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Get Rid of Anything Spell   28 comments

Carolina Dean recently posted this to the Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly group on Facebook.  It was offered in response to someone who needed to banish a discordant person from their life.  However, as Dean states below, the same spell can be used to banish nearly anything.

I felt it was worth adding to my collection of favorite spells here, with his permission, of course.  I have named it the “Get Rid of Anything Spell”:

When the moon is full, carve your [enemy’s] name on a black candle (written backwards).* Take pins and drive them through the candle between each letter in his/her name. If you can get any personal concerns, wrap them in a written petition placed under the candle. Burn one letter of the name each day as the moon wanes while making your prayer or petition for them to leave.

(* – Inscribe the name backward, starting with the last letter of the name near the tip of the candle and moving toward the base.  When you stand the candle upright, the name will be standing on its head. – Aaron)

You might say something like:

Lord as you made the blind to see, let (N) see that s/he nolonger belong here; as you made the lame to walk, let him/her walk out of our lives forever; as you healed the sick, heal the wounds that (N) has inflicted upon me and my family, etc…..

Save each pin and stick it in the written petition and when the candle has burned down dispose of the written petition, pins, candle wax by tossing them into running water.

I would add that you should not look back toward the water as you leave.  Some might also choose to toss three pennies over their shoulder, in order to keep anything from following them home.  Dean concludes:

BTW, it works great with human-figure candles (which you can load with personal concerns)…  This spell also works on non-people type things as well…..pretty much anything you can name.  I’ve even done it on “the flu”…lol

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Protecting House-Spirits   5 comments

When we think about exorcism (specifically of a place), we tend to think of it as an all-or-nothing deal.  The exorcist comes into the building and casts out anything that isn’t an Angel.   (For an example of a simple home cleansing and exorcism, see my Uncrossing instructions.)

For most common folks, a home free from all spirits is the desired goal.  However, if you are a practitioner of any form of magick, you likely have a house full of familiar spirits, ancestors, helpers, nature spirits and ghosts that simply enjoy hanging around.  You certainly do NOT want to cast these guys screaming into the outer abyss along with any harmful demons you exorcise. 

My Guardian Angel once revealed to me a simple technique for protecting your house-familiars from a general exorcism.   First, you want to perform the Uncrossing and house cleaning as described in the Uncrossing instructions – up to but NOT including sprinkling and perfuming the house while reading Psalms 90 and 91!

Instead, you will need a white candle and a piece of consecrated quartz crystal.  (The candle can be consecrated as well, but the crystal *must* be, in order to keep negative spirits from attaching themselves to it.)  You will also need an offering to the friendly spirits:  food items such as fruits and vegetables, bread and honey, milk, water, liquor, flowers, cigars, incense, etc – whatever you know your house spirits will enjoy.  Establish this offering either in your Temple space, or create a sacred space/circle around a table holding the offerings.  It should be in a room or area that you will not need to exorcise.

Now, take the white candle in your right hand and the consecrated stone in your left.  Beginning in the back of the house (or the place furthest away from the offerings) walk through every room as you address all friendly, familial and house spirits.  Announce that you are about to exorcise the house, and that any friendly spirits who wish to stay must follow the light (your candle) and grab hold of the stone.  Also announce that you have an offering set up for them in a safe place.

Once you have completed this, place the candle and stone on the table with the offerings.  You have now localized all of your house spirits in one safe location.  Then return to the Uncrossing instructions and perform the sprinkling and censing of the house (except for the room the offerings are in!) along with the recitation of Psalms 90 and 91.

Once the exorcisms are complete and the house is sealed and protected, return to the offering table and deal with it as you would any other offering.  (I usually leave the offering there for several days.)  Announce to the spirits that they are free to move around the house again – and (if it applies) break any magick circle you cast around the table.

May you AND your familiars enjoy a happy and prosperous home.  🙂



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Mirror Defense Spell   19 comments

When I posted my Uncrossing technique, I promised to follow it with my favorite mirror defense spell- so here it is.  I learned it from a Santero who was also an ex-Priest from a Russian Orthodox Church.  (He left the Church when he saw politics trumping spirituality.)  He was one of the most fascinating men I’ve ever met.

The spell is intended for use when you feel you are directly under attack- and it should follow the Uncrossing ritual I outlined previously.  In a best-case scenario, you would know the name of your attacker.  However, you can still make use of this spell if the source of the attack is unknown.

Gather a clear (not white) utility candle (generally available in any convenience or hardware store),* a mirror, a saucer, and a tumbler or other glass.

(*- A properly consecrated Solomonic candle is also acceptable here.)

Fill the tumbler half-way or so with water. Place the saucer over the mouth of the tumbler and flip the entire works upside down. The water remains in the inverted tumbler due to the saucer. Place the saucer/tumbler onto your altar or table.

Cut the utility candle in half. On the lower half, inscribe the name of the person who is causing you problems. If you do not know the name, inscribe “my enemies” instead.  (Of course, if you have an Athame or consecrate Burin, use that to do the inscribing.)

Invert the inscribed candle and dig out the wick from the *bottom* of the candle.  Light the wick you have just exposed, then affix the inverted half-candle to the upturned bottom of the tumbler.

Now place the mirror East of the candle/tumbler/saucer set-up, so that it reflects the set-up’s image Westward.  Address a prayer to the Archangel Michael to defend you against your enemies, to argue your case before the Divine Throne, etc.  (Some may wish to direct this prayer to the Guardian Angel instead.)  Psalms for protection against enemies can be included here as well:  Psalm 7, 9, 18, 41-43, 54, 55, 74, 79 and/or 94 depending on your circumstances.

This will effectively invert and reflect negative forces sent at you back to the sender. It is not offensive at all, and can’t harm anyone who does not intend to harm you in the first place. If you attempt to light the bottom of the candle and it refuses to catch, then you likely have the wrong person’s name on the candle.

After the candle-bottom burns completely away, replace it with the top half of the candle. This time it should be lit from the top as normal, and affixed to the tumbler right side up. Address Michael (or the Guardian Angel) once more with prayers of thanks, presenting the wax an offering.  (You can also offer some incense here, and anything else you feel is appropriate.)  Ask the angel always to protect and defend you, etc.  Allow that candle to burn away.

Finally, carry the tumbler to the front door and toss the water out as far as you can.


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Uncrossing and Magickal Defense   34 comments

Uncrossing is magickal self-defense. When your spells go awry, when spirits move in where they shouldn’t, when another witch casts curses against you or when you just feel that things are not right, uncrossing is the first and best step to fixing the problems. In many cases it may be all you need. In more intense situations, it might be followed or preceded by more targeted magickal work.

Simply put, uncrossing is a cleansing (and an exorcism) that washes away negative influences from yourself and your home. You cannot have someone else do this work for you, but you will find this is not a complex process to follow. It is intended for *anyone* to perform, even if they have no experience in the magickal arts.
What follows is a fairly standard Uncrossing, with a few added tricks I’ve picked up over the years:


Step One – Look for Curses, Tricks, Talismans, etc.

If you have reason to believe a curse has been cast against you, the first thing you should do is search for a magickal object hidden somewhere on your property. (This will be more relevant in some parts of the world than in others.)  There *may* be something buried or hidden – most likely near or directly under where you must walk past every day – such as under the doorstep or front pathway.  If you can find such an object- like a bottle full of nails, cloves of garlic nailed together, etc- immediately dig it up, dismantle it, burn what can be burned, then toss the ashes (and/or anything that couldn’t be burned) into a body of running water.

Step Two – What You Will Need

Whether or not you find such an object, you must then “uncross” yourself – that is, remove the curse. This will involve an herbal ritual bath and a house cleansing.  Here is what you will need to gather together:

– Sacred herbs:  I use the nine herbs listed in the Key of Solomon for the sprinkling of holy water.  They all have traditional associations with cleansing:  vervain, fennel, lavender, sage, valerian, mint, basil, rosemary and hyssop.

However you can also use other herbs in other numbers.  Hyssop and rue, for example, are commonly used together for uncrossing.  Further uncrossing herbs are: Agrimony, Alkanet, Alum, Angelica, Bay, Benzoin, Black Pepper*, Blessed Thistle, Camphor, Cayenne Pepper*, Chives, Copal, Dragon’s Blood, Eucalyptus, Garlic, John the Conqueror, Lemon, Lemongrass, Lime, Mullein, Onion, Pine, Sandalwood, Sulfur and Wood Betony.   You may use these herbs in groups of 3, 5, 7, 9 or 13.  (* – Be very careful when using pepper in a bath.  You do not want to burn your eyes!)

-Spring Water and Salt (or Holy Water obtained from a Church).

-A White Candle.

-Olive Oil.

-Frankincense or “Church” Incense.

-A white towel and white clothing.

– Over the Herbs, Candle, Incense, Olive Oil and Salt: recite the Lord’s Prayer (or a prayer appropriate to your faith – Wiccans can use the Charge of the Goddess, etc). Then recite your own prayer asking for these materials to be blessed and sanctified and all hindrances and evil spirits be expelled from them. (Note – if you have obtained Holy Water from a church, you do not need the Salt.)

Step Three – The Bath

The bath is very important to this process!  It will wash away any negative influences that have attached themselves to you, and purify you so that the remaining steps are possible.

– Take the nine herbs, grind them up and boil or brew them like a tea.  Strain out the plant material.

– Then, at dawn on a Sunday, run a tub of warm water, cast in some of the Salt or Holy Water and pour in a portion of the brewed herbal “tea.” (Make sure you don’t use up all of these things, as you will need more later.) Then light the candle and incense.

-Enter the bath and pour the bath water over your head several times, making sure your entire body is covered, while reciting the following Psalms at least three times each:

If a curse has been cast against you or enemies are attacking you:

Psalms 51 (“Have mercy upon me, O God…”) and 37 (“Do not fret because of evildoers…”).

Or Psalms 101 (“I will sing of your love and justice…”) and 68 (“May God arise, may His enemies be scattered…”).

Or Psalms 35 (“Plead my cause, O Lord, with them that strive with me… “), 55 (“Give ear to my prayer, O God; and hide not thyself from my supplication.”) and 109 (“Hold not thy peace, O God of my praise.”).

For general uncrossing:

Psalm 5 (“Give ear to my words, O Lord…”)

Or Psalm 51 (“Have mercy upon me, O God…”)

Or Psalm 40 (“I waited patiently for the Lord…”)

Or Psalm 10 (“Why standest thou afar off, O Lord?”).

If the problem is due to an unwanted spirit, choose three of the following:

Psalm 5 (“Give ear to my words, O Lord…”)

Psalm 10  (“Why standest thou afar off, O Lord?”)

Psalm 15 (“Lord, who shall abide in thy Tabernacle?”)

Psalm 19 (“The heavens declare the glory of God”)

Psalm 29 (“Give unto the Lord, O ye Mighty”)

Psalm 40 (“I waited patiently for the Lord”)

Psalm 66 (“make a joyful noise unto God”)

Psalm 68 (“Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered”)

Psalms 101 (“I will sing of mercy and judgement”), and/or 144-145 (“Blessed be the Lord my strength”, “I will extoll Thee, my God”).

-Leave the bath, use the burning incense to perfume your entire body.  Do not dry off with a towel, allowing yourself to air-dry instead.  Allow the candle and incense to burn away completely.

-(UPDATE 7-2014): I recently ran across an extra step that might come in handy:  Just before you drain the tub, collect some of the water in a bottle.  Then take the bottle to a crossroads, leave it there (or toss it in the nearest dumpster) and walk away without looking back.  Go home, via a different route than the one you came.

-Though this is not necessary, some of you may find this egg-cleansing technique useful.  You can do it before the bath to see what is stuck to you, and/or you can do it after the bath to see if anything is still stuck to you.

Step Four – Cleanse and Seal Your Home

-First, simply give the place a good scrubbing, from top to bottom, just like spring cleaning. (Including throwing out old and unused things, etc.)

Important!:  The floors must all be washed:  Add the left-over “herb tea” and some ammonia to the water in the mop bucket, then wash the floors starting from the back of the house and moving toward the front, ending with the front doorstep. (For carpeted areas, put some of the floor wash into a spray bottle.  Lightly spray over the carpet and brush with a broom.)

In the end the house should be bright and cheery, with open windows, fresh air and sunlight.

-Then put on the white clothing and light more of the incense.

-If you blessed Salt previously, cast some of that into fresh spring water and recite your chosen prayer of blessing over the salted water.  If you obtained Holy Water from a church, you do not need to add salt or pray over it.

-Then walk around the entire house- sprinkling the water and perfuming each and every room, every corner, every nook, every dark place. While you do this, recite Psalms 90 (“Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place…”) and 91 (“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High…”) over and over.

-When that is done, take the blessed olive oil. Dipping your finger into it, seal every door and window in the house – marking with the oil above and on either side of the doorway or window. As you do this, think of the passover in Egypt (when the first-born of the Jews were spared from the Plague of Death) and recite the Lord’s prayer (or your chosen prayer of blessing) over and over.

NOTE – How Often?

You might perform the ritual bath and house cleansing once for small purposes, or more often for more intense situations. You can do this three days in a row, or seven, or nine, or thirteen days in a row. (The full spring-cleaning of your house should only need done on the first day. A lighter cleaning can be done each day afterward, including the floor washing of course!)

This will either entirely remove, or drastically weaken, any magick being used against you or spirits that may be attached to you or your home. If your problem is merely an evil spirit that is harassing you, then this may well solve the problem. However, if there really is a witch casting curses against you, then further steps will have to be taken to put a stop to it.

Here is my favorite mirror-spell for putting a stop to evil magick.

Here is my favorite egg-defense spell to “divert” evil magick sent your way.


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Egg Spell for Spiritual Defense   11 comments

I have seen several techniques for using an egg to cleanse oneself.  (Very useful!)  However, I once learned a trick for using an egg for active spiritual defense:

Take a plain white egg.  Using a pencil or marker, decorate the egg with symbols, words and numbers that specifically symbolize YOU.  Of course, start with your full name (you can add “son/daughter of X”, where X is your mother’s name).  If you have a personal symbol or sigil, add that as well.  Then add your birthdate, your drivers license number, your social security number and anything else you can think of that indicates your person.  (I even used pencil graphite to add my thumbprint.)

In this case, you don’t want the egg to be cold.  Hold it between your hands and let it warm up to your body temperature.  While you are doing this, focus upon raising your personal energy, and channeling it down your arms, through your hands, and into the egg.  (If your tradition has a method of raising energy, use it.)

You’ve now created an “astral decoy” that appears to be you.  Place it wherever you feel an attack may be coming from.  If you are having problems related to your bed (nightmares, insomnia, sexual issues, etc), place it under your bed.  Otherwise place it over or near your front door, your window or wherever feels right.  (In one case, I knew who was attacking me, and I was able to hide the egg over HIS door.)  Finally, address the spirit of the egg and tell it to make a lot of noise and flap around like a wounded bird, so as to attract anything predatory that is looking for you.

This will not put a stop to or reverse what is being done against you, but it can get the heat off of your back long enough to figure out what is happening and fix it.  Or, if you’re dealing with someone who is not a conjurer, but is unconsciously sending hatred and negatvity your way, this egg spell can be a good way to defend yourself without hurting the poor sap who has a beef with you.

 How long you leave it out seems to depend on circumstances.  Sometimes the egg will rot and turn nasty, but quite often they don’t seem to rot at all.  Instead, their contents just vanish, as if eaten right out of the unbroken shell.  In either case, replace the egg when it reaces that point. 

Do NOT break the egg under any circumstance!  You can flush it, leave it at the crossroads or even burn it.  However, breaking it can unleash a lot of stored negativity.  The guy I mentioned above stumbled across the egg over his door weeks after I had left the house.  (It never rotted.)  He didn’t actually see it, but he was vacuuming and sucked the egg into the nozzle.  It popped with a bang as loud as a lightbulb hitting the ground, and over the next days and weeks the guy had an overdue mental breakdown.



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The Solomonic Bath   7 comments

When I need to perform a serious ritual bathing, I tend to use the bath from the Key of Solomon. To do it right, you should have the Water Sprinkler made of the nine herbs: vervain, fennel, lavender, sage, valerian, mint, garden-basil, rosemary, and hyssop. Plus of course you’ll need some Holy Water to use it with. Finally, you need some salt. (I also like to burn consecrated incense during the bath, though the Key doesn’t mention it.)

For the first part of the bath, you can either run a tub of warm water, or just turn on the shower.

Disrobe while reciting the following Psalms: 14 or 53, 27, 54 or 69, 81, 105

Then recite this exorcism over the tub of water. (Or if you use the shower, place your hand on the shower head while you exorcise.)

“I exorcise thee, O creature of Water, by him who hath created thee and gathered thee together into one place so that the dry land appeared, that thou uncover all the deceits of the enemy, and that thou cast out from thee all the impurities and uncleannesses of the spirits of the World of Phantasm, so they may harm me not, through the virtue of God almighty who liveth and reigneth unto the ages of the ages. Amen.”

Finally enter the bath and wash yourself while intoning the following names two or three times:


When you are perfectly clean, exit the bath (draining the water if necessary) and use the Water Sprinkler to splash yourself with Holy Water. (If you don’t have the sprinkler, then use your fingers.) While you do this, say:

“Purge me, O Lord, with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”

Now you get dressed – but you’ll be disrobing again soon enough. Therefore, I just throw on a robe or towel at this point.  Then repeat these Psalms: 102, 51, 4, 30, 119:91, 114, 126 and 139

Finally we’ve reached the second part of the bath- which is really a kind of baptism. Fill the tub again with warm water.  If you only have a shower, then fill a pot with hot water and set it in the shower stall.  Then recite the following prayer over the water:

“EL strong and wonderful, I bless thee, I adore thee, I glorify thee, I invoke thee, I render thee thanks from this bath, so that this water may be able to cast from me all impurity and concupiscence of heart, through thee, O holy Adonai; and may I accomplish all things through thee who livest and reignest unto the ages of the ages. Amen.”

Then recite the following exorcism/benediction over the salt:

“The blessing of the Father Almighty be upon this creature of salt, and let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hencefrom, and let all good enter herein, for without thee man cannot live, wherefore I bless thee and invoke thee, that thou mayest aid me.”

Finally, recite Psalm 103 over the salt.

Cast the salt into the water. (Some manuscripts of the Key say to cast in consecrated spices as well, but none of them mention which herbs. If you wish to use herbs here, I would suggest the nine herbs used in the Water Sprinkler. You can brew them up just as for a Hoodoo bath, and pour the resulting “tea” into the water with the salt.)

Now disrobe once more while intoning these names:


Enter the bath once again, recite Psalms 104 and 81 and pour the water over your head several times.

Once done, exit the bath and dry off with a white towel and put on clean white garments.

I also have another bath that follows a more Hoodoo-style pattern, which I give to anyone who comes to me for magickal help (uncrossing, etc). I’ll post that one here later.


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