‘Calm-Abiding’ Meditation Class with Aaron Leitch   Leave a comment

Meditation Class with Aaron Leitch

The Methods of Calm-Abiding

(aka ‘Meditation Basics 101’)



At Mystikal Scents Metaphysical Supplies

March 24th : 7-9pm

9545 E Fowler Ave Thonotosassa, FL 33952


When we use the word “meditation” in the West, we most often use it in the sense of meditating upon something (like a magical image, sigil, or mystical concept) – a practice that would more correctly be called “contemplation.”  In the East, it is called “special-insight meditation.”  However, such special-insight meditation is a more advanced practice, intended for use only after one has learned the most basic form of true meditation.

CALM-ABIDING MEDITATION is the practice of bringing the mind to a state of complete stillness and utter silence, which is no easy task, as the unruly child-like mind would rather not sit in perfect silence.  There are worries and stresses, hopes and dreams, plans to consider, past events to mull over and a host of other thoughts the mind would rather chase after. However, to achieve success in later meditations, it is first necessary to bring that unruly mind under control.

This workshop will cover techniques for relaxing the body, gently bringing the mind under control and naturally entering a deep meditative state.  You’ll be going deeper into your OWN consciousness than you’ve likely ever gone before. If you have never experienced these parts of yourself, or the bliss of complete Silence of the Mind (your unborn consciousness), then you will not want to miss this class!

*** Special Instructions:  Wear loose, comfortable clothing, bring pen & paper to take notes, and if you desire, bring a blanket, mat or pillow – especially for the body relaxation techniques.


This class requires pre-registration and payment of $25 by March 22nd.

Call Mystikal Scents at 813-986-3212 to reserve your seat.



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