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Greetings Fellow Seekers!

I was originally going to post this to Facebook.  But as I wrote I realized I had a few things to say that deserved something more than a micro-blog post.  So, I’ll start this discussion here instead:



E.A. Koetting is in hot water now.

First and foremost, I refuse to join in with those taking joy in the man’s legal and personal issues.  I see no moral issues with him – or his roommate – possessing drugs or a gun.  Both are “victimless crimes” – which means they are not real crimes at all.  Not to mention the fact that we don’t know who actually owned said drugs or gun, nor who was “restricted” from owning a gun.  So none of this, in and of itself, constitutes any real moral failing on Koetting’s part.  It’s not like they found a meth lab in his apartment!

Also, we shouldn’t be making fun of him simply for having a day job.  Most occultists have them, myself included.  You don’t know how often I leave my Temple, or a lecture or class or workshop – places where I am respected as an adept and a teacher – only to afterward go to my muggle job and be treated like an idiot by people who can’t figure out what “L” and “R” mean on the bottom of their shoes.  SIGH – keeps me humble.  (In time I hope to be able to make a living strictly from my books, lectures, classes, consultations and festivals – but that’s taking time, since I insist on doing it honestly.)

Yet, on the other hand, I can also see why some of you are glad to see Koetting taken down a peg or three.  I’m not willing to shake my finger at you and say “for shame!“, because in many ways Koetting has indeed brought this upon himself.

His advertising methods are atrocious.  His magickal system appears entirely self-created, without his first having learned and mastered an existing system.  And the “dark and scary” persona he has chosen to sell his product is downright embarrassing to the rest of the occult community.  In every way, he puts on the outward appearance of being into this strictly for the money.  Not to mention the dismissive, and sometimes outright nasty, things he says about systems other than his own.  The first time I ever encountered Koetting’s work was a page (a hard-sell ad, really) telling me that my beloved grimoires are all crap that don’t work, and that only HE (for a price) could tell me how to make them work.  The second time I encountered him was through an ad he wrote on “raping archangels.”  Not only is it offensive, but it’s just hard to take him seriously after seeing that kind of thing.

However, I don’t think any of that is his real problem in the current situation.  I think what has done him the most damage are his claims of access to limitless personal power.  Occultists are human too, and even the most advanced adept is still required to chop wood and carry water.  (See my above comments about having day jobs.)  Becoming a magician quite simply does not make you a “living God.”  King Solomon himself could have stood on the beach and commanded the tide to retreat in all the names of God and the Archangels, and all he would have gotten for his efforts was wet feet.  Given this, why the HELL would you set yourself up in this way by claiming to have power you can’t possibly possess?  There is simply no way that choice can have a good outcome – so why choose it?

Yet, look at how many would be “occultists” out there do just that…  I’ve seen claims to incredible lineages with no proof whatsoever.  I’ve seen people claim to run global occult orders, though you never actually see any evidence such an organization exists outside of the websites run by the person making the claim.  And every word out of their mouths is about how much power they possess and how they – and only they – can teach it to you.  At least if you have the cash.

Real occultists don’t act like that.  We don’t make claims to unlimited power, and we sure as hell aren’t going to promise to teach you methods that will make all of your problems vanish.  (See my posts here and here for more on that.)  Koetting claimed to be able to make court cases vanish – and now he’s screwed if he can’t make this one vanish.  He claims to be a Living God, but was just hauled away in handcuffs to a jail cell.  He claims to have unlimited power through the dark forces he invokes, but he couldn’t make himself invisible to a traffic cop.

I think this is why Koetting is suffering the backlash now.  Does it mean that occultists are just douchebags who like to rejoice in the fall of another occultist? Well, that certainly hasn’t been my experience…

Not long ago, I’m sure you remember, it was revealed to the world that I was about to go blind.  An adept of the HOGD, a recognized authority on the Solomonic grimoires, and I lacked the power to either heal my own eyes or conjure the money for surgery.  And how did the exact same occult community react to that news?  They came together and saw to it I got my surgery, because some of them cared about me personally and all of them wanted me to keep writing books.  (Who says magick wasn’t involved?)  🙂

So what was the difference?  Why gather around and support me through my troubles, but ostracize  Koetting?  Yes, I know he was arrested and I wasn’t – so there is that.  But, I think it is really because I don’t make ridiculous claims about power – dark or otherwise.  I don’t make arrogant claims about what my magick can do.  I don’t insult the traditions of others (well.. maybe Scientology).  My website, blog and FB profile aren’t used for hard-sell infomercial-style ads.  I don’t speak in advertising slogans.  Oh, and the fact that I publish solid material about magickal systems I didn’t make up myself might be part of it too…

The bottom line is this:  if you are an occultist and would like to make a living from it, some of the most important secrets are as follows:

1) Be the real thing.  Faking it may be good enough to make some money for a while, but you will always be sniffed out and exposed.  Or you’ll slip up and expose yourself.  Becoming a REAL magician does take time and effort, but it’s the only way you’re going to make it in this field.

2) Go for quality over quantity.  Don Kraig had more success with a single book than any occult author who has produced an entire library of hardly-useful texts.  If you’re going to publish a book or give a class or workshop, make it a game-changer.  If people leave feeling like they didn’t learn anything new and exciting, then you’re not going to get far.

3) Do NOT draw your methods from televangelists, Scientology, or direct-marketing advertising.  Do not use slogans.  Do not guarantee results.  Your webpage or blog should look like a resource for students and researchers; it should not look like an ad.

There is nothing wrong with putting your work out there, even advertising for your books, services or other items you may sell.  As I said above, even I am hoping to someday make a living from my work.  But those things must be secondary, and not the main thrust of your persona.  Your dedication to your spiritual path and your service to the community are what will make you famous.

Of course I know all of this will fall on deaf ears.  Those of you who agree with me already would never take the path of a huckster upon your spiritual journey.  And those of you who would do that simply don’t give a damn, because you’re just in it to harvest money from rubes and you have no interest in whether or not you are respected or if history remembers you as a “real occultist.”

But, who knows?  Surely there are those out there who are sincere and want to forge ahead in this life-path, but aren’t sure how to go about it properly.  Maybe, just maybe, one of them will read this blog and learn that there really is a right way and a wrong way to go about this…




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  1. I will admit that I use EAK as an example of how not to act.


  2. As I said somewhere on FB, if Koetting walks and his accusers die in mysterious Omen-like deaths, we shall know not to mock. 😉

    People who have grown up in the safe, civilised and sanitised world of the Western Mystery Tradition tend to ignore the fact that in the rest of the world, real magicians tend to act like Koetting all the time. Koetting’s fault is that he deliberately takes on the role of the outsider.


  3. Well said Aaron!


  4. Aaron, you nailed it – could not agree more.


  5. hmm, ‘safe, civilised and sanitised world of the WMT’ – nope, haven’t been there. 😀


  6. Even though i like to say EA biggest problem is EA koetting. I neither condemn him, nor worship him- i have sent his vids around, but mostly for one thing; rattle people into looking inside themselves and see what they Can Do- other than submitting to slave gods. I often joke he is a reincarnation of PT Barnum and Joseph Smith Jr. For me- all the showmanship and charlitantry will neither Illegitimate his concepts- SANS his personal stories many of which often do not match up from one telling to the other; nor prove his concepts Efficacious. i appreciate alot of what he has done- and hopefully Will Continue to do, as a reasonable and unfortunately defiant opposition to the Evokation process has been sorely needed. Sorry ceremonials- when demons popped in on me as a kids I never asked for it, never did a LBRP- and never did one later. The other thing I am glad he is doing- is taken the “Black” or much of it; out of the “Dark Arts”. They are for too long kept from those who would have done great with their life were it not for the enforced false conceptualisations of the Holier than Everybody Chirstian Overlords. i do get a sinicle chuckle- of all the times for Azazel to not drop in and give him some previously unknown knowledge a freindly “hey dude, there is a posse coming your way with arrest warrents- haul ass to mexico asap- here use my flying carpet!” would have been very appreciated even by me }:)>
    Whether he had drugs and guns and is found guilty- or not; i hope he not only get a “Wisdom Oriented” uncrowning; as well as a stronger drive to make sure his company is also wisely chosen. Of course- we maay all be in for a real whamo- he could also be sitting behind bars when a couple of angels come , blow the gates off and he walks out through guards who can’t see him and mysteriously have no memory he was there” in which case- then what do we think.?

    Thanks for the really fair and balanced write up. lets hope this whole event spills seeds of better things for all of us koetting also. Dropping his rediculously high costs would be very welcome also.

    Frater Dark Matter

    Hey- lets go put on badges and shoot black kids! I here its open season in america


  7. Give out love; give royally of it, but keep spent. Build a thick area about yourself of a shock-absorbing substance. make an image of protection that will neutralize the alarms that you may be called upon to experience. This is first aid. Be humble, human, tender and patient with the forgiveness that permits you to go up to the altar. BE SIMPLE. If you can live in the midst of confusion you have nothing to fear. Fast and pray and be blessed before the holy company.


  8. The guy may be all you say, but a special one.

    Several renowned authors, and other so-so ones, appeared with him in videos, interviews, his own e-publishings … (it was a surprise to see Lon Milo DuQuette himself riding that “dark wave” !).
    His “self-created” magick was sometimes interesting, sometimes funny, creative in his own way, and many times just plain recycled crap, even reminded me the worst side of Chaos Magick, but still makes you think (“what if … so and so”).

    He got “style”:
    the young, dark-rock star look, the almost-god showing us the true (and fast) way to omnipotence … just “few” hundred of dollars away.
    Of course he lived on scandal, he need it, he cashed it, in a true postmodern plus night TV marketing way
    But when you see a “celebrity” in the 9gag site, you know it is over.

    Let´s see if his magick is strong enought to work him out. This may be his best opportunity to stardom.


    PS: It is funny see you writing
    “King Solomon himself could have stood on the beach and commanded the tide to retreat in all the names of God and the Archangels, and all he would have gotten for his efforts was wet feet”, when several pages before, in that big “holy” book, says one guy just did that in a so called “red” sea. Thank you.


  9. I walk the path he claims to walk. I have for a very long time. He unfortunately is a sterling example of the “stereotype” I tell people new to the path you don’t want to ever become. Best to be humble, than to brag and boast.


  10. I must be the only person here who hasn’t heard about this individual before. But I’d venture to say there’s no loss there.
    I have to say though that I have a *really* hard time taking folks who claim to have endless powers seriously. Even more so if they claim they’re the only ones who can teach you all the secrets of the Universe – for a fee, of course.


  11. Never understood why folks like that wanted fees. If they have the power why doesn’t the universe deliver, what’s the care for human invention (currency)? And if they like trade-able currency why not just get the universe to deliver it up. I’m mucking about with FX, even modest divination skills would remove the need to chase dollars. If they can’t master Guph/Malk/Ass then how than they claim super human abilities?
    As for EAK. Herd the name in once passing but never more than that – don’t really care what he’s up do. As for raping archangels? archangels are what we call “big”, human dicks although very common are what is known as “small”


  12. It’s nice to see sober reflection on a magician’s failings, and and call to do the right thing, rather than yet another tear down. Great post.


  13. Excellent post Aaron! spot on!


  14. I just want to say…the chaotes did it 😉
    It’s true, we are the assholes of the occult community.
    Also, that i respect your works, information, and enjoy your group.


    Austin Osman Spare
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  16. As someone who has read his books i can say tho unconventional his methods worked for me and the US is in a state now where it is accusing everyone and they use drugs to put them out


  17. Yeaaaaah… so he fell down again.

    I’ll be interested to see if he ever gets back up onto the social media platforms after this latest one.

    To be fair though, I’m not SURE there’s any evidence he actually encouraged the youth to make and follow such a positively wasteful contract.


    • While I don’t see anything actionable against Koetting in relation to the murders in a legal sense, I do believe he made his own bed socially speaking. Here is what I posted to Facebook about it:

      Koetting made a decision to appeal to an audience that was **most likely** to contain criminally dangerous people, and did all he could do to egg them on with instructions on killing people for magick, to “rape archangels”, and all sorts of other nonsense.

      Fans of “Clerks” will know what I mean when I reference the Deathstar debate.


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