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Commentaries on the GD Flying Rolls – New Anthology from Kerubim Press   1 comment

Greetings Fratres et Sorores!

Ok, so it must be the right time of year for new anthologies containing brand new essays from yours truly.  😉  Kerubim Press has just announced an upcoming book entitled Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls by the Golden Dawn Community:

Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls - Front Cover

Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls – Front Cover

This new collection contains all of the original Golden Dawn “Flying Rolls” – which are extracurricular lectures and essays on a variety of occult topics that circulated among adepts of the original Order.  These Flying Rolls were written by adepts like Wynn Westcott, Samuel Mathers, Moina Mathers, Edmund Berridge, Florence Farr, Annie Horniman, J.W. Brodie-Inns and Percy Bullock.

But Waite!  There’s more!  😉  Each and every Flying Roll is followed by a brand new commentary intended to elaborate upon the topic of the Roll itself.  Some of them serve to clarify what is in the Roll, while others add to it with updated modern views.  And the authors included here are no less impressive than the Flying Rolls’ original authors.  You’ll find plenty of recognizable names like Chic and Tabatha Cicero, Peregrin Wildoak, Sam Webster, Joseph Max, Nick and Paola Ferrell, Samuel Scarborough, Eric V. Sisco, VH Fra IOV, Frater Yechidah, Ian Cowburn and Morgan Drake Eckstein.  And many up-and-coming authors such as Deanna Bonds, Lauren Gardner, Jayne Gibson, Christopher Bradford, Liza Llewellyn and Rachael Walker.  Plus, of course, me.  🙂

And that merely scratches the surface of the good folks who contributed their time and work to this anthology.  This book is the end result of one of the most massive inter-Order cooperative projects in the history of the Western Mystery Tradition.  Almost every major Golden Dawn Order – and a few smaller groups and private Temples – came together in a spirit of community and fraternity to make this book a reality.

Click here for the full announcement from Kerubim Press.

I have made two contributions to this project.  The first goes along with Flying Roll XX: The Elementary View of Man.  However, what I have written is not a mere commentary upon the Flying Roll, but is in fact an updated re-write of the original Golden Dawn lecture Ritual U: Man – Microcosm (which is necessary to read and understand in order to grasp the concepts of Flying Roll XX).  Man – Microcosm is an often-overlooked lecture that was part of the original adept curriculum, and contains some of the Order’s most important teachings on the human soul, qabalistic psychology and the Great Work itself.  My hope is to revive interest in this particular lecture, and re-establish it as a foundational study for all students of the Golden Dawn.

My second contribution is a commentary upon Flying Roll XXXV: On the General and Particular Exordium of the Z Documents.  The General and Particular Exordium is an introduction of sorts to the Z Documents – the secret wisdom and symbolism of the Golden Dawn’s Magick of Light revealed to Mathers by his spiritual contacts known as the Secret Chiefs.  They are possibly some of the most profound and useful pieces of received knowledge in the entire Western Mystery Tradition.  However, few Golden Dawn students understand what the Exordium is supposed to mean.  It is essentially a Gnostic poem intended to “set the stage” for all the mysteries revealed in the Z Documents.  Therefore, I break down the Exordium and explain what it means in Gnostic terms, and how it reflects on the mysteries of the Golden Dawn.

Fratres et Sorores, you do NOT want to miss out on this one!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Back from North Carolina!   2 comments

Greetings, faithful followers!

I’m back from North Carolina, and at least partially rested.  :):)

All four events (three public, one private) went incredibly well.  We had great attendance, the venues were perfect, everyone had a great time and (most importantly) I think a lot of useful information was shared.

I want to offer special thanks to my hosts:  Sam Scarborough, Morgan and the rest of the members of the KNR Temple of the Ordo Stella Matutina.  And to the owners of Thaumaturgy777 – Magus and Kate.  All of you did an excellent job organizing and hosting these events, as well as transporting and dealing with me for several days.  (Especially Morgan on those last two!)

And, of course, thanks to each and every one of you who attended.  I’d say we pulled off our own little “power weekend.”  LOL

I was also glad to put my new Ceremonial Magick Classes through a test run.  (I actually took a seven-week course and crammed most of them into two classes!  I’m *very* proud of my students for persevering through that second class!)  The human-paced seven-week course will begin here near Tampa on September 2nd.

Again, thanks to everyone.  If all of my events and appearances go so well, I’ll be a very lucky person.  🙂




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Aaron Leitch in North Carolina (4 Events!)   Leave a comment

Greetings North Carolinians!

I’ll be in your neck o’ the woods toward the end of August (the 25th and 26th), and you’ll have FOUR chances to come see me!  🙂  I’ll be covering Solomonic and Golden Dawn subjects.  See below for information about each event:

Event 1: A Discussion on Solomonic Magick

Come Learn The

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires!

Aaron Leitch, author of Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires and The Angelical Language: Vols. I and II, is a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the academic Societas Magica. His writings cover such varied fields as religion, shamanism, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Neo-paganism, Angelology, and Qabalah.

Join Aaron for an intimate discussion on the History, Use, and Magick of the Grimoires, those classic books of Magick.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

C.A.R.E. Building

4907 Garrett Road

Durham, NC 27707

11:00 AM thru 2:00 PM

Admission: $20.00

Contact information: Samuel Scarborough.



Event 2: Golden Dawn Discussion and Ritual

On the evening of the 25th, I will be holding a private discussion session, followed by a ritual, at the KNR Temple of the Stella Matutina.  This one is only open to Golden Dawn initiates.  No subject has been set for the discussion – you will be encouraged to ask about or discuss anything Golden Dawn related.

The ritual will be a brand new invocation formula for the Outer Order.  We will be making contact with the Archangel Raphael Mercuriel.

 Then the next day:


Events 3 & 4:  Two Ceremonial Classes (Basic and Advanced)

Aaron Leitch of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn will be hosting two Ceremonial Magick workshops on Sunday, August 26th, 2012.  The first workshop will cover the basics – such as beginner rituals, exercises, magickal correspondences, etc.  After a break for lunch, the second workshop will cover intermediate to advanced concepts – invoking Elemental and Planetary forces, consecration of talismans and basic evocation of spiritual entities.

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

(11am-1pm  &  2:30pm-4:30pm)



Thaumaturgy 777

2618 Hillsborough Rd.

(the NEW location!)

Durham, NC 27705

(919) 321-6968

* The event will be $25 per ticket.  An advance registration is required. 

 * Registration must be completed by August 22nd.

 * You will not need previous knowledge of Ceremonial Magick or the Golden Dawn to attend the basics class.

 * Aaron’s books will be available in the shop, in case you want to pick up any or all of them.

* He will also be available for book signing, after the classes.

Aaron Leitch is among the preeminent authors of today who deal with matters of Ceremonial, Solomonic and Enochian magick.  His work has been published by Llewellyn and the titles include Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires and his double volume set, entitled The Angelical Language.  

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires is both theory and practice for working with the ancient texts of magick, such as The Key of Solomon, The Picatrix, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, The Grimoire Verum, The Arbatel and any other of the cornerstone classic books of the occult that are referred to as “grimoires”.

The Angelical Language is an incredibly in-depth look at the work of Dr. John Dee and the Angelic, or “Enochian” magickal system.

 If you want to RSVP for this event, send your full name and phone number to:

You do not want to miss this very special opportunity!


This is going to be a FULL weekend of magick and great discussion!   So make sure to reserve your space (or spaces) today.  🙂



Hermetic Virtues – Summer Solstice 2012   8 comments

Greetings Avid Readers!

The latest edition of Hermetic Virtues is finally out!  It was published on June 24th, in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the consecration of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s Vault of the Adepti.  It even includes the very same signed announcement I published here (and which has appeared on blogs and forums across the ‘net).  🙂 🙂 🙂

And what’s more, it also includes an essay by  yours truly called Two Thrones for the Golden Dawn.  In the essay, I discuss the mythical structure of the Hall of the Neophytes and why we place the Coptic-Egyptian godforms in their traditional positions.  Some groups have made changes to these godforms (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but I explain exactly why we choose to keep them where they where in 1888 when the original Order was founded.  (What can I say?  The HOGD is a traditional Order.)

I am especially proud of this essay because Tabatha Cicero made reference to an earlier version of it in a piece she wrote for the latest edition of the Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic.  In fact, her essay is what prompted me to get this one completed and published at last.  🙂

There are also essays and reviews by such big names as Chic Cicero (HOGD), John Michael Greer (DOGD), Nick Farrell (MOAA), Sam Scarborough (OSM), Jayne Gibson (HOGD), Eric Sisco (SRICF)  and many more.  If you want to see a great review of the entire magazine, check out Peregrin Wildoak’s blog.  🙂

If you get a chance, make sure to drop a note of congratulations to the Hermetic Virtues team and give them kudos for their own five year anniversary.  We haven’t seen a magazine of this caliber since Gnosis – so let’s hope they stay around for decades!