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Uncrossing is magickal self-defense. When your spells go awry, when spirits move in where they shouldn’t, when another witch casts curses against you or when you just feel that things are not right, uncrossing is the first and best step to fixing the problems. In many cases it may be all you need. In more intense situations, it might be followed or preceded by more targeted magickal work.

Simply put, uncrossing is a cleansing (and an exorcism) that washes away negative influences from yourself and your home. You cannot have someone else do this work for you, but you will find this is not a complex process to follow. It is intended for *anyone* to perform, even if they have no experience in the magickal arts.
What follows is a fairly standard Uncrossing, with a few added tricks I’ve picked up over the years:


Step One – Look for Curses, Tricks, Talismans, etc.

If you have reason to believe a curse has been cast against you, the first thing you should do is search for a magickal object hidden somewhere on your property. (This will be more relevant in some parts of the world than in others.)  There *may* be something buried or hidden – most likely near or directly under where you must walk past every day – such as under the doorstep or front pathway.  If you can find such an object- like a bottle full of nails, cloves of garlic nailed together, etc- immediately dig it up, dismantle it, burn what can be burned, then toss the ashes (and/or anything that couldn’t be burned) into a body of running water.

Step Two – What You Will Need

Whether or not you find such an object, you must then “uncross” yourself – that is, remove the curse. This will involve an herbal ritual bath and a house cleansing.  Here is what you will need to gather together:

– Sacred herbs:  I use the nine herbs listed in the Key of Solomon for the sprinkling of holy water.  They all have traditional associations with cleansing:  vervain, fennel, lavender, sage, valerian, mint, basil, rosemary and hyssop.

However you can also use other herbs in other numbers.  Hyssop and rue, for example, are commonly used together for uncrossing.  Further uncrossing herbs are: Agrimony, Alkanet, Alum, Angelica, Bay, Benzoin, Black Pepper*, Blessed Thistle, Camphor, Cayenne Pepper*, Chives, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, Eucalyptus, Garlic, John the Conqueror, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Mullein, Onion, Pine, Sandalwood, Sulfur and Wood Betony.   You may use these herbs in groups of 3, 5, 7, 9 or 13.  (* – Be very careful when using pepper in a bath.  You do not want to burn your eyes!)

-Spring Water and Salt (or Holy Water obtained from a Church).

-A White Candle.

-Olive Oil.

-Frankincense or “Church” Incense.

-A white towel and white clothing.

– Over the Herbs, Candle, Incense, Olive Oil and Salt: recite the Lord’s Prayer (or a prayer appropriate to your faith – Wiccans can use the Charge of the Goddess, etc). Then recite your own prayer asking for these materials to be blessed and sanctified and all hindrances and evil spirits be expelled from them. (Note – if you have obtained Holy Water from a church, you do not need the Salt.)

Step Three – The Bath

The bath is very important to this process!  It will wash away any negative influences that have attached themselves to you, and purify you so that the remaining steps are possible.

– Take the nine herbs, grind them up and boil or brew them like a tea.  Strain out the plant material.

– Then, at dawn on a Sunday, run a tub of warm water, cast in some of the Salt or Holy Water and pour in a portion of the brewed herbal “tea.” (Make sure you don’t use up all of these things, as you will need more later.) Then light the candle and incense.

-Enter the bath and pour the bath water over your head several times, making sure your entire body is covered, while reciting the following Psalms at least three times each:

If a curse has been cast against you or enemies are attacking you:

Psalms 51 (“Have mercy upon me, O God…”) and 37 (“Do not fret because of evildoers…”).

Or Psalms 101 (“I will sing of your love and justice…”) and 68 (“May God arise, may His enemies be scattered…”).

Or Psalms 35 (“Plead my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me… “), 55 (“Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication.”) and 109 (“Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise.”).

For general uncrossing:

Psalm 5 (“Give ear to my words, O Lord…”)

Or Psalm 51 (“Have mercy upon me, O God…”)

Or Psalm 40 (“I waited patiently for the Lord…”)

Or Psalm 10 (“Why standest thou afar off, O Lord?”).

If the problem is due to an unwanted spirit, choose three of the following:

Psalm 5 (“Give ear to my words, O Lord…”)

Psalm 10  (“Why standest thou afar off, O Lord?”)

Psalm 15 (“Lord, who shall abide in thy Tabernacle?”)

Psalm 19 (“The heavens declare the glory of God”)

Psalm 29 (“Give unto the Lord, O ye Mighty”)

Psalm 40 (“I waited patiently for the Lord”)

Psalm 66 (“make a joyful noise unto God”)

Psalm 68 (“Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered”)

Psalms 101 (“I will sing of mercy and judgement”), and/or 144-145 (“Blessed be the Lord my strength”, “I will extoll Thee, my God”).

-Leave the bath, use the burning incense to perfume your entire body.  Do not dry off with a towel, allowing yourself to air-dry instead.  Allow the candle and incense to burn away completely.

-(UPDATE 7-2014): I recently ran across an extra step that might come in handy:  Just before you drain the tub, collect some of the water in a bottle.  Then take the bottle to a crossroads, leave it there (or toss it in the nearest dumpster) and walk away without looking back.  Go home, via a different route than the one you came.

-Though this is not necessary, some of you may find this egg-cleansing technique useful.  You can do it before the bath to see what is stuck to you, and/or you can do it after the bath to see if anything is still stuck to you.

Step Four – Cleanse and Seal Your Home

-First, simply give the place a good scrubbing, from top to bottom, just like spring cleaning. (Including throwing out old and unused things, etc.)

Important!:  The floors must all be washed:  Add the left-over “herb tea” and some ammonia to the water in the mop bucket, then wash the floors starting from the back of the house and moving toward the front, ending with the front doorstep. (For carpeted areas, put some of the floor wash into a spray bottle.  Lightly spray over the carpet and brush with a broom.)

In the end the house should be bright and cheery, with open windows, fresh air and sunlight.

-Then put on the white clothing and light more of the incense.

-If you blessed Salt previously, cast some of that into fresh spring water and recite your chosen prayer of blessing over the salted water.  If you obtained Holy Water from a church, you do not need to add salt or pray over it.

-Then walk around the entire house- sprinkling the water and perfuming each and every room, every corner, every nook, every dark place. While you do this, recite Psalms 90 (“Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place…”) and 91 (“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High…”) over and over.

-When that is done, take the blessed olive oil. Dipping your finger into it, seal every door and window in the house – marking with the oil above and on either side of the doorway or window. As you do this, think of the passover in Egypt (when the first-born of the Jews were spared from the Plague of Death) and recite the Lord’s prayer (or your chosen prayer of blessing) over and over.

NOTE – How Often?

You might perform the ritual bath and house cleansing once for small purposes, or more often for more intense situations. You can do this three days in a row, or seven, or nine, or thirteen days in a row. (The full spring-cleaning of your house should only need done on the first day. A lighter cleaning can be done each day afterward, including the floor washing of course!)

This will either entirely remove, or drastically weaken, any magick being used against you or spirits that may be attached to you or your home. If your problem is merely an evil spirit that is harassing you, then this may well solve the problem. However, if there really is a witch casting curses against you, then further steps will have to be taken to put a stop to it.

Here is my favorite mirror-spell for putting a stop to evil magick.

Here is my favorite egg-defense spell to “divert” evil magick sent your way.



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35 responses to “Uncrossing and Magickal Defense

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  1. I’m interested in any other info you may have on this subject. EVPs of my residence indicate that I have a spirit with some attitude. When I was heard to say that this is “my house” it replied “who cares”. I’m getting concerned with what it’s intentions are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂



  2. Micki,

    Can you tell me anything more about what you’ve experienced? Has anything else happened that indicates the spirit involved is hostile?


  3. Well, we got 2 EVPs in my bedroom. The first one “turn on the light” and then when one of the investigators suggested the spirit touch them on their left hand it replied “why”. It has scared my son out of the house a few months ago by shaking a small freezer. I really want to banish it from my house completely.


  4. Ok – first I’ll answer your question, then I have some important questions for you.

    To achieve what you say you want (but see my questions below!), you would do best to begin with the Uncrossing ritual I gave above. (In place of step one, you can do research on your house/property to see if there is any obvious reason it should be haunted. Or, if you think it applies, you might search for an object that is the source of the problem. I assume the investigators you called in did this already…?)

    Do the entire Uncrossing at least once, paying special attention to the use of Psalms 90 and 91 as you perfume and sprinkle the house. Those are Psalms of exorcism. If you feel the need, you can also incorporate Psalms 5, 10, 15, 19, 29, 40, 66, 68, 101, and/or 144-145.

    After you’ve done that, see how the house feels. If it feels like you’ve stirred up a bunch of muck or the spirit just gets worse, repeat the process for three days. Then seven. Then nine. Then thirteen, if needed. (In your case, one day may be more than enough. Three at most, I bet.)

    When the house feels clean and clear, wait a few weeks and see if it stays that way. You can repeat the sealing of the house with olive oil every seven days if you feel the need. If the haunting suddenly recurs and gets worse, let me know and I can explain further methods.

    And speaking of further methods, that brings me to the questions I have for you. From your email address, I assume you are a practitioner yourself. Therefore, I really hate to advise you to simply cast all of your house spirits out into the abyss… 😦

    1) Do you have any spirits that live in the house who you do NOT wish to banish? I can share a method of protecting them from the exorcism if you need it.

    2) I am also uncertain that this spirit or spirits of yours are hostile or dangerous. Are you absolutely certain you want to cast them out entirely? You do have the option of communicating with them, of living in harmony with them, or even feeding them. (The last may sound shocking, but you’d be amazed at how many “evil” spirits are just hungry, lost, frightened and desperate.) I can also share with you a method of getting the spirit out of the house *without* exorcising the poor thing out into the abyss. (Like putting a spider in a cup and releasing it outside, rather than stomping it.)

    If you need to share anything personal with me, contact me at kheph777@yahoo.com


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  6. “Later I will post my favorite mirror-spell for putting a stop to evil magick”

    Oh, my god…lol…you throw the bait and we get sick freak to go ahead in your writings … funny, but real…:-)

    Thanks, Aaron!



  7. “(Note – if you have obtained Holy Water from a church, you do not need the Salt.)”

    Well, not necessarily. Generally the holy water that is available in the church is not exorcised water so it does not contain salt.
    Either way there are ways to revive the tap water without needing rainwater or something like that, only to blow on it and / or add salt.


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  9. Does the crossing bath have to be done 3 days in a row?


    • That depends entirely on your needs. You can do it just once if you are only doing a general cleansing. But if you are experiencing any problems you will want to do it three days in a row. Or seven days in a row if the problems are bigger!

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  10. Hello, it’s me again! I just started a general uncrossing and I plan to do it for 3 days. I recited Psalm 51 & 37. Should I keep reciting them for the 2 remaining days? I feel like I have SUSTO. I just have lost myself and feel like my worse enemy. I think the person that is doing this evil to me was once a close friend or family member. I just want to feel better about myself and be happy in general. I have a problem with addiction and I recently have been clean for the pass month but I’m experiencing nightmares and insomnia. Can you please help me? I’m begging for some helpful advice, you’re my last hope. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Also should I collect water from the tub after each bath or just after the first bath?


  11. By the way, I forgot to mention…I did a limpia the day before and I had ojo along with webbing and air bubbles and at the top of the egg there was a letter C. I’m not sure what it means. You can also email me @ dncarranza@yahoo.com if you would like. Thanks again!


  12. I did a egg cleansing I think I was told to rub the egg and on my stomach and say a saying write down my name and my boyfriends name and get 9 one dollars bills and make the sign of the cross and wrap the egg and also a paper towel wrap the egg as well and place it in my right shoe underneath my bed where I sleep right under my stomach..

    Thank you


  13. Need your prayers to help prosper the work of my hands


  14. Hi I have been reading your blogs and I find them interesting. I first was looking up the egg cleansing for it has been a tradition in my family. The one person who really believed in the egg cleansing was my grandmother, she would cleanse us when she felt we needed it. My grandmother has passed and so I ask my mom about the egg cleansing and she is not a practice of it but she does believe in it. Since she doesn’t practice she has vague description of what needed to be done exactly and reading your blog has filled in some of the blanks. I had done cleansing for my 11 year old because he has been having minor to severe stomach pain over a course of 5 years off and on. When his pain is severe he will ask me to take him in to the er. They won’t find anything most of the time. I will even take him to different hospitals to get a second opinion. One hospital diagnosed him with pancreatitis and he was hospitalized for 3 days. He has recently been having some episodes this past month and I took him in to the er. He was throwing up, he was nauseous, he won’t eat much and he has pain inbetween the gallbladder and appendix area. When it’s not in throbbing pain it’s tender. Well drs ran blood work ultra sound could not find anything wrong with him. So they released him with some nausea medication and they had given him a cocktail of mix medication for stomach pain. I decided to do an egg cleansing for my son. The egg came out looking foggy or web like features over the yolk and reading the info on your blogs suggested this could be an entrapping of a spiritual nature. Well this is were it gets more interesting and I started to piece some of the puzzle together when you mention the cause of the foggy or mesh like egg. My son, actually all my kids (I have six) are intuitive of their surroundings that most people are unaware of. My son sees shadows and he is the second youngest and he is curious he knows not every body can see these shadow images but he wants to figure it out and who it could be. I usually tell my kids don’t interact with them. So the kids have learned to just ignore there presence as long as it doesn’t hurt you I tell them to leave it alone. All my kids have this ability but the one that has been experiencing the stomach issues I wonder if it has to do with him aknowleding them and maybe one of his encounters has caused a spiritual entrapping. Since I did the cleansing of the egg he has been feeling a lot better. He is up moving around like his old self again. Thank you for your time


  15. Hi there great article. Last year I had a really bad experience in which an evil spirit entered my home and wouldn’t leave. I got all sort of weird physical sensations from it and didn’t know what to do. Eventually I went to church got holy water and prayed and sprinkeld it in my house. that seemed to have either worked or weakened it. Fast forward till today and I don’t really sense it in my house but sometimes I feel like it lingers. I went to a psychic and she did in fact confirm that someone sent out a curse for me. I did a white candle cleanse for myself and have felt really good ever since but I am still contemplating taking the bath. Should I do it for 1 day or the 3?


  16. You wrote that if there really is a witch casting curses against you, then further steps will have to be taken to put a stop to it.. like what? Its not just out of curiosity, i really need an answer, please.


    • You’d want to do something to send the attacker’s magick back upon them. Search this blog for “Mirror Defense Spell” – as that is my go-to for knocking a witch on his or her ass. 😉


  17. Hi,
    My daughter is 6 and autistic. She is still non verbal and screams most of the time. I feel it’s a curse but l don’t know what to do. What do you advise, please?


  18. I dont know how but my ex husband has been able to know what i am thinking and his brother has been able to influence my own thoughts. as if they are in my head doing some sort of operations control. i haven’t been able to feel my on feelings or have my own thoughts. theres been times when I can almost feel what they want me to be and then i become it. I cant explain. like they project onto me what im thinking or who i am…and then I become it. its been horrifying to not be myself. there were instances I was sure there was some spirit really angry with me but i didnt tell anyone because i know it doesnt seem rational and some people wouldnt understand and I didnt want to be judged or looked at like i was crazy. but somehow one night when i was alone with my husband on my back porch i had this overwhelming feeling of something coming from the bushes in my backyard i kinda got this “electric” numbing feeling and it was strong. and i was genuinely afraid…my dog started growling in that direction and then my husband somehow read my mind and said word for word what i said in my own head. which was “its the devil”. it was too much of a coincedence. and i didnt lead on what i feeling. this happened a lot when we were together. id also get horrific images in my head. i started to hear voices and i didnt tell anyone but then my father in law complained about the same thing so i realized it was eiher somethng in the house or my husband did this to us. he hated his stepdad. i also felt that recently( i mean within the past 2 days) i have been having images of my grandmother appear in my head and i feel as if she is the one who is helping me to “come back” i have been feeling as if i was a passenger in my own body. just an onlooker and not the one in control. I used to be loved by many and now i have no friends….ive gained so much weight. my appearance has gotten darker. given I have gotten older my appearance did change but I look scary to some people. Ive been told I look like a vampire. I didnt used to. Ive also forgotten a lot of things from my own timeline. ive forgotten many of my own experiences…all the wisdom i have gained. ive forgotten some skills ive also somehow forgotten how to function socially. i stopped caring bout my appearance and hygiene. my voice at times seems like its not my own voice. my reputation has changed. ive done things i would never do before. like experiement with drugs and have casual sex. it just isnt me. ive been accused of things i never did. and no one believes me. ive suffered domestic violence and at one point wanted my life to end. this is nothing like me and i feel like maybe i wronged someone? ive tried blessing people. i dont know but i just want to be myself again. ive been praying more and i think sometimes it helps. Ive tried the egg/ojo thing and i have a salt bar in my shower. but i still dont feel like me.


  19. How do u buy uncrossing herbs


  20. When I did a egg cleansing there was a small chic dead do I have to redo my cleanse


    • That’s a very bad sign. I would do a full uncrsossing, see a doctor, and have a divination done.


      • Business is bad & I need to fulfill serious obligations for December.

        Can u help?

        Below are my details

        Abimbola Omobisi F: Amalgamated Metals Ind

        “Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)” wrote:

        > a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; } /* @media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) { .post { min-width: 700px !important; } } */ WordPress.com kheph777 commented: “That’s a very bad sign. I would do a full uncrsossing, see a doctor, and have a divination done.”


  21. Thank you for such valuable info. You have made it seem very easy and clear. I would like to know. What are signs of being crossed?
    Does it include people being impatient with you , constantly giving the evil eye, ect….?


  22. Thank you for all the information. If my girlfriend has a talisman that was blessed that I purchased with her present from a priest do we need to get rid of it (She typically carries it everywhere. I recently started using sage spray for home and carry a clear quartz crystal). Are we mixing to many different religions in this desperation to rid bad energy and back blockage to move forward in life? Thank you. Aka MeLatina


  23. I know this is geared towards laypersons, so to speak, but would it not be best to always do in the hour of the Sun? So, for example, as it starts on Sunday, that will be the first planetary hour, and we begin at dawn. But on Monday and Tuesday the hour of the Sun will shift to the 5th and 2nd planetary hours, rather than the first planetary hour, which begins at dawn.


    • That’s a perfectly valid way to go about it. If you were doing a seven-day bath, you could do it at dawn each day to receive the influence of all seven planets. But for a shorter three-day process, doing it each day at the hour of Sol would certainly be powerful.


  24. Hi Aaron,
    I am a Newbie. I have been uncrossing with a 13 herb bath for a while, made a witch bottle (but I have not had a dream of anyone/anything being entrapped, so far). That being said, do you think my witch bottle is actually working? I have also made protection oil, reading Psalms, burning a St Michael candle and I recently put a Master Root in a jar. My second question is, “Why did my orange candle (road opening)turn black and my yellow candle just went out? Why were external forces able to reach to my work? Do I need more protection to keep external forces from blocking my work? Lastly, how do I keep enemies from constantly attacking. How do I disarm the enemies forever, that they may never be able to attack me anymore? I am tired of all these baths, candles, constantly burning candles and wondering and hoping it doesn’t turn black. One more thing, my fiery wall of protection was making noise all night and even sparked in my direction. How are all these things able to happen if I am protected?


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