Solomonic Consecration of Holy Water (1-11-17)   2 comments

Consecration of Holy Water, according to the Key of Solomon the King, performed on the Day and Hour of Mercury, during a Waxing Moon. Fr. Aaron Leitch.

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  1. Hi, Aaron! I am very fond of all your writings and lectures, and I want to thank you for all you gave me both as a GD practicioner, as a sorcerer, and as an occult christian. Yet. You wrote in your “Secrets of magical grimoires” that an orthodox priest who passed you the censer was from Russian Orthodox Church. As a parishioner of the same I know, that due to the hard commercianolisation of this organisation, they have priests buy all the paraphernalia in the same shop (Sophrino shop, actually), and they sell only the stamped brass censers with the cross and bells. So, as I get it, the man of the cloth who passed it to you have been practising in the Soviet times, or somewhere in the ar syberian villages. Can you shed some light on it?


    • Greetings!

      Oh, no, John was practicing here in America. In fact, he had left the Church after a controversy over his being homosexual arose (this was years before the major pedophilia scandal that rocked the Catholics). I’m fairly certain the censor he passed to me was one he bought many years after he had left his church. He had, in fact, moved on and become a Santo by the time I met him – though he always kept one room of his house set up as an Orthodox Temple so he could practice his original faith. It’s quite a story!



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