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The Holy Guardian Angel anthology, published by Nephilim Press, has been released at last! 🙂 I’ve updated the blog post accordingly – including a link to where to purchase your copy. 🙂

Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

Greetings Devotees of the Holy Guardian Angel!

Nephilim Press will soon publishhas now released a brand new anthology entitled The Holy Guardian Angel.  It is a collection of essays about the HGA by various occultists (some you know, and some new names as well) – including me!  🙂

The Holy Guardian Angel


My contribution is called After Abramelin: Working With the Holy Guardian Angel.  If you remember my older essay, The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin, this new essay is its direct counterpoint – explaining how one is supposed to work with the Guardian Angel after completing the Rite.

Here are the introductory paragraphs of my essay:

After Abramelin: Working with the Holy Guardian Angel

The Book of Abramelin is a German magickal text supposedly written by Abraham von Worms in the 1400s. It contains a method of invoking and permanently bonding with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. The angel…

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  1. in the study of the book of abramelin can you be my mentor and instructor?pls reply via


    king uyobong ezekiel

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