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Aaron Leitch has been a scholar and spiritual seeker for over two decades. He is a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the academic Societas Magica. His writings (both in print and on the web) cover such varied fields as ancient Middle Eastern religion and mythology, Solomonic mysticism, shamanism, Neoplatonism, Hermeticism and Alchemy, Traditional Wicca and Neopaganism, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, Angelology, Qabalah, Enochiana, African Diaspora Religions, Hexcraft and Hoodoo folk traditions, Psychology and Consciousness Expansion, Cyberspace and Virtual Reality and modern social commentary. He is the author of Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires, and The Angelical Language: Vols. I and II.

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Posted November 14, 2010 by kheph777

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  1. is is possible for someone (my mother) to put a spell on you that continues for years since I was born actually and I am 62. I feel like my mother has done this to me and my family. all kinds of bad luck has happened to me all my life and she use to practice witchcraft and went to some classes how to do this better. Her grandmother was a witch as well and can this be passed down to the next generation there is a lot of evil around her. her eyes are so pearciing and she is so mean to me and my aunt as well as my children, when she starts being mean to them then I blow up at her she is 88 ad still evil. made my dad’s life miserabe as well as my 85 yr. old aunt is this real or am I going crazy? I am a christian and I don’t know what to think or do.


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  3. I was wondering if you’ve had any experience with the Aurum Solis. I’ve attempted to study The Golden Dawn (through the Ordo Stella Matutina, it’s sad that this resource is now lost) but found myself stymied by the discomfort of using Judeo-Christian imagery and invo/evocation when I don’t have any kind of relationship with those particular entities. The Aurum Solis, however, is very much Greco-Roman, and so fits into my overall world view/religious philosophy.

    Unfortunately, finding people who have actually interacted with members is a bit difficult and the one or two people who provided any answers, only had hearsay.


    • No I’ve not had any experience with Aurum Solis myself. As for the OSM, they are still alive and well. 🙂 However, their public school the Sanctuary of Ma’at has indeed closed down. It is a shame.


  4. Greetings my old friend. Just wanted to touch base, let you know I’m still alive (contrary to internet reports – no joke). My old blog The Blasting Rod is gone, if you’d like to update your blogroll, I’m now at : http://devilsplatform.wordpress.com/ Maybe you can delete my old blog “The Blasting Rod” and add my current one?


  5. I was contact by a being called Anan-Ael just after a near death experience… I was imparted with many symbols and glyphs. Please check out my WEB site for more info, hope that what I have been passed is something of interest to you. http://www.xoylo.co.nr

    I am not a magic worker and have no fath, however what I have been placed with looks very much occult orrientated, may make far more sense to you than I.


  6. hello, I was wondering is it possible to talk to you about breaking a deal i made with some dark force?


  7. Greetings, Aaron.

    While working with a client of mine this past Tuesday, I received information for her though my body regarding a language that may help her better understand how to communicate (I’m a holistic practitioner and clairsentient). The next morning while writing up emails for my practice, I received more information through my body (channeling?) which then lead me to these sites and actually telling two of my clients, who I’ve only recently begun working with, both whom are half-middle eastern, to have a look at this information:



    My yearning for more info as to why and more specifically what I’m channeling(?) led me to your books (which I purchased on Amazon.com this morning) and now to you here. I can also trace my roots to the middle east on my paternal side so I’m wondering if something about these clients is triggering something within in me as well? I’m not sure what I’m asking here…perhaps guidance? I don’t know if you offer a coaching/counseling session over the phone but I would be most appreciative for your help.


  8. Hello I ama desperate novice to this esoteric realm prior to finding you,I had sought advice from a gypsy lady who concurs that I have been “crossed’ at a very young age and she offers to help me at an enormous cost. Hence my finding this site to see about doing it myself. My life is in shambles despite appearances . I have purchased the herbs and ephemera for uncrossing and placed an egg under my bed etc. Just wanted to let you/someone know that I am grateful for your site. Here goes


  9. I was wondering if I could email you with some questions about somethings that’s been going on. I did a cleansing last summer and a lot of things changed for the better until recently.


  10. Dear Aaron,
    I totally love your site, I drew many practical tips and inspiration from it.

    I have a request, please:

    As you wrote in article https://www.google.com/amp/s/aaronleitch.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/respecting-the-regardie-lineage/amp/ you can grant the right to use the Golden Dawn name for a group which is so inclined.

    I want to start a study group by mail and maybe a web page (this is all in the development stage) which will be operated from Munich, Germany, so it should be called:

    Münchner Studiengruppe Goldene Dämmerung
    (Which means “Golden Dawn Study Group Munich”)

    Could you please give us permission to do this?
    This will be set up as a democratic non-profit organization (but it’s still private not public).

    Thank you very much in advance!!

    Kind regards


    • Greetings! I’m afraid I’m not the guy who can grant that permission – it has to come from the Ciceros themselves. 🙂 You can send a message to hermeticgoldendawn.org and the sub-Cancellaria should give you any details you need. 🙂


  11. Hello, I would like to know what to do with the offerings, that is, do I leave them on the altar forever or do I change them? and if I change them, what should I do with the previous offering?
    Thank you very much.


    • I usually leave them on the altar for as many days as the sacred number of the angel. (Five for mars, three for Saturn, etc.) But I’ll remove anything that rots or grows mold. (Milk, for example, only lasts a couple of days.) When done, take the remains to a river and toss them in with prayers to the angel. 🙂


  12. Hey man!

    In an article you posted here on or around 25th November 2014 you said:
    “(In time I hope to be able to make a living strictly from my books, lectures, classes, consultations and festivals – but that’s taking time, since I insist on doing it honestly.)”

    I’m responding to that here because it’s a little bit off the topic of the article (AND the topic of the article has a bit of bad mojo associated with it anyway LOL)

    I see you have a shop and a Patreon going, as well as your outstanding authorship: I really hope you have indeed managed to live the dream you were talking about way back then!

    Best of luck to you and your family, and many thanks for the wisdom and Light that you all are spreading out into the world (regardless of any disagreements I may have on some points of technicality from time to time, and any Human failings you and all of us may still inevitably possess).


    • I’d say the dream is coming along quite nicely. 🙂 Coming this spring, we will even be hosting our first festival here at Solomon Springs – the Phoenix Phyre Festival! 🙂

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      • Wonderful!
        Good Luck with the festival, especially with the pesky virus nonsense going on.
        Blessed Be : D

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      • Awh maaan, I just looked online to see what news there was, and I’m gutted to see what happened in March.

        I would personally have automatically assumed that on your own privately owned property, which you shelled out your own damn hard-earned cash to purchase, the Government would not have any say as to what you can do – save, I suppose, for breaking of laws.

        And I mean I suppose that’s TECHNICALLY what must have gotten ya since I guess there must be legislation in place regarding gatherings over X number of people or something, or “because entrance fees are charged and the private area becomes public for the time being and subject to X rules and regulations” or some sort of thing like that.

        Well-intentioned legislation, doubtless, but it seems like the kind of thing it would have been nice for the government bodies to have concisely and easily accessible out front, as opposed to just sort of waiting to ambush ya with it from the back.

        Better luck next time, champion!


      • Aw, thanks brother! We’re not giving up! I’m sure we’ll kick major ass this fall! 🙂

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      • I hope it went off without a hitch!


  13. Hello Aaron,

    You seem like the largest authority on this topic, so I am hoping you can point me in the right direction. Do you know of anybody who has been able to successfully complete the abramelin rituals in the modern era? If so, can you direct me to a resource that recounts their experiences? If you know of nobody, can you provide some insight as to why this might be the case? I understand that it is very difficult and expensive process, but surely somebody should have done it by now right?

    Thank you,

    – Brittany


  14. Hello Aaron.
    I’ve spent two or so years just reading about western magick, and now I’ve decided I am going to start practicing it. I’m a grounded, healthy person, also not new-agey or any of that.

    I’ve been reading about the 72 Shem HaMephorash angels, which I’m planning on summoning sooner or later. I read in The Complete Magician’s Tables that the sigils often associated with them are demonic sigils and not angelic. I’ve heard this from a few other sources as well, but other books don’t talk about this and just provide them anyways.

    So, should I be concerned about this? Should I use this set of sigils when I summon one of the Shem HaMephorash? I imagine you have some direct experience with these angels, so maybe you could clear this up.
    Thank You!


    • I have never seen any reason to assume they are “evil.” But there is plenty of evidence they have been switched around in some cases, and some corruption/loss has slipped into them over centuries of copying. There is a thread on this subject in the Solomonic Group on Facebook if you want to join us there – as I believe some older and more correct sources for those Seals has been discovered.

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  15. Hello Aaron,

    I purchased the text, Ritual Offerings, last year and am still working with it. My favorite chapter amongst the varied contributors was actually the first by Zadkiel. I’ve tried looking him up and can’t find him. Do you know how I can get into touch with this practitioner? Has he written any blog posts or a text(s) relevant to the occult and magick? Please redirect me if you are able.

    Thank you so much for your contribution to that text and it’s arrangement.

    Onwards to 2023 and regards,

    – Michael


    • Zadkiel (Rob Thomas) was an old friend of mine back in the Yahoo Group days! 🙂 He wasn’t a well-known published author, just active on several Solomonic-related groups back in the day. His contribution to Ritual Offerings is absolutely one of my favorites! 🙂

      Sadly, I’m pretty sure he passed away some years ago. Interestingly, he just came to my mind the other day – and I wanted to be sure I wasn’t confusing his passing with someone else in my head. So I sent him an email – and, so far, I have received no reply. 😦 😦 😦


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