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Greetings and Happy New Year!

Since you have all of that spare Christmas cash burning a hole in your pocket, how about treating yourself to an angelic adventure?  For just ten bucks (Kindle), you can’t beat the price!  😉



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Here is a new excerpt for you to enjoy:


I was beat; I couldn’t believe how out of condition I’d become in a few days. Since meeting with Raphael, I felt my mental strength had returned, but my physical strength was zapped. I looked at myself in the hall mirror and was reminded that I’d lost weight. My eyes were different; it was someone else who looked back at me. Terry would be horrified to know that I had continued the angelic work without a break, but I was on a roll. I couldn’t stop. Only three archangels left; I rationalised, how bad could it get?

My stomach groaned; hunger was fast catching up. It was almost midday and when I wandered to the kitchen and opened the fridge, apart from beer, it was empty. I reckoned I had plenty of time before my next working, so I grabbed my bomber jacket and my dad’s grimoire and headed out of the apartment, making my way to Whiteleys. It was the place to go for the best sushi bar in town.

I entered the grand old building from the main entrance on Queensway, marveling at its marble floors and high glass dome. It was once a London landmark, a centre of commerce for the wealthy and the most luxurious shopping complex ever built. It was heartbreaking to see it on the decline, after years of devastating economic recessions.

The empty shops in the complex stood out like missing teeth in a pretty smile; some had been abandoned with signs and even merchandise left behind. All of them were dark and sealed behind ugly metal shutters. As I walked through the building I found myself casting furtive glances into the deserted spaces. There was something ominous about them, even oppressive; they made the entire pathway feel dark and abandoned. I quickened my pace.

More than once I’m sure I caught shapes moving in the shadows; tall thin menacing beings with white faces and pale eyes – watching me. They were in-between creatures, both serpent and human.

My throat felt constricted and my breathing laboured. Nausea gnawed at the edges of my stomach. When I heard the sound of flapping wings somewhere behind me, I broke into a run towards the escalator.

At last I made it to a more populated area of the building. The entire third floor was given over to restaurants, coffee shops and a multi-screen cinema. I glanced over my shoulder to see if any one was following me, everywhere was brightly lit and alive with activity and I immediately felt silly and cowardly. The sense of fear and oppression drained away like a bad dream upon waking. I chuckled, shook my head and was myself again.



Click Image to Buy ‘Realm of Angels’!


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