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Llewellyn Magick Blog: 6 or 18 Months: How Long, O Abramelin, How Long?   Leave a comment

Greetings Readers!



From the Llewellyn Magick Blog, January 5, 2016:

Now that people have realized Abramelin is a workable grimoire, instead of some far-removed literary device, the two “versions” of Abramelin have caused some concern. It’s not that the technical instructions are that different between the two, but the difference in the length of time is striking. Instead of working through three short phases of two months each, we discovered that you were intended to work through three long periods of six months each. The French wizard who had adapted the Rite had severely shortened it—and that seems like the kind of thing you absolutely shouldn’t do with something as important as this. Therefore, I’ve been seeing this question posed again and again over the past few years: is it possible to attain the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel in a mere six months? Should one even try?


The French author seemed to believe it wasn’t necessary to spend a year-and-a-half in seclusion and prayer, and shortened it to six months instead. But was he right to do that? Is it detrimental to the ultimate goal—the Knowledge and Conversation of the HGA — to  take such a short-cut? Or, if it is ok to shorten the length of purification, how far can we take it? How about just three months? Three weeks? Three days? Three hours? How much is not enough?


Read the Rest at:

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Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios – Open For Business!   3 comments

Greetings Solomonic Conjurors!

I am thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of our new online store:


Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios

We specialize in the creation of obscure and unique ritual tools and ingredients for traditional Solomonic and grimoire workings.  We carry holy water, maiden-spun thread, hazel and oak wands, aspergillums, ritual knives, herbal-infused blood substitutes, talismans, parchment, beeswax and beeswax candles, holy oil, incense, and much more.

Everything we sell is made according to the exacting instructions required by the grimoires (Key of Solomon the King, the Book of Abramelin, etc) – all materials, timing, consecrations, ritual protocols and proscriptions are meticulously observed in the creation of our ritual items.

AaronAspergillum-2Hand-Crafted Ritual Tools and Items

The grimoires are infamous for requiring rare, obscure and hard to obtain items:  such as thread hand-spun by a young maiden, ritual tools blessed by a priest, rare herbs and incenses, objects made from specific metals and other materials, rare virgin woods etc.  They also require meticulous rituals and consecrations during the time of their making – extending from exactly how and when the materials are gathered to exactly how and when the tools are constructed.  Some tools can only be made at certain times of the year, and others require rituals extending over several days or even weeks.  We follow all of these requirements to the letter, and we provide a certificate of authenticity with every ritual tool.

Please Note:  Some grimoiric tools require specific timing, rare materials, or lengthy rituals in their creation.  In these cases, we do not carry a large stock of pre-made items.  Instead, we make your ritual tool upon order.  And, depending on your requirements and our resources, we will consider special orders upon request.  Please be aware that there may be a waiting period while we do our work, though we will stay in touch with you throughout the process.  Also, some especially rare items may result in limited availability of some tools.

All of our items are made, blessed and/or consecrated by Fr. Aaron Leitch, an ordained Gnostic priest of the Ecclesia Beatae Mariae Angelorum.  Most of the fine art-work is done by Carrie Leitch, a Deacon of the same Church.  Wood and metal-working done by Jon Zuilkowski

Father Aaron Leitch and Deacon Carrie Leitch

Father Aaron Leitch and Deacon Carrie Leitch

What is a Grimoire?

Grimoire is a French word meaning “grammar” or “basic instruction book.”  It refers especially to a genre of occult texts and spellbooks from medieval and renaissance Europe that combined Church liturgy and ritual with exorcism, witchcraft and folk magick.  A great number of them focus specifically upon the evocation of spiritual entities through whom spells can be cast and from whom magickal secrets can be learned.  These books represent the culmination of the Western Occult Tradition up to that time, preserving the last remnants of the Old Magick before the rise of the quasi-Masonic Magickal Lodges of the nineteenth century.

What is Solomonic Magick?

Most of the old grimoires are attributed to Biblical heroes such as Moses, Noah, Enoch and King Solomon.  (Though this is merely legend, as the grimoires were written thousands of years after these Biblical figures lived.)  Without question, it is the Solomonic grimoires that have had the greatest impact on the Western Tradition. Today, even grimoires attributed to other figures are considered part of the overall “Solomonic” tradition.  Books like the Key of Solomon the King, The Lemegeton (including The Goetia, Pauline Arts, The Almadel of Solomon and more), The Heptameron, Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy, The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy, Liber Juratis, John Dee’s Enochian Diaries, The Magus, The Grand Grimoire and Grimoirum Verum (to name only a few of hundreds of such texts) are all considered sub-sets of the Solomonic tradition.

Click here to learn more about grimoires and Solomonic mysticism.

Click here to read any of the grimoires for yourself.

Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios

Aaron and Carrie performing Solomonic Invocation

Carrie At Work

A.J. Spinning Thread

A.J. Spinning Thread

Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios

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Greetings Angel Workers!

I have been told that the new anthology from Nephilim Press:

Walking with the Angel

will be released soon.  :)

Some time ago, I was asked by Scarlet Imprint to write something about demonology for their anthology entitled Diabolical.  So, I wrote a lengthy essay called The Spirit Magick of Abramelin – giving a detailed overview of the system of goety found in the final book of that grimoire.  (More recently, that same essay was published in Hermetic Virtues Magazine.)

Later, I was asked by Nephilim Press to write something about the Holy Guardian Angel for their new anthology – Walking With the Angel.  So, I decided to give them the exact opposite, and outline the Abramelin system of angel magick.  That is, the specific instructions for continuing work with your HGA over a lifetime – instructions which are present but scattered in the original text.  Instructions that have remained hidden and unexamined for hundreds of years…

Plus I give a lot of insight into my own performance of the Abramelin operation (specifically its ending) and how I developed my relationship with my HGA over the years that followed.

I’m in very good company in this anthology too!  There will be entries from Inominandum, Rufus Opus (in his publication début), Scott Stenwick, and more.

If you want to read the introductory paragraphs of my essay, click here.




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Abramelin Talismans and Spirits   5 comments

Great news for Abramelin aspirants!


Over the years, many students have privately emailed me to ask questions about magick – and one of the most common questions I am asked is “How do I use the talismans at the end of the Book of Abramelin?”

Unfortunately, that is not a question that can be answered so easily in a simple email or forum post.  The Book of Abramelin contains a rather sophisticated system of goety – most of it scattered and hidden throughout the text so as to discourage dabblers.  In order to explain it all in detail, it would be necessary to write a rather lengthy essay on the subject.

So, in 2009, that is exactly what I did.  I wrote an essay entitled The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin that outlines the entire system – including how to summon and work with the spirits, how to create new word-square talismans and how to use them once they are made.  I published it in an anthology from Scarlet Imprint called Diabolical – which focused on various traditions of working with demons.  (My essay might have been the only one from the perspective of an angel-worker who also works with chthonic spirits.)

The only problem was that the hard-bound Diabolical – though an absolute must-have book – was a bit obscure and somewhat on the expensive side.  Students continued to ask me about the Abramelin word-squares and spirits – and I’m not sure how many of them were willing (or able) to purchase the book just to get my essay from it…

Now we are fast approaching the year 2014, and I felt it was time to let the genie out of the bottle, so to speak, and release The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin in a more easily accessible format.  Therefore, I have re-published the essay in the Autumnal Equinox 2013 edition of Hermetic Virtues Magazine (subscription info here.).  :)

Hermetic Virtues Magazine

Hermetic Virtues Magazine

It is an electronic-format magazine, coming in PDF form directly to your in-box.  If you don’t want to subscribe to the magazine (but, really, why wouldn’t you??), I’m pretty sure HV Magazine is willing to sell single-issue copies.  So if you desire to learn how to properly work with the talismans and spirits of the Abramelin tradition, you now have an affordable and accessible source for my essay.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to Jayne Gibson over at HV, who worked tirelessly to get the word-squares and other formatting issues with this essay exactly right.  It was no easy task!

Also see my (free) essay on Abramlein’s Magickal Word Squares: Compiled and Corrected for the First Time.   (This is just a taste of the work I’ve done on the existing word-squares, the bulk of which I will later publish in book form.)

Also see this blog post on Abramelin’s system of Mixed Qabalah.  As well as this follow-up post on the same subject.

Finally, in the near future, keep an eye out for my latest essay that tackles the angelic side of Abramelin’s magick:  After Abramelin: Working with the Holy Guardian Angel – to be published in Nephilim Press’ Walking with the Angel.



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The Spirit Magick of Abramelin   1 comment

Great news folks!

Over the years, I have lost count of the number of students who have asked about the system of spirit magick outlined in the Book of Abramelin.  Of course, the subject is not something that can be covered in a simple email or forum post.  Therefore, I have published two lengthy documents on the subject:  The first, Abramelin’s Magickal Word Squares, is freely available at my homepage.  It is a mere preview of the work I’ve done to decipher and correct the Abramelin talismans – the full scope of which I plan to release in an upcoming book.

The second document is called The Spirit Magick of Abramelin, which was published in Scarlet Imprint’s Diabolical anthology.  It is an in-depth essay on how to use the Abramelin talismans along with their associated spirits.  Needless to say, this is the one most of you have wanted to read – though I can understand why some may be hesitant to purchase an entire anthology just to get their hands on that one essay.

Thus the good news:  The Spirit Magick of Abramelin is being re-published in the upcoming edition of Hermetic Virtues Magazine.  :)  Sorry it’s not free, but it will certainly be more affordable for those of you on a budget.  Besides, you’ll want to be familiar with Hermetic Virtues anyway – as they will soon be releasing their first full-scale book including never-before seen Golden Dawn-related material (some of it by yours truly).  I don’t want to give away too many details just yet, so stay tuned for for updates.

For now, those of you interested in all things Abramelin will want to get your hands on the next issue of the magazine.  ;)

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Aaron Leitch in North Carolina (4 Events!)   Leave a comment

Greetings North Carolinians!

I’ll be in your neck o’ the woods toward the end of August (the 25th and 26th), and you’ll have FOUR chances to come see me!  :)  I’ll be covering Solomonic and Golden Dawn subjects.  See below for information about each event:

Event 1: A Discussion on Solomonic Magick

Come Learn The

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires!

Aaron Leitch, author of Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires and The Angelical Language: Vols. I and II, is a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the academic Societas Magica. His writings cover such varied fields as religion, shamanism, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Neo-paganism, Angelology, and Qabalah.

Join Aaron for an intimate discussion on the History, Use, and Magick of the Grimoires, those classic books of Magick.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

C.A.R.E. Building

4907 Garrett Road

Durham, NC 27707

11:00 AM thru 2:00 PM

Admission: $20.00

Contact information: Samuel Scarborough.



Event 2: Golden Dawn Discussion and Ritual

On the evening of the 25th, I will be holding a private discussion session, followed by a ritual, at the KNR Temple of the Stella Matutina.  This one is only open to Golden Dawn initiates.  No subject has been set for the discussion – you will be encouraged to ask about or discuss anything Golden Dawn related.

The ritual will be a brand new invocation formula for the Outer Order.  We will be making contact with the Archangel Raphael Mercuriel.

 Then the next day:


Events 3 & 4:  Two Ceremonial Classes (Basic and Advanced)

Aaron Leitch of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn will be hosting two Ceremonial Magick workshops on Sunday, August 26th, 2012.  The first workshop will cover the basics – such as beginner rituals, exercises, magickal correspondences, etc.  After a break for lunch, the second workshop will cover intermediate to advanced concepts – invoking Elemental and Planetary forces, consecration of talismans and basic evocation of spiritual entities.

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

(11am-1pm  &  2:30pm-4:30pm)



Thaumaturgy 777

2618 Hillsborough Rd.

(the NEW location!)

Durham, NC 27705

(919) 321-6968

* The event will be $25 per ticket.  An advance registration is required. 

 * Registration must be completed by August 22nd.

 * You will not need previous knowledge of Ceremonial Magick or the Golden Dawn to attend the basics class.

 * Aaron’s books will be available in the shop, in case you want to pick up any or all of them.

* He will also be available for book signing, after the classes.

Aaron Leitch is among the preeminent authors of today who deal with matters of Ceremonial, Solomonic and Enochian magick.  His work has been published by Llewellyn and the titles include Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires and his double volume set, entitled The Angelical Language.  

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires is both theory and practice for working with the ancient texts of magick, such as The Key of Solomon, The Picatrix, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, The Grimoire Verum, The Arbatel and any other of the cornerstone classic books of the occult that are referred to as “grimoires”.

The Angelical Language is an incredibly in-depth look at the work of Dr. John Dee and the Angelic, or “Enochian” magickal system.

 If you want to RSVP for this event, send your full name and phone number to:

You do not want to miss this very special opportunity!


This is going to be a FULL weekend of magick and great discussion!   So make sure to reserve your space (or spaces) today.  :)



Abramelin – Be Afraid!?   16 comments

And you know you’re never sure, but you’re sure you could be right,

If you held yourself up to the Light.

And the embers never fade, in your City by the Lake.

The place where you were born.  [- Tonight Tonight]

Greetings Aspirants!

Ok, so you probably remember a while back the blogosphere was debating five so-called “occult gravity wells” that threaten to entrap unwary seekers of the mysteries.  Apparently, the debate over the first point in that list – the Holy Guardian Angel – continued under its own steam.  More specifically, the debate moved on from the HGA to the Abramelin Operation itself.

First, a post on A Mage’s Blog discussed the inherent dangers of the Abramelin operation, citing them as good reasons to steer clear of it altogether.  This was then answered on Frater RO’s blog.  It finally came to my attention when a student posted to the Abramelin Group over on Yahoo, asking us (and me in particular) about the dangers outlined on A Mage’s Blog.  Rather than answering that post on the forum alone, I felt this was worth a blog post of its own here on Ananael.

Let’s start with what Jow had to say on A Mage’s Blog:

All through out the working, as well as reading the works of those who have undertaken it, it is obvious that you will be fucked with in some pretty spectacular ways. For me, it was best stated in “After the Angel” by Marcus Katz, “If you are close to anyone and do not want to risk that relationship, do not undertake the Abramelin. It has to be performed when you seriously have “nothing to lose”. Not just close to anyone, but fond of your job, your house.. anything at all really, because it all, apparently gets put in jeopardy. Katz to his great credit, did get his wife’s informed consent, and was honestly a good householder all the way through, but it was a heroic struggle.

Shaking up ones own inner ant farm is fine as it goes, but to jeopardize your home, family, and friends is at best thoughtlessness of an EPIC scale, and at worst utter and complete selfishness.


Another reason I dislike it as a working is the predicted success ratio: 1 or 2 out of 100. That is balls my friends. Call me a spiritual bottom feeder, but I want a return on my investment.

Now, I’m sure many of you are hoping to hear me say “This is all nonsense and scare-mongering!  Abramelin isn’t dangerous, you won’t lose your lover, your home, your job or anything else in your life nor your way of life.  And, who says only 1 or 2 out of 100 achieve??  If you undertake Abramelin with the right intention, you’re guaranteed some success, at least!”

Well, sorry friends, I’m not gunna say any of that.  There are dangers involved with Abramelin.  And the suggested success rate – I would say – is probably about right.  However, I simultaneously believe that folks like Jow have taken common-sense warnings and made much more of them than they should.

Let me make a comparison.  Let’s say you want to become an electrician.  I can sit here for hours and write about the inherent dangers of working with electricity.  I can tell you in gruesome detail what will happen to your body if a high-amp stream of voltage courses through it – seizing your muscles, stopping your heart, cooking you from the inside out.  I can talk to you about electrical house fires, lightning strikes, etc, etc.  And if I were training you in the electrical trade, I’d better tell you all of those things if I’m going to call myself any kind of teacher.  And, guess what, if you choose to work with electricity for your entire life, then you’re going to get shocked a few times here and there.

But, does it all mean that no one should ever become an electrician?  Should we just abandon the profession and go back to candles and gas lamps?  Of course not.  The point of being trained as an apprentice by someone with years of experience is so you’ll survive when the bad shit happens.  (For example, electricians have specific ways of touching wires so they’ll be knocked back and away by a big unexpected shock, rather than being snared and pulled further into the wires and die.)

And so it is with magick – especially something as heavy-duty as the Abramelin operation.  There are some among you who are currently clinging to unhealthy personal relationships.  If you undertake Abramelin successfully, you’ll probably lose that relationship.  You probably know, deep down, that your relationship is unhealthy and co-dependent.  And if you are frightened of growing out of it, you’ll want to steer clear of your HGA.

(This very thing happened to me.  My girlfriend stood loyally by my side throughout my Abramelin work.  In many ways she went through it with me – save for actually going into the Oratory and doing the prayers with me.  But she cooked meals without meat, went with me to gather sand from the river, sacrificed most of her living space and social life to my work, had to find a place to live for the last week of the operation, etc, etc.  And for all her trouble, we broke up spectacularly just a few months after the operation was complete.  There were some serious co-dependent issues between us…

The up side?  During our time apart we each did some serious growing – in ways we could not have done together.  Several months later we met back up and started seeing each other again.  Before you knew it we were together again – and we are still together and have a beautiful little girl to show for it.  We’ve come far, gone places and done things we never could have done if we’d stayed in our pre-Abramelin rut.)

Others of you are living or working in the wrong environment.  Your Fate or Karma or what-have-you lies elsewhere.  Yet something is blocking you from moving onward and upward.  If you fear this is the case for you, and would rather stay stuck and stay safe, then don’t attempt Abramelin.

(I saw this happen to a very good friend and student of mine.  He was also in an unhealthy relationship, and was living the “wrong life” in many different ways.  He merely declared his intentions to perform Abramelin – and the next thing I know his wife was gone,  he was moving out of his first home, re-adopting his birth surname and leaving the state.  Because of the name change I lost track of him entirely for 20 years.

Just a few weeks ago I found him living up north, married to someone who seems to suit him well, and running his very own paranormal institute.  And, remember, he never even performed Abramelin – he simply voiced his intention of doing so!)

So, yes brothers and sisters, Abramelin can be dangerous.  As Jow said, it can fuck with you in some pretty spectacular ways.  But I think Frater RO put it quiet eloquently in his response when he said that it doesn’t burn away anything you need.  What it burns away is the dross – the crap that is holding you down and “sticking” you in bad situations.  The job of the Guardian Angel – as Agrippa reminds us – is to guide you to that sacred perfection.  And you can’t get to the spiritual gold without passing though the fires of self-sacrifice.

The real danger of Abramelin is Fear – fear of change, fear of letting go of the weights around your neck, fear of ending the dramas in your life and moving on.  All of those are scary, and all of them are painful to experience.  But, if you truly want to be rid of the dross, and you can bow your head into the wind and march through the hardships that inevitably come with personal evolution, then Abramelin might be for you after all.

There is no certainty that you’ll lose your spouse, your home, your job or any other aspect of your life.  Again, as Frater RO rightly pointed out, those things in your life that are right and healthy and true are only going to be tempered and strengthened.  Not only that, but the rewards that come to replace those things you let go are beyond description.  The return on the investment – really – can feel like you’ve made off with some serious Treasure.

That is why I’ve said, time and again, that Abramelin is best suited for those who are fed up with their old life and are looking for a way out.

To get the gist of what I’m saying here, listen very carefully to these two songs:

Tonight Tonight

Solisbury Hill

Abramelin is for folks who have tried everything else, and have been called to the Abramelin Rite as the absolute last resort.  It is not for those who are happy with their lives “as-is” and think that Abramelin is just another “summoning ceremony” intended to get nifty powers from their Guardian Angel.

Finally, what about your chances of success at Abramelin?  I admit the ratio of 1 or 2 out of every 100 doesn’t sound good on the surface.  However, consider this:

In the last two decades I have met many many people who claim to be undertaking the Abramelin operation – more than I care to count.  Yet, out of all of them, I can count on a single hand those who were dedicated to following the Rite as instructed.

Most folks do indeed think it’s just a way-cool summoning ceremony that can be done and then walked away from.  (“Oh yeah, I did that Abramelin thing once….”)  And most of them insisted on changing the Rite in many ways – adding to it, taking away from it, bringing in outside rituals, praying to their favorite Patron God, etc.   A great number of them chose Liber Samekh instead, or make up their own “version” of Samekh.  Why, I once saw someone suggest merely creating a sigil of your intent and meditating on it for a little while every day!  Abramelin is rife with the “this is good enough” and “the original instructions are too hard and unnecessary” mentalities.  Folks spend much more time on considering what they don’t like about it than they do just doing the Work.

So, let’s just say that perhaps 95 out of every 100 people who attempt Abramelin fall into that category.  That only leaves five who are dedicated to doing the Abramelin Rite correctly and to the fullest extent.  So the real ratio becomes 1 or 2 our of every 5.  That’s not really bad odds, if you make up your mind to be one of those 5.

Then, if you fall into the category of folks who are called to Abramelin as the last resort in their lives – you are almost assured success.  Out of those 2 or 3 folks, maybe one of them shouldn’t try Abramelin for some other reason.  (For example, my wife was told through divination not to attempt Abramelin.  As a seer, she has a pretty specific balance of forces and gateways in her skull as it is, and tossing her HGA in there would screw up her Work.  But then, as such, her Work is already laid out in front of her, so Abramelin wouldn’t be a last resort to make her life right.  She’s already on the right track, and her HGA still communicated with her when it is necessary.)

So, that’s my take on the dangers associated with Abramelin.  It all really depends on who you are, and what your calling happens to be – rather than upon some kind of inherent danger or “selfishness” coded into the operation itself.  It’s about spiritual alchemy, folks!  Solve et Coagula and the purification of the Gold.



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