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Greetings and Happy New Year!

Since you have all of that spare Christmas cash burning a hole in your pocket, how about treating yourself to an angelic adventure?  For just ten bucks (Kindle), you can’t beat the price!  ;)



Click Image to Buy ‘Realm of Angels’!



Here is a new excerpt for you to enjoy:


I was beat; I couldn’t believe how out of condition I’d become in a few days. Since meeting with Raphael, I felt my mental strength had returned, but my physical strength was zapped. I looked at myself in the hall mirror and was reminded that I’d lost weight. My eyes were different; it was someone else who looked back at me. Terry would be horrified to know that I had continued the angelic work without a break, but I was on a roll. I couldn’t stop. Only three archangels left; I rationalised, how bad could it get?

My stomach groaned; hunger was fast catching up. It was almost midday and when I wandered to the kitchen and opened the fridge, apart from beer, it was empty. I reckoned I had plenty of time before my next working, so I grabbed my bomber jacket and my dad’s grimoire and headed out of the apartment, making my way to Whiteleys. It was the place to go for the best sushi bar in town.

I entered the grand old building from the main entrance on Queensway, marveling at its marble floors and high glass dome. It was once a London landmark, a centre of commerce for the wealthy and the most luxurious shopping complex ever built. It was heartbreaking to see it on the decline, after years of devastating economic recessions.

The empty shops in the complex stood out like missing teeth in a pretty smile; some had been abandoned with signs and even merchandise left behind. All of them were dark and sealed behind ugly metal shutters. As I walked through the building I found myself casting furtive glances into the deserted spaces. There was something ominous about them, even oppressive; they made the entire pathway feel dark and abandoned. I quickened my pace.

More than once I’m sure I caught shapes moving in the shadows; tall thin menacing beings with white faces and pale eyes – watching me. They were in-between creatures, both serpent and human.

My throat felt constricted and my breathing laboured. Nausea gnawed at the edges of my stomach. When I heard the sound of flapping wings somewhere behind me, I broke into a run towards the escalator.

At last I made it to a more populated area of the building. The entire third floor was given over to restaurants, coffee shops and a multi-screen cinema. I glanced over my shoulder to see if any one was following me, everywhere was brightly lit and alive with activity and I immediately felt silly and cowardly. The sense of fear and oppression drained away like a bad dream upon waking. I chuckled, shook my head and was myself again.



Click Image to Buy ‘Realm of Angels’!


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Realm of Angels – New eBook Release!   2 comments

Greetings angel lovers!

I have some exciting news for you – a new work of occult fiction has just been released, and my name is on the cover!  And since it’s an eBook, you still have all the time in the world to order it for Christmas.  Or just buy it for yourself and read it now!  ;)  See below for more info, including an excerpt!


A few years ago, I did some consulting work and wrote a forward for a compact book of angel meditations called Angelic Magick: a Guide to Angelic Beings and How to Walk With Them by Judith Page.  It is not a Solomonic text, though it draws heavily on Solomonic material about the angels (including their seals, khameas, functions, planetary associations, the Angelical language, etc).  It’s a succinct introduction to the Seven Archangels, including simple methods of establishing contact with them via guided meditation-style pathworkings.

Then a couple of years ago, Judith contacted me with a new project.  She was creating a work of occult fiction wherein the main character essentially takes the same journey outlined in her Angelic Magick book.  She wanted me to check over her Angelical and Enochian material, add in some technical details (re angelology) and to bring in a bit of my personal viewpoint on the story.  I thought it was a wonderful marketing idea for her previous book, and it sounded like fun (I haven’t written fiction in years!), so I joined the project.

Realm of Angels by Judith Page and Aaron Leitch

As it turns out, this is NOT a story about someone who purchases Judith’s book and starts working through it.  Check out the synopsis:

“‘In London 25-year-old Alan King receives an unexpected birthday legacy from his late father, a professor of archaeology who disappeared in mysterious circumstances eight years before at a ziggurat in Iraq. The gift is a grimoire – a book of magic – written, unbelievably, in his father’s hand. Alan is a diligent student of advanced experimental physics with a brilliant scientific mind and finds it hard to come to terms with his father’s seeming interest in medieval methods of summoning archangels. More worrying still is that the name of Lucifer heads the list.’ With advice from his more esoterically-minded friend Terry, Alan decides to try to enter the realm of angels on an experimental basis, seeing a connection between angels and photons. However, all is not ‘light’ and things do not go exactly as planned, with the appearance of seductive unearthly women and dark feathered creatures invading his life, while he follows the prescribed rituals and soars to meet the all-powerful archangels one by one, eventually uncovering a shattering secret.’”

I want to stress that this story is essentially Judith’s.  It was her concept and her baby – I just came in to help her raise the little bugger.  :)  I added in some dialog (especially for the story’s resident source of occult info Terry) and created some of the darker scenes in which Alan is harassed by the fallen Watchers.  I added bits and pieces throughout the book, and both the prologue and epilogue.  I also added in a tall, dark-suited, slender figure who seems to work for the fallen Watchers in the physical realm – you guys can make of him what you will.  ;)

The story itself was entirely Judith’s: the grimoire Alan receives from his deceased father, his decision to work its rituals, his meeting Lucifer, his journey through the planetary heavens and his interaction with various spiritual beings (light and dark, on earth and in heaven), etc, etc – this was her vision of Alan’s journey and ultimate fate.

To finish this announcement, I thought you might enjoy reading the book’s prologue:

Aqar Quf, 230 miles south of Baghdad. 2003.

Professor George King stood outside his tent, looking over the excavation. The merciless sun had sunk over the horizon and dry desert winds were driving away the heat. Local workers, finished for the day, returned to their families, and only a few visiting students continued their labours beneath floodlights. Most of the artefacts had been exhumed over a century before but Professor King knew this place had not yet relinquished all its secrets…

In his hands he held a small journal bound in black cloth with corners of soft beige leather.  Creased and stained from much use, its front cover and several pages were missing and the professor absentmindedly traced his fingers along the ragged stubs.

His attention was directed elsewhere. Across the site, beyond the various tents and cordoned off work areas, a massive Babylonian ziggurat dominated the horizon. The Ziggurat of Aqar Quf – known to the ancients as Dur Kurigalzu – was a world-famous landmark, a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years, a focus for tourism and academic fascination. It had often been mistaken for the Tower of Babel – though that temple, long since destroyed, had stood in the city of Babylon itself.

By contrast the Aqar Quf ziggurat was largely intact, rising nearly two hundred feet into the sky. Though relatively small compared to today’s sky scrapers, this primordial temple retained an aura of grandeur. The entire structure was brightly lit with spotlights, a shining jewel on the desert horizon; a monument to the godlike power of a mighty king and the stairway to the heavens for a priesthood that communed with the gods. Baghdad was, and had always been, proud of its landmark.

Professor King took in the majesty before him. His eyes traced the tiered walls and network of stairways from its base to the large shrine at its summit. Involuntarily his heart skipped a beat. “If we’re correct,” he thought, “tonight will be the culmination of a lifetime’s work and dedication. The long search for the Truth may end there, at the top of those steps.”

He turned and entered his tent, where his wife at a makeshift desk poured over pages of obscure cuneiform symbols and tentative translations. She was a linguist who specialised in dead tongues, her efforts indispensable, the translations hers. She would be at his side when he ascended the stairway.

‘You’ve checked it four times, Patricia. I’m certain you’ve made no mistakes.’ He was impatient.

She didn’t look up. ‘That’s easy to say, but you know it’s not that simple. Primordial languages have few established definitions; much has to be taken from context. And if we’re correct about the milieu of these symbols, then absolutely everything is about to change.’

Professor King moved to the other side of the desk and placed his journal on the cluttered surface. His wife looked at the damaged book. ‘You’re certain Alan will know what to do with that information?’

He nodded. ‘God willing, he’ll have guidance.’

He found a clean piece of scrap paper and wrote a short instruction to his brother to hand the envelope to Alan at the proper time. He wished he could say more to his beloved twin, but he couldn’t risk any information falling into the wrong hands.

As the professor signed the note, his assistant entered the tent and softly cleared his throat.

‘Ah, just in time, Hakim.’ said King. He wrapped the book in a piece of cloth, placed it together with the note into a large envelope, and handed it to the young man. ‘You are to drive to Baghdad immediately, and see that this is posted back to the UK.’

The assistant looked confused. ‘Sir, I’m sure I can find a place closer…’

‘No Hakim, I want you to drive to Baghdad and stay at a hotel tonight. Not under any circumstances are you to come back here.’

The young man looked dubiously at the professor and his wife then glanced over his shoulder at the distant ziggurat. When he turned back, some of the colour had drained from his face. He took the envelope cautiously from the professor as if it contained volatile chemicals, then he turned on his heel and sped out of the tent. King trusted him; the envelope would make it out of the country before anyone knew to look for it.

The professor gazed at his wife. Even after these years in the pitiless desert, she was the picture of loveliness. He heaved a sigh, ‘I believe it is now or never, my dear.’

Patricia rose, gathered up her papers and gave a tight smile. ‘We could still be wrong about this.’

But they both knew better.

As the couple walked together across the site toward the ziggurat, many of the workers and students still present watched them curiously. It was unorthodox for anyone to approach the ziggurat at this time of the night.

They reached the foot of the monument and began to ascend; treading purposefully up the steps. Patricia looked at her papers and began to chant in a sing-song voice. Her words were indistinct but the sound could be heard throughout the encampment, and this drew even more curiosity. A few bystanders began to move toward the base of the ziggurat.

The professor and his wife never looked back. They continued up the stairway at a deliberate pace, the lovely English woman chanting mysteriously at every step. Soon they reached the summit and disappeared into the shrine.

The only sound now remaining was the steady hum of the wind and the murmur of those who had gathered at the base of the steps, gazing upward,  wondering what the professor and his wife were doing in the highly restricted area.

Suddenly, the sky was lit by a massive flash of light. For a moment it seemed the sun itself had dawned atop the ziggurat, turning night into day. It came without sound, but a mighty shockwave rippled outward from the structure, knocking the onlookers from their feet and tearing many of the surrounding tents from the ground. Those who had been watching the summit found themselves blinded – some for a few hours; a few for several days.

Everyone else rushed toward the ziggurat. Frightened theories circulated. Was it a terrorist attack; a U.S. air strike? Was it a nuclear bomb?

The authorities, both British and Iraqi, were notified. Those who had been blinded were taken to hospital, and those who remained took stock and considered clean-up strategies. A small group of brave souls decided to inspect the summit of the ziggurat before the authorities arrived and the area sealed.

Yet when they reached the temple top they found no damage whatsoever. The walls and their inscriptions were all intact. Even the dust and sand appeared entirely undisturbed.

Except for one place. In the centre of the room was a spot carefully swept clean. Here, freshly drawn with chalk, was a strange symbol. A large circle, more than wide enough for a person to stand in, contained inside it a large heptagon, and within that a seven-pointed star. In the very centre was another heptagon surrounding a pentagram – a five-pointed star. The entire symbol was filled with letters and words that spelt out nothing known from any human tongue.

There was nothing else. The professor and his wife were gone, leaving no other evidence they had ever been there.

Realm of Angels by Judith Page and Aaron Leitch

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Ritual Offerings Artwork Sneak Peek   2 comments

GreetIngs Spirit Workers!

The upcoming Nephilim Press anthology Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick is moving ever closer to release!  I have been given a sneak peak at the artwork that will adorn the inside front and back of the book – and I’m now sharing it with you.  :)

Keep in mind this is the rough version of the image. I have been assured the final version will be even more elaborate – with further planetary symbols beyond the Saturn symbols.  It’s not associated with any of the essays specifically; it’s the image you’ll see on the first and last pages of the book.  Enjoy!  :)


I’m afraid Nephilim isn’t doing pre-orders, so stay tuned here for further updates on the release date.

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My Llewellyn Blogs   4 comments

Greetings, faithful blog followers!

You’ve probably noticed that my posts to this blog have been fewer and farther between over the past year or so.  This began when Don Kraig became ill.  He was in charge of the Magick Blog on the Llewellyn website, which was suddenly in danger due to his absence.  Therefore, Llewellyn called on a group of their popular authors to help out by submitting guest-posts while he was away.



I was honored to be among those asked to fill in for Don, and since that time I have submitted many posts over there that would otherwise have been posted here.  Since his passing we have all continued to submit posts when we can, to keep the blog alive.  As a consequence, I have resorted to using this blog mainly for event announcements and any essays or commentary that wouldn’t be appropriate for Llewellyn’s site.

Of course, I understand that many of you following this blog may not be following the blogs over there.  (Well, why aren’t you?! lol)  But, seriously, I’m not one to insist you keep up with two blogs (and my Facebook page, and my Solomonic Group!) just to follow my work.

Therefore, I have been considering cross-posting my Llewellyn blogs over here.  Not immediately, of course – I would only bring the older posts over here, mixing them in with the usual posts you see from me.  New posts will have to remain exclusive to Llewellyn’s website until an acceptable amount of time has passed.  But at least you folks who follow me here would finally be able to see and discuss them.

So what do you folks think?  Are all of you already reading my posts over at Llewellyn?  Or are there some of you who would like me to archive the Llewellyn posts here as well?

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The Fall of a Living God   16 comments

Greetings Fellow Seekers!

I was originally going to post this to Facebook.  But as I wrote I realized I had a few things to say that deserved something more than a micro-blog post.  So, I’ll start this discussion here instead:



E.A. Koetting is in hot water now.

First and foremost, I refuse to join in with those taking joy in the man’s legal and personal issues.  I see no moral issues with him – or his roommate – possessing drugs or a gun.  Both are “victimless crimes” – which means they are not real crimes at all.  Not to mention the fact that we don’t know who actually owned said drugs or gun, nor who was “restricted” from owning a gun.  So none of this, in and of itself, constitutes any real moral failing on Koetting’s part.  It’s not like they found a meth lab in his apartment!

Also, we shouldn’t be making fun of him simply for having a day job.  Most occultists have them, myself included.  You don’t know how often I leave my Temple, or a lecture or class or workshop – places where I am respected as an adept and a teacher – only to afterward go to my muggle job and be treated like an idiot by people who can’t figure out what “L” and “R” mean on the bottom of their shoes.  SIGH – keeps me humble.  (In time I hope to be able to make a living strictly from my books, lectures, classes, consultations and festivals – but that’s taking time, since I insist on doing it honestly.)

Yet, on the other hand, I can also see why some of you are glad to see Koetting taken down a peg or three.  I’m not willing to shake my finger at you and say “for shame!“, because in many ways Koetting has indeed brought this upon himself.

His advertising methods are atrocious.  His magickal system appears entirely self-created, without his first having learned and mastered an existing system.  And the “dark and scary” persona he has chosen to sell his product is downright embarrassing to the rest of the occult community.  In every way, he puts on the outward appearance of being into this strictly for the money.  Not to mention the dismissive, and sometimes outright nasty, things he says about systems other than his own.  The first time I ever encountered Koetting’s work was a page (a hard-sell ad, really) telling me that my beloved grimoires are all crap that don’t work, and that only HE (for a price) could tell me how to make them work.  The second time I encountered him was through an ad he wrote on “raping archangels.”  Not only is it offensive, but it’s just hard to take him seriously after seeing that kind of thing.

However, I don’t think any of that is his real problem in the current situation.  I think what has done him the most damage are his claims of access to limitless personal power.  Occultists are human too, and even the most advanced adept is still required to chop wood and carry water.  (See my above comments about having day jobs.)  Becoming a magician quite simply does not make you a “living God.”  King Solomon himself could have stood on the beach and commanded the tide to retreat in all the names of God and the Archangels, and all he would have gotten for his efforts was wet feet.  Given this, why the HELL would you set yourself up in this way by claiming to have power you can’t possibly possess?  There is simply no way that choice can have a good outcome – so why choose it?

Yet, look at how many would be “occultists” out there do just that…  I’ve seen claims to incredible lineages with no proof whatsoever.  I’ve seen people claim to run global occult orders, though you never actually see any evidence such an organization exists outside of the websites run by the person making the claim.  And every word out of their mouths is about how much power they possess and how they – and only they – can teach it to you.  At least if you have the cash.

Real occultists don’t act like that.  We don’t make claims to unlimited power, and we sure as hell aren’t going to promise to teach you methods that will make all of your problems vanish.  (See my posts here and here for more on that.)  Koetting claimed to be able to make court cases vanish – and now he’s screwed if he can’t make this one vanish.  He claims to be a Living God, but was just hauled away in handcuffs to a jail cell.  He claims to have unlimited power through the dark forces he invokes, but he couldn’t make himself invisible to a traffic cop.

I think this is why Koetting is suffering the backlash now.  Does it mean that occultists are just douchebags who like to rejoice in the fall of another occultist? Well, that certainly hasn’t been my experience…

Not long ago, I’m sure you remember, it was revealed to the world that I was about to go blind.  An adept of the HOGD, a recognized authority on the Solomonic grimoires, and I lacked the power to either heal my own eyes or conjure the money for surgery.  And how did the exact same occult community react to that news?  They came together and saw to it I got my surgery, because some of them cared about me personally and all of them wanted me to keep writing books.  (Who says magick wasn’t involved?)  :)

So what was the difference?  Why gather around and support me through my troubles, but ostracize  Koetting?  Yes, I know he was arrested and I wasn’t – so there is that.  But, I think it is really because I don’t make ridiculous claims about power – dark or otherwise.  I don’t make arrogant claims about what my magick can do.  I don’t insult the traditions of others (well.. maybe Scientology).  My website, blog and FB profile aren’t used for hard-sell infomercial-style ads.  I don’t speak in advertising slogans.  Oh, and the fact that I publish solid material about magickal systems I didn’t make up myself might be part of it too…

The bottom line is this:  if you are an occultist and would like to make a living from it, some of the most important secrets are as follows:

1) Be the real thing.  Faking it may be good enough to make some money for a while, but you will always be sniffed out and exposed.  Or you’ll slip up and expose yourself.  Becoming a REAL magician does take time and effort, but it’s the only way you’re going to make it in this field.

2) Go for quality over quantity.  Don Kraig had more success with a single book than any occult author who has produced an entire library of hardly-useful texts.  If you’re going to publish a book or give a class or workshop, make it a game-changer.  If people leave feeling like they didn’t learn anything new and exciting, then you’re not going to get far.

3) Do NOT draw your methods from televangelists, Scientology, or direct-marketing advertising.  Do not use slogans.  Do not guarantee results.  Your webpage or blog should look like a resource for students and researchers; it should not look like an ad.

There is nothing wrong with putting your work out there, even advertising for your books, services or other items you may sell.  As I said above, even I am hoping to someday make a living from my work.  But those things must be secondary, and not the main thrust of your persona.  Your dedication to your spiritual path and your service to the community are what will make you famous.

Of course I know all of this will fall on deaf ears.  Those of you who agree with me already would never take the path of a huckster upon your spiritual journey.  And those of you who would do that simply don’t give a damn, because you’re just in it to harvest money from rubes and you have no interest in whether or not you are respected or if history remembers you as a “real occultist.”

But, who knows?  Surely there are those out there who are sincere and want to forge ahead in this life-path, but aren’t sure how to go about it properly.  Maybe, just maybe, one of them will read this blog and learn that there really is a right way and a wrong way to go about this…



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Aaron in S.O.M.A Webinar for Ritual Offerings – Nov 2nd   Leave a comment

Greetings Spirit-Workers!

SOMARitual Offerings Webinar

S.O.M.A – November 2nd

3:30-5pm CST  (4:30-6pm EST)

The Society of Magical Artists is hosting a webinar for the upcoming Nephilim Press book

Ritual Offerings:  Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick.

This will be a panel with me and several other authors from the book:  Jason Miller, Frater Rufus Opus, Gilberto Strapazon and (just possibly!) Denise Alvarado as well.  We WILL be taking questions from the audience!  :)

Here is the Facebook Event Page – where you can keep up with announcements.

And here is the log-in link for the webinar when the day arrives.  :)

I also hear that S.O.M.A is hosting two other webinars on the same day:  featuring Jake Stratton-Kent and Brother Moloch.  So, plan on an awesome day of webinars to get November started off right!  :) :) :)

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Ceremonial Magick 101 Classes in New York!   Leave a comment

Great News, Students!

My Ceremonial Magick 101 classes are taking off!  Carrie and I continue to offer them about twice a year here in the Tampa, FL area, and now we are making the same classes available in other areas of the country.

As we get the program under way, we are only allowing adepts of the Ciceros’ Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to teach the classes.  (Whether we expand this to teachers from other GD orders will depend on how things develop.)  This assures that your instructors will be highly educated and trained in the material.  They will be using the exact same curriculum myself and Carrie teach here, including tons of useful handouts.  At the end of the class, you will even receive a certificate signed by myself and Carrie, as well as your instructors, to show you have graduated this specific course.

First up are Adepts Dave W and Andrea L in New York.  They are personal friends besides being respected teachers in our Order, and I am fully confident in their ability to teach these classes.  So if you are in the NY/Long Island area and have been wanting a chance to attend my classes, this is it!  See below for details, and make sure to grab a seat while space remains!



Aaron Leitch’s Ceremonial Magick 101

At Silver Broom Ministries, New York

November 2 – December 7, 2014


Lesser Banishing Pentagram

Ceremonial Magick uses ritual and invocation to move closer to the Divine.   Come learn the basics of Ceremonial Magick from Dave W and Andrea L-adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn! Dave and Andrea will be presenting the very classes given by Aaron Leitch and Carrie Mikell in Tampa earlier this year! If you want to experience Ceremonial (or “high”) Magick and learn from two initiated ceremonial magicians this class is for you! Course Topics include the following:

Class 1: Basic Terms of Ceremonial Magick – Diagrams & the Qabalistic Cross

Class 2: Basic Rituals & Correspondences

Class 3: Pentagrams & the four Philosophical Elements

Class 4: Hexagrams & the seven Planets

Class 5: Talisman Creation & Consecration

Class 6: An Angel Evocation

Class starts Sunday November 2nd and continues over five Sundays consecutive weeks, 1:30pm-3:30pm.

Cost is $15 per class

Silver Broom Ministries
46 Railroad Ave.
Sayville, NY 11782
(631) 760-5633

Please email to register. Class limited to 15 students.


NOTE: I know many of you will ask about online classes.  Yes, those are still in the plans.  But those plans are on hold while we establish these in-person classes first.  My course is better when it is face-to-face and hands-on.  The online classes will have to take a new format – still to be determined.  So stay tuned for more on that!


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