Aaron Leitch at Phoenix Phyre 2015 for a Live Solomonic Ritual!   1 comment

Greetings wizards and witches!



March 18th – 22nd, 2015; 2505 W Bella Vista Street, Lakeland, FL. 33810


It’s almost time for Phoenix Phyre 2015!  And guess who is going to be there?  😉

This Guy

This Guy


I will be giving several lectures about the Old Magick and Solomonic Mysticism.  I’m hoping to put together some new material, so if you’ve previously attended my Solomonic lectures (at FPG or GreenSong Grove) you will, hopefully, get to hear at least a few new teachings.  🙂  I definitely want to give at least one lecture covering the basic principals behind the Old Magick, so as to better prepare students for their first attempts to work with the grimoires or other ancient sources of magick.  Stay tuned here, as I will soon post full lecture descriptions.

Now here is the really exciting part:  The good folks at Phoenix Phyre have asked me and my wife to host a live Solomonic ritual!  In keeping with their theme of “Magical Creatures” they have asked that I perform an invocation of the Elementals:  Salamanders, Undines, Sylphs and Gnomes.  I will be feeding them and setting them upon tasks so they do not cause mischief throughout the campsite. LOL  I believe the plan is to perform the ritual on Thursday evening (March 19th) – but if that changes I’ll let you know here.

Click here for Phoenix Phyre registration info.


Elementals - Salamanders









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