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Greetings, aspirants!


It seems like every year or two, I find it necessary to post a rant about Abramelin and some of the boneheaded stuff I encounter out there in relation to it.  So, here is the 2014 Abramelin Rant (originally posted to my Solomonic Facebook Group):




It has taken several years, but I have finally learned an important lesson: I will no longer answer questions via email for anyone actively undertaking the Abramelin operation.

I’ve tried it more than once now, and the result is the same every time. It’s relatively easy to guide someone through the initial months – it mostly involves telling them to stick to the process as the book outlines it, without adding anything or altering anything. That, and to provide some moral support along the way. I figured it couldn’t harm anything for me to be available to answer questions – I would have killed for such a resource while I performed it myself.

But… then comes time for the final days of the process, when the actual Rite is performed (the Day of Consecration, the Convocation of the Angel and the Convocation of the Spirits). And so far, every single time, I discover that the person I was trying to help has prepared for *nothing.* I get questions like, “Oh? There is a silver lamen? Where does the book mention that?” Or “So what kind of robes do I need?” Or, even better, “Now how do I go about summoning the spirits?”

Nearly as sure as clockwork, I discover that the person I was trying to help has utterly failed to study and understand the Book of Abramelin *before* they begin the process. My favorite one to date was when an aspirant wrote to ask about the Abramelin Oil. You see, they were having a hard time affording all the ingredients needed, because they needed a lot of it, because they were **burning the Holy Oil in the Lamp**!!! [Sound of Aaron repeatedly banging his head on the keyboard…] When I revealed to them that the Holy Oil is not used in the Lamp, they asked me “Oh, so what will it be used for, then – and how often?”

I’m tired of answering questions that are addressed in the very book itself. And I’m tired of people reaching the grand finale of their operation only to turn to me as if I’m going to do the Work for them (or at least hold their hand) in the end. I sure as hell can’t (and won’t) teach you the art of summoning spirits (via email no less!) over a few days before you’re expected to summon them yourself. Why the f**k wouldn’t you have thought of that before you decided this path was for you? For that matter, why would you undertake this ordeal when you clearly haven’t even read the book all the way through??

I don’t mind answering Abramelin questions – but it will have to be here on the public forum, and it won’t be for anyone who is currently in the middle of the process. Yikes.


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  1. why would anyone in the middle of AM be online asking … beggars belief


  2. That has got to be annoying. You know … my perception is that you are now the go-to person for traditional, by-the-book Abramelin operations. (Congratulations!) Because some people might have difficulty with the traditional text, have you considered publishing a standalone version of it with commentary and maybe even your own section — a straight, plainly-worded how-to? Even in an ebook, perhaps.


  3. Absolutely. I read the Mathers translation (the only one available at the time I performed it) several times before undertaking the ritual, and again several times during. I can’t fathom doing it any other way. Do you hear follow up from these people? What are their results like?


  4. 5 years ago I read the book of abramelin by Georg Dehn, got rid of the book and never thought about it again. For the past five months I’ve been receiving visions and hearing voices claiming I’m going to die because I read the book and there is some test I have never heard of. They threaten me everyday. Is this the vision and voice everyone talks about? I cant figure out whats going on or how to make it stop.


  5. For me, it was afterwards that proved problematic, in that the Abramelin spirits mesmerized me into doing no magic but their own and then proceeded to disobey my commands they didn’t want to do, not protect me from enemy magics that very nearly killed me from accidents and magical illness, allow meddling ancestors to run me around, and not tell me what was going on. I have to work with St. Cyprian to make them obey and Flauros to make them tell me the truth. The Abramelin thingie is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Having the HGA is amazing, but wow you have to watch your back.


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