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What Exactly do You Mean by “Golden Dawn Community”?   7 comments

Greetings Golden Dawners!

Apparently, a little bit of controversy has been stirred up by the new Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls – specifically over the “author” of the book:  the “Golden Dawn Community.”

Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls - Front Cover

Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls – Front Cover

Our choice to use this particular phrase has given rise to some questions, such as what exactly makes up such a community.  That is, how are we defining this “community” as opposed to any other community, and what makes one either a member of it or an outsider to it?  Nick Farrell recently addressed this issue rather well on his blog.  So, if you’ve been asking yourself these same questions, I recommend you head over there and see what he has to say on the issue.  🙂

Meanwhile, a somewhat different question has come to my attention via a private email.  It would appear that a few people out there feel the Commentaries book is a political move to define its contributors – and only its contributors – as members of the Golden Dawn Community.  In other words, if you are a member of an Order or private Temple that is not represented in the book then – according to this view – you are being subtly informed that you are not invited to our little party.  (Sadly, the author of that email expressed that he would not be interested in similar projects in the future due to what he felt was the “political” nature of this one.)

Nick also covers this to some extent in his blog post – where he outlines the criteria he used when inviting authors to contribute.  To summarize that portion of his post:  you were not invited to participate in this book if you were A) hostile toward the Golden Dawn or other members of the community or B) if your Temple or group is so secretive that we simply don’t know you exist.  Plus, of course, there were only so many Flying Rolls to cover, and only so many Golden Dawners who are also authors – so even if you don’t fall into points A or B we still might not have found room for you in this particular project.

Still, I find it concerning that anyone would view our use of the term “Golden Dawn Community” as intended to limit or define that community to strictly the good folks who contributed to the project.  When we all decided to use that term as the “author” of the book, I was among those who gave it a “yay” vote, so I feel I can rightfully speak for what we truly intended by it.

While the project was in its infancy, we cast our net as far and wide as we were able to.  We wanted to include representatives from as many Golden Dawn Orders and independent Temples as we could manage – within the above-mentioned criteria.  And it was in this same light that we decided the author should be listed as “the Golden Dawn Community.”  The message we hoped to convey was that this book was not written by a single individual or even a single Order.  It was a pan-GD effort intended to highlight both the diversity of the various Orders and the fraternity that exists between them.  It was intended to be inclusive rather than restrictive.

Any concept of defining the community as “only” those who contributed was the furthest thought from our minds!  In fact, it was our hope that those who couldn’t (or wished not to) contribute to the Commentaries… book would be inspired to contribute to later projects – thereby expanding the very notion of the “Golden Dawn Community” further and further which each subsequent event.

To put all of this very simply, consider that the Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls is a book both by and for the Golden Dawn Community.  If you’re a Golden Dawner, then this means you.  😉

UPDATE:  Check out this great blog post from Eric v. Sisco.  🙂  I also posted a comment there that you might enjoy reading.  (At the moment it is waiting for approval, but it should appear shortly.)

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The ‘Golden Dawn Wars’ – Or ‘Much Ado About Nothing’   5 comments

Greetings Faithful Readers!

Nick Farrell recently posted a blog about the upcoming Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls anthology.  He called the post Flying Rolls Book Reveals Golden Dawn Community Secret.  The big secret he believes has been revealed can be summed up in this quote from the post:

Wading through [the list of contributors to the anthology] and the wide range of Golden Dawn groups that these people belong you start to realise that the level of cooperation that exists between these different orders must be considerably higher than many would have you believe.

If you’ve been around the various communities of the Western Mystery Tradition for the last 20 years, then you likely know what Nick is talking about.  I am sad to say that all too many people outside of the Golden Dawn have the impression that our Tradition is overflowing with arrogant jerks who would rather call each other names and accuse one another of outlandish crimes than concentrate on the Great Work. 

I’ve personally run into any number of dedicated occultists who proclaim they wouldn’t give a Golden Dawner the time of day.  Or even that there must be some something flawed in the G.D. system because it “keeps producing spiritually damaged people.”  Perhaps you even feel this way youself.

And that is a very sad thing – becaue the reality of the Golden Dawn is so much different than what you might have seen on the internet.  (Is that really a surprise?)  I’ve been involved in the greater Golden Dawn Community now for the better part of 20 years – and I have yet to see any of the hateful in-fighting that has been proclaimed so loudly on the ‘net.

Oh sure, there have been disagreements.  There have been expulsions.  There have been groups that split up due to irreconcilable differences.  I’ve even known individuals that flat out decide not to work with one another ever again.  All of this is expected from any movement of this size and scope.  But, what is the overall reality of the movement itself?  Is there really something “wrong” with the Golden Dawn?  Does it really produce an endless parade of overblown egos?

Not that I’ve seen in real life.  While the hate gets spewed around by a few trolls on the internet (most of them from outside the Tradition), I’ve seen the various Golden Dawn Orders and independant Temples quietly getting along, and largely ignoring what is going on in the cyber-world.  As Donald Michael Kraig recently posted on Facebook:

I’ve had the honor of knowing some of the people who have written for this [Golden Dawn Commentaries] book. It’s true. There really are no “Golden Dawn wars” today. There will always be those who try to invent them in order to develop an us-vs-them mentality—a common method used to create cults. There will also be disagreements—that’s why there are different GD groups. I take that as a sign of the vitality of the tradition and the passion of those who participate. But most real GD people I’ve met look at those trying to spark controversy and wars that don’t exist and think of what Puck said in Midsummer’s Night Dream: “What fools these mortals be.”

So Don feels the same way Nick and I feel – and we aren’t alone either.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that the true fraternity of the Golden Dawn community has been slowly seeping onto the internet.

Take, for example, the 30th Anniversary of the Consecration of the HOGD Vault of the Adepti  that took place last year.  A document was drawn up to offer congrats and thanks to Chic and Tabatha Cicero for their work and dedication to the Golden Dawn Tradition – and it was signed by dozens of folks from a host of different Orders, Temples and some unaffiliated individuals.

Later, a Facebook event was created for the same Anniversary – and what started out as dozens of well-wishers turned into hundreds as people from all walks of life added their names and thoughts to the list.  (Click on the link, and you can add yours as well!)

Most recently, the Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls anthology was announced – a book created by members and leaders of several different Golden Dawn groups, all working together to create something worthwhile for students everywhere.

And it isn’t going to stop there, either!  Even now there are projects in the works that transcend all Order affiliations and philosophical differences and illustrate that the Golden Dawn Community is working together in harmony toward the Great Work, with all of you in mind.  🙂

So the next time you run into a Golden Dawner, before you jump to any conclusions about what kind of person he or she might be, consider the old addage:  “By their fruits shall ye know them.”

Commentaries on the GD Flying Rolls – New Anthology from Kerubim Press   1 comment

Greetings Fratres et Sorores!

Ok, so it must be the right time of year for new anthologies containing brand new essays from yours truly.  😉  Kerubim Press has just announced an upcoming book entitled Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls by the Golden Dawn Community:

Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls - Front Cover

Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls – Front Cover

This new collection contains all of the original Golden Dawn “Flying Rolls” – which are extracurricular lectures and essays on a variety of occult topics that circulated among adepts of the original Order.  These Flying Rolls were written by adepts like Wynn Westcott, Samuel Mathers, Moina Mathers, Edmund Berridge, Florence Farr, Annie Horniman, J.W. Brodie-Inns and Percy Bullock.

But Waite!  There’s more!  😉  Each and every Flying Roll is followed by a brand new commentary intended to elaborate upon the topic of the Roll itself.  Some of them serve to clarify what is in the Roll, while others add to it with updated modern views.  And the authors included here are no less impressive than the Flying Rolls’ original authors.  You’ll find plenty of recognizable names like Chic and Tabatha Cicero, Peregrin Wildoak, Sam Webster, Joseph Max, Nick and Paola Ferrell, Samuel Scarborough, Eric V. Sisco, VH Fra IOV, Frater Yechidah, Ian Cowburn and Morgan Drake Eckstein.  And many up-and-coming authors such as Deanna Bonds, Lauren Gardner, Jayne Gibson, Christopher Bradford, Liza Llewellyn and Rachael Walker.  Plus, of course, me.  🙂

And that merely scratches the surface of the good folks who contributed their time and work to this anthology.  This book is the end result of one of the most massive inter-Order cooperative projects in the history of the Western Mystery Tradition.  Almost every major Golden Dawn Order – and a few smaller groups and private Temples – came together in a spirit of community and fraternity to make this book a reality.

Click here for the full announcement from Kerubim Press.

I have made two contributions to this project.  The first goes along with Flying Roll XX: The Elementary View of Man.  However, what I have written is not a mere commentary upon the Flying Roll, but is in fact an updated re-write of the original Golden Dawn lecture Ritual U: Man – Microcosm (which is necessary to read and understand in order to grasp the concepts of Flying Roll XX).  Man – Microcosm is an often-overlooked lecture that was part of the original adept curriculum, and contains some of the Order’s most important teachings on the human soul, qabalistic psychology and the Great Work itself.  My hope is to revive interest in this particular lecture, and re-establish it as a foundational study for all students of the Golden Dawn.

My second contribution is a commentary upon Flying Roll XXXV: On the General and Particular Exordium of the Z Documents.  The General and Particular Exordium is an introduction of sorts to the Z Documents – the secret wisdom and symbolism of the Golden Dawn’s Magick of Light revealed to Mathers by his spiritual contacts known as the Secret Chiefs.  They are possibly some of the most profound and useful pieces of received knowledge in the entire Western Mystery Tradition.  However, few Golden Dawn students understand what the Exordium is supposed to mean.  It is essentially a Gnostic poem intended to “set the stage” for all the mysteries revealed in the Z Documents.  Therefore, I break down the Exordium and explain what it means in Gnostic terms, and how it reflects on the mysteries of the Golden Dawn.

Fratres et Sorores, you do NOT want to miss out on this one!  🙂 🙂 🙂

The Living Golden Dawn   6 comments

Greetings Fratres et Sorores!

Don Kraig made a blog post worth reading today over at the Llewellyn website.  The bulk of the piece is an overview of the Hermetic Virtues fifth anniversary issue, which I have linked to before.  However, he also frames this with an excellent discussion of what makes a magickal Order (or, indeed, any spiritual tradition) a living and growing entity.

As Kraig points out, any tradition undergoes phases of growth and expansion, followed by stagnation and eventually decline and death.  Perhaps that is a bit of an oversimplification (there are many subtle phases in between these stages), but it works as a general overview.  A living and growing tradition is marked by new ideas and innovation, while a tradition on the decline tends to delve into fundamentalism and outright attacks against anyone who would challenge the established dogma.  In other words, a dying tradition tenaciously clings to past glory rather than looking forward to an evolving future.

Having established this, Kraig goes on to discuss the Golden Dawn tradition as something of a curiosity.  The G.D. is already more than a century old, and has served as the foundation for much of today’s Western occultism – from Thelema to Wicca and many other systems besides.  As such, many have adopted the opinion that the G.D. is an example of a stagnant and dying tradition.  Often, when one sees a book on the shelf with the words “Golden Dawn” in the title, it is assumed the book will be filled with “just more of the same old stuff” we’ve seen for the past hundred years.

However, when viewed from the standpoint of Kraig’s definition of  the life-cycle of a spiritual tradition, does the G.D. really fit the bill of stagnation?  He doesn’t think so – and neither do I!

Today, more than ever before, Golden Dawn authors are publishing new and innovative material.  Sometimes this takes the form of fresh looks at traditional concepts (for example, Chic Cicero’s explanation of the G.D. magickal tools, or my own analysis of the godforms of the Outer Hall), and sometimes it takes the form of brand new rituals and techniques (such as Sam Scarborough’s Ritual of Chockmah or Darcy Kuntz’ Summer Solstice Ritual).

All of the above examples are to be found in the latest edition of Hermetic Virtues – and they hardly scratch the surface of the new Golden Dawn material that is coming to light these days.  And even that does not cover the kind of innovation taking place within private Temples.  As the community grows, there is a vast influx of new material and fresh perspectives into the tradition.

What you see in books like Regardie’s The Golden Dawn is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  There is, in fact, a vast array of unpublished oral teachings, original rituals, new forms of invocation, private methods and techniques of magick, re-introduced ancient wisdom and more.

All of these things fit better into Kraig’s definition of a tradition in its phase of growth and expansion.  The modern Golden Dawn is just now approaching its second generation, and I don’t think we’ve come even close to hitting the top of the bell-curve.

Kraig ended his post with a list of blogs and websites that I sent to him a while back.  All of them concern Western Hermeticism – either directly or indirectly related to the Golden Dawn, or at least written by respected Golden Dawn practitioners.  I believe these sites are a wonderful illustration of the kind of growth and innovative ideas we are seeing throughout the Golden Dawn Community today.  All of these links can be found in the menu on the left-hand side of this blog, but I’ll post the list below for ease of reference:

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Blog

Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn

Hermetic Virtues Magazine

Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition

Deanna Bonds – Path to the Stars

Dean Wilson – Mishkan ha Echad

Frater YShY – The Golden Handshake

Frater YShY – The Ruby Rose and Golden Cross

Gareth Knight

Morgan Drake Eckstein – Gleamings From the Golden Dawn

Mary Greer

Nick Farrell

Olen Rush – Light of a Golden Day

Peregrin Wildoak – Magic of the Ordinary

Rufus Opus – Head For the Red

Societas Rosicruciana in America

Sr FSO – Flight of Hermes

Thuban Temple

Alex Sumner – Sol Ascendans

Aaron Leitch – Ananael

Eric Sisco – Apotheosis


Enjoy the journey!



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Hermetic Virtues – Summer Solstice 2012   8 comments

Greetings Avid Readers!

The latest edition of Hermetic Virtues is finally out!  It was published on June 24th, in order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the consecration of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s Vault of the Adepti.  It even includes the very same signed announcement I published here (and which has appeared on blogs and forums across the ‘net).  🙂 🙂 🙂

And what’s more, it also includes an essay by  yours truly called Two Thrones for the Golden Dawn.  In the essay, I discuss the mythical structure of the Hall of the Neophytes and why we place the Coptic-Egyptian godforms in their traditional positions.  Some groups have made changes to these godforms (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), but I explain exactly why we choose to keep them where they where in 1888 when the original Order was founded.  (What can I say?  The HOGD is a traditional Order.)

I am especially proud of this essay because Tabatha Cicero made reference to an earlier version of it in a piece she wrote for the latest edition of the Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic.  In fact, her essay is what prompted me to get this one completed and published at last.  🙂

There are also essays and reviews by such big names as Chic Cicero (HOGD), John Michael Greer (DOGD), Nick Farrell (MOAA), Sam Scarborough (OSM), Jayne Gibson (HOGD), Eric Sisco (SRICF)  and many more.  If you want to see a great review of the entire magazine, check out Peregrin Wildoak’s blog.  🙂

If you get a chance, make sure to drop a note of congratulations to the Hermetic Virtues team and give them kudos for their own five year anniversary.  We haven’t seen a magazine of this caliber since Gnosis – so let’s hope they stay around for decades!



HOGD 30th Anniversary   7 comments

Greetings Faithful Seekers of Ruby and Gold!

In just a few days – June 24th, 2012 – we will reach an auspicious date in the history of the modern Golden Dawn.  It was thirty years ago on that date that Very Honored Frater Ad Majorem Adonai Gloriam – better known as Francis Israel Regardie – consecrated the Vault of the Adepti of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

At the time of this consecration, it was thought that the Golden Dawn current had long-since passed into history.  Later, it was discovered that one last Temple of the Order (specifically from the Stella Matutina line) had survived in New Zealand – a Temple best known today as the Whare Ra.  (That, at least, was the name of the house built for the Temple.  The Temple itself was designated Smaragdum Thallasses.)  The Whare Ra Temple operated in relative silence until 1978.

But the Golden Dawn was not finished yet!  Already in America a new Temple was being formed by Mr. Chic Cicero.  When Cicero learned that Israel Regardie – that last known living adept of the Stella Matutina – was still alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona, he decided to make contact with him.  Regardie was impressed with Mr. Cicero’s efforts, and so traveled to the other side of the continent to see the new Temple for himself.

Just four years after the closing of Whare Ra (we might say one year for each of the Four Philosophical Elements), Regardie consecrated the Vault of the Adepti in America.  He then initiated the first Adepts in that new Vault, establishing a fresh Golden Dawn current that has since become a world-wide movement.

Today, there exist many different Golden Dawn Orders – and all of us share a debt of gratitude to the Ciceros and Dr. Regardie for their selfless dedication in reviving the G.D. current for everyone.  That is why I am deeply honored to be included in the following 30th Anniversary Announcement – in which we offer our thanks to Regardie and Chic and Tabatha Cicero for all they have done.

Below, you will see the names of many individuals, Temples and Orders that have come together for this simple – yet powerful – message of fraternity and gratitude.

30th Anniversary Announcement

NOTE:  If you didn’t get your name, Temple or Order added to the above list in time, we hope that you will still join with us by posting the image on your own blog, forum or other media (digital OR print) – along with your own words of appreciation.  🙂  If you do, send me a link!

Plus, everyone is encouraged to check out the Facebook Event Page for the Anniversary.  There you can add your own comments of fraternity and gratitude.  🙂

In case you haven’t seen what a Vault might look like, check out this video:

Virtual Vault of the Adepti of the Golden Dawn

In Peace and L.V.X.