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Greetings, faithful blog followers!

You’ve probably noticed that my posts to this blog have been fewer and farther between over the past year or so.  This began when Don Kraig became ill.  He was in charge of the Magick Blog on the Llewellyn website, which was suddenly in danger due to his absence.  Therefore, Llewellyn called on a group of their popular authors to help out by submitting guest-posts while he was away.



I was honored to be among those asked to fill in for Don, and since that time I have submitted many posts over there that would otherwise have been posted here.  Since his passing we have all continued to submit posts when we can, to keep the blog alive.  As a consequence, I have resorted to using this blog mainly for event announcements and any essays or commentary that wouldn’t be appropriate for Llewellyn’s site.

Of course, I understand that many of you following this blog may not be following the blogs over there.  (Well, why aren’t you?! lol)  But, seriously, I’m not one to insist you keep up with two blogs (and my Facebook page, and my Solomonic Group!) just to follow my work.

Therefore, I have been considering cross-posting my Llewellyn blogs over here.  Not immediately, of course – I would only bring the older posts over here, mixing them in with the usual posts you see from me.  New posts will have to remain exclusive to Llewellyn’s website until an acceptable amount of time has passed.  But at least you folks who follow me here would finally be able to see and discuss them.

So what do you folks think?  Are all of you already reading my posts over at Llewellyn?  Or are there some of you who would like me to archive the Llewellyn posts here as well?


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  1. Do what you have to do, you will only be a click away.


  2. That’s good, Llewellyn have a large audience.


  3. I haven’t been following the Llewellyn blog mostly because I’m a little WordPress-centric but I think cross-posting older entries is great.


  4. What I do when I post elsewhere is post a brief excerpt on my personal blog that then links back to the full article on the other site. Just a thought for those who may want to skim through repeats, while still providing a link to the original post for those who missed it the first time. (It’s also better for your SEO. Google hates duplicate content.)


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