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Greetings, Aurors!

I like to keep an eye on the Hoodoo and Conjure forums for useful techniques I haven’t encountered before.  Recently, someone posed the question of what to do when a curse has been laid upon land rather than a person, building or object.  You’d think this would be a common enough problem that there are dozens or hundreds of remedies.  Yet, I have not encountered them before.

The person who highlighted this dilemma also proposed a solution, which I found fascinating.  You can read it for yourself on the forum.  I wanted to offer the technique here, though from the standpoint of Solomonic mysticism.  The main difference is that Solomonic magick doesn’t make much use of powders, where Hoodoo makes heavy use of them.  Therefore, what follows will not include an uncrossing powder – however if you like the idea of the powder, by all means check out the original post, where a recipe and instructions are included.

To do this with your standard Solomonic tool kit, you will need a coal-burning censor and frankincense (or Church incense), the holy water sprinkler and water – all consecrated according to the rules of the Art. You will also need plenty of fresh earth:  soil taken from a pine forest is recommended due to the purifying characteristics of pine.  Failing that, you can use fresh potting soil, and you can even mix in pine needles if you wish.  (Plus, if you feel it necessary, the Key of Solomon includes a consecration for earth.)

The rite should take place over the final three days of the waning moon.

Exorcism of the Land

You would do best to begin with the Solomonic Bath.  Then go to the eastern border of your land, light the incense, sprinkle holy water and begin to recite Psalm 37.  As you read, move against the sun (counterclockwise) around the entire border of your property, censing and sprinkling as you go until you return to the east.

Repeat this exorcism for three days.  After completing the actions on the third day, continue:

Removing the Curse From the Land

Dig small holes in five locations around your property:  one in each of the four corners and one in the center.  If your home or another structure occupies the center, then dig the fifth hole by the front door.  Collect the dirt from these holes and set it aside.

Now take the fresh earth you prepared earlier, and use it to fill the five holes.  At each hole, pack in the earth and then pour in a portion of the remaining holy water.  As you do so, state aloud that you are exchanging bad soil for blessings and healing.

The next day, take the cursed earth you dug out of the holes far away from your property – preferably to a running stream or river.  Pour the dirt into the water as you state:  “This dirt will never form a part of my land, nor will any malevolent power associated with it.”  As you leave, do not look back toward the water.

Blessing the Land

After the above is complete, you may bless your land as you see fit.  You can repeat the process with the censor and holy water, this time moving sunwise (clockwise) around your property, and reciting your favorite blessing.  Psalm 67 is a good choice, or the Lord’s Prayer or whatever is specific to your faith or tradition.  After completing a circuit around the land, it should be quite clean.

There is also a simpler – though certainly less powerful – technique that makes use of a map of the property and some candles.  It is included in the original post at the Hoodoo forum, and I recommend checking it out as well.



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  1. this is very timely for me, thank you as usual~


  2. “As you leave, do not look back toward the water.”

    And throw a penny (an old one made of copper) over your left shoulder. That’s pretty much universal for preventing Damned Things from following you. As the old magic catalogs used to say, “This effect is completely self working, no sleight of hand required.”


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