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Invocation of Archangel Samael   22 comments

Greetings again, fellow Angel-workers! Mars is certainly in the air.  We just passed through a prime period for Martial magick – when Mars passed through Scorpio.  (Apparently it is only in the first degree of Sagittarius as I write, which is hardly out of Scorpio at all, so it is still flush with Scorpio’s energy.)  […]

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The Mixed Qabalah – First Working (Samael)   22 comments

As many of you know, I recently published an essay entitled The Return of Psalm Magick and the Mixed Qabalah.  (Find it in both Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly and Diamond Fire Magazine.)  In that essay, I reviewed two books released by Avalonia Publishing, one of which was A Collection of Magical Secrets & a Treatise […]

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The Truth about Evocation   12 comments

Greetings walkers with spirits! I’ve noticed people tend to have a general misunderstanding of what evocation is and for what it is intended. So many people seem to believe evocation is what Solomonic Magick is all about. It isn’t. I understand why this view exists. In occult and fantasy fiction, it is necessary to make […]

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Offerings to the River – After Irma   1 comment

The Leitch family gathers the offerings set out for our House Gods, Archangels, and protecting Spirits during Hurricane Irma, and takes them to the Hillsborough River. It is important to take your offering leftovers to a river or crossroads after the work is done, in order to send the energy back out into Nature. Thanks […]

Posted November 3, 2017 by kheph777 in hoodoo / witchcraft

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RELEASED: Ritual Offerings : Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick   5 comments

Greetings fellow sorcerers! You’ve been waiting for it… and waiting… and it’s finally here! Nephilim Press has finally released the much-anticipated anthology: Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick. So grab your copy now while supplies last!* Spirits are not merely an option or tool to be utilized when the magician deems it necessary. […]

Llewellyn Magick Blog: Knocking on Wood – Superstition and the Spirit Model of Magick   Leave a comment

Greetings Readers!   From the Llewellyn Magick Blog, June 16, 2014: Knocking on Wood: Superstition and the Spirit Model of Magick As many of my readers know, I am a practitioner of the Old Magick. That means I have abandoned the “psychological model” of magick (the belief that magick is strictly an art of the […]

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UPDATE: Ritual Offerings : Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick   Leave a comment

Greetings fellow sorcerers!     Great news!  I have been contacted by Nephilim Press and informed that Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick has gone to the printer at last!   I have been told we estimate about six weeks for the book’s delivery.  This will be a limited edition (hard cover of […]

Ritual Offerings : Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick   6 comments

Greetings fellow sorcerers!     As many of you know, since I’ve teased it here and there over the past few months, I have been editing a new anthology for Nephilim Press entitled Ritual Offerings: Feeding Your Spirits, Empowering Your Magick. Throughout history, ritual offerings have been the central pillar of all magick (and religion). […]

From the Greeks to the Grimoires: A Review of Jake Kent’s Geosophia   5 comments

I asked Scarlet Imprint to hold back my review of Jake Kent’s Geosophia because I had published it elsewhere first.  Then, we both seem to have lost track and only today did Scarlet Imprint contact me to say “Uh… do you mind if we publish it now??”  LOL  So, if you’ve been waiting for it […]

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The Mixed Qabalah – Second Working (Sachiel)   6 comments

It looks like this is the year for Jupiter work!  (Of course, that may be partly due to my membership in the ‘Gentlemen for Jupiter” occult group – Jupiter has certainly been “in the air.”)  The first was earlier this year: an Invocation of the Archangel Iophiel.  That was not done for any specific magickal […]

Posted November 24, 2011 by kheph777 in solomonic

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