders.  I speak of doing magick to bring money or physical objects when they are needed.  I believe in curses and possession and hauntings, as well as in my own knowledge of how to break them.

Besides, miracles do happen.  Maybe some of those old Saints or Eastern Gurus really did manage to levitate.  Maybe Jesus really did raise Lazarus from the dead.  Hell, for that matter, maybe Dee really did brew up a storm and sink the Spanish Armada.  Anything is technically possible, so far be it from me to call every claim ever made hogwash.  I’ve certainly seen my share of physics-defying events – blessed salt turned into pure light, disembodied sounds, ghosts.  Why, once I even time traveled (though it only lasted a second and I was not apparently physically present in the time/place I traveled to).

But I find the charlatans are usually the ones insisting on the super powers.  They’re trying desperately to sell you something, or to sell you on something.  They, like our “Dr. Strange” from the Abramelin Group, loudly proclaim everyone else to be false pretenders while only they have access to the True Secrets of the Universe(tm).  (And, most often, they follow that with a promise to teach them to you, and where you can send your check or money order…)

Real spiritual leaders will likely tell you the miracles and magickal powers are mere side-effects of the Great Work.  They can happen, but they are something you earn by long years of practice and a hell of a lot of trial and error.  And some of the more spiritual traditions (like some Buddhist sects) tell you to avoid them altogether.

Me, I’m striving for miracles on demand!  But, seriously, the minute I start claiming that I can “eat sunlight” or fly up to the local 7-11 for a soda – just toss me in a padded room.  😉

‘Nuff Said.

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  1. Fact is that most things are possible but one needs to earn the right to experience these phenomena. God is a spirit. So is his adversary the devil. They all operate at the spiritual level powers we know are are supernatural. They all reward their disciples at a cost ofcourse. For me, I will rather buy the same product at a cheaper cost or more liberal credit terms. My advice? We are better off with the powers of light always as represented by God and his ministering angels.


    Michael Emmanuel Nwafor
    • That’s more of a religious/worshipful passive state within that cosmology than the active and central role of the magician. Religion and magic share common language at times but the mode of action and intent whilst working is necessarily served by the worshiping state. Even though religion with a functioning cosmology, in a magical sense, serves as a means to plug in and will in many ways play a determining role in the facet or aspect of an entity as it is revealed within that tradition; there is no religion in the spirit world other than truth. That doesn’t mean our religious outlooks are irrelevant (because they do serve to plug us in so to speak) but it does mean religion is not truth in itself. Religions plug into truth and reveal a specific aspect of it.

      Very rarely (if ever) in real spirit work will you find the clearly defined duality you alluded to here.


      • Sorry, I meant “the mode of action and intent whilst working is NOT necessarily served by the worshiping state”


      • I agree with you. Religion is not the truth but as you put it a plug-in albeit most religions are the wrong plugs into the socket of the TRUTH. I also agree that intent and action mode is also critical. I however, insist that observance of these does not guarantee results as it is very critical to ensure the operative is clothed with light as much as possible since light attracts light. Ofcourse if the operative is invoking and working with the powers of the dark he need not bother with this observance.


      • yeah I think self knowledge and being secure in your sphere (for desperate want of a better term) is key to authority, not to boss entities around but in the sense of making things happen and moving or instigating the directing of forces to be able to manifest. Alignment with or more accurately, aspiration to aspects of divinity play a role in the recognition of our own cosmological placing. Far more so than simple worship of deity alone. I agree with you. (I could have just said that couldn’t I? lol)


  2. On reading your compliant form Aaron, I would like to put as an addendum that there is a sad lack of computers that behave like they do in the movies/TV, Cops aren’t nearly as quick or clever either, they’re almost normal people! Unlike the stories, resources seem to act as a continual restriction and time is a solid factor in the here and now. So forensic tests aren’t free and take more than 48 hours, and no matter which country terrorists take you hostage in a cave in, it is rather unlikely that a magic suit of super-technological free-energy will be cobbled together out of random chunks of metal. I’m keen enough to say the juries still out on The Doctor though 🙂
    So while “Epic Magic” might be possible, just as computers would be hard to predict in the stone age, let alone jet fighters, nuclear weapons, or promotionally tall buildings, there are similar sized obstacles that would have to be overcome to utilise Epic Magic in this corner of the ‘verse, with slow time and those tough rules of thermodynamics. Far easier to use such things in the astral spaces where such rules are more flexible, yet in doing so there’s the always tough step of projection, coping mechanisms and outright fantasy/escapism.
    OTOH, I doubt my doubt, and would hate to create my own limitations by insisting such things are not possible at all.


  3. Really? rationalizing delusion of “I wanna throw fireballs out my ass” is in itself a distraction and limits ability to just get shit done. Most of the “Epic magic” as you call it, references in the old texts are fairly obvious alchemical and magical metaphor related to principles or sometimes herb enhanced astral experiences; part of a language that was understood by those who had put in the hard yards of study, training and practical work learning. I guess it’s not surprising that the ease of access to magical texts has resulted in a limited and extremely literal interpretation of the material (shouldn’t be surprised given the bang-up job modern religious folk have done mangling context and meaning of the old Abrahamic traditions myth, lore and lessons). The spirits in the texts will set you straight though when you evoke them.


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