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Yet another old post from Facebook, moved here so it will be in the archives.  No need to respond.  Sammy left us a bit after Pinchy did, so it was months ago.



September 10 2010


[IMAGE coming soon]


Well, it is that sad time again, when I must say goodbye to one of my little boys. Sammy the Rat passed away a couple of days ago. He was nearly 3 years old, a grand old age for any rat. He battled mycoplasma for most of his life – but with daily medication he still lived a long and happy life. In the end, the sickness got him as we knew it must.

Sammy was an incredible little guy. He was brought into our home (NOT by me!) as snake food for a python. But, Sammy would have none of that! Unbeknownst to us, he chewed his way out of the box that held him prisoner, made it safely through a house chock-full of cats and was finally discovered sitting in our large rat cage eating a goody. He found his way to Ratopia, and that is where he spent the rest of his life. He was one of the most well-behaved and lovable rats we’ve owned, even if he wasn’t a big fan of being picked up and handled. He was also among the prettiest, as he was entirely blond from head to foot.

You are dearly missed, little Sammy. We love you, and hope your spirit finds a good home with us from now on. You will always be in our hearts, little guy!


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Goodbye Pinchy!   Leave a comment

This is another old post, this time from my Facebook page.  Again, no need to respond, as Pinchy left us some months ago.



July 6 2010

Pinchy and Spazz share a meal. (Spazzy was sick at the time, and Pinchy insisted on being her friend.)


Today I lost my little boy Pinchy. He was a loveable and brave little guy – our explorer rat that sometimes escaped from the bedroom to check out the far reaches of the house. He was Pinchy because that’s what he did – at any time while you were in the bedroom, you might suddenly feel a pinch on your toes. It was little Pinchy saying hello. :):) More than once he even climbed onto the bed with us, to shock someone awake with a pinch, and then run like hell. lol He befriended our cat when she was sick and needed a friend. His heart was bigger than his little frame could show.

Pinchy was probably about 2 1/2 years old – and he never lost use of his legs or suffered nearly as much as many elderly rats suffer. He was his pinchy little self right up until the end. I miss him dearly.

Blessed Be, little guy!

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The following is an old post from my MySpace blog.  I thought I had long-since moved it here, but I guess not.  No need to reply to this one, though we still of course miss our little Nikky.  🙂


Jan. 9th 2007

Today I have some sad news to share, as we say goodbye to a little member of our family.  Sometime during the night of Jan 7th, our pet rat Nikkers passed away:



Nicodemus (Nikkers, Nikko, Nicky)


Perhaps it seems strange to some of you, to feel the loss of a rat so deeply.  But, he wasn’t “a rat” to me – he was Nicodemus, a timid little guy who hated when I picked him up, had his own favorite “spot” in the cage and who certainly loved me as much as a rat can love an ape.  He also loved carrots and cucumbers, nuts and cookies.  And when he was smaller he *loved* to run on his mouse-wheel!  😉

We bought little Nikkers after we found ourselves with Spike.  (He’s the one on the right above.)  Rats are very social creatures, and it broke my heart to think of Spike alone in his cage.  So we went back to the store and got Nick – who seems likely to have been Spike’s brother.  (Sorry these pics are so dark – we had no flash for the camera at the time.)

The Rat-a-tats! Spike, Nicodemus and Socrates


After a while we also ended up with Socrates- the beautiful white rat you see on the right above.  These guys became my babies!  🙂  Every single day, I come home from work and go straight to the cage.  When they see me, the three of them scamper to the cage door and start prying open my fingers looking for goodies.  I usually have some.  :):):)  I often spend half an hour or more right there playing with the little rodents, while all the day’s stress drains away.  🙂

Nikky and Spike again. Nick is in the shadows in his favorite "spot", sharing his Christmas popcorn ball with his brother Spike.

We don’t know why Nikky left us.  He showed no signs of sickness, and neither do the others.  But we also know that in-breeding is common in pet rats (or “fancy rats”), so he may have had a congenital defect.  Whatever the reason, he was taken much too soon, at only a few months of age.

Nikky and Spike - but which is which???

Thank you so much, little guy!  It was very simple to make you happy, and I loved doing it!  You sure made us happy every day!  You have a special place in our hearts and our memories.  🙂  Your brother rats miss you, as does everyone in our home.  😥


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