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Greetings Students of Enochiana!


Restoring the Enochian Heptarchia

My new book The Essential Enochian Grimoire has finally been released!  :):):)  Have you received your copy yet?  What do you think?  😉

There are several pieces of information contained in the book that I fully expect to be controversial.  Some of it is simply obscure material that has never been published before – such as the proper design and use of the reverse side of the Holy Lamen, the little-known 92nd Part of the Earth, or the proper correlation between the four Watchtowers and the “quarters of the Earth.”  Some of it includes corrections to long-standing mistakes, – such as the fact that only three of the four Watchtower Seals was given in Dee’s journals, or an incorrect number in the circumference of the Seal of Truth, or the six names of God that were switched on the famous “Banner Diagram.

One of the most important corrections I made to the material was the restoration of the functions of the Heptarchic angels.  Students of Dee’s material will already know how confused and incomplete Dee’s list of functions for these angels was.  What you may not know is that Dee was well aware of the problem and made several notations in his journals that give us the necessary keys to restore the list.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t have room in The Essential Enochian Grimoire to lay out all the details of how I went about restoring the information.  But this is a pretty big change to the commonly-published material, so I felt it was necessary to show my work.  It is important for students to realize this is a restoration I have made based on Dee’s own records, and not merely an innovation I came up with on my own.  The Essential Enochian Grimoire is ultimately about Dee’s work, not mine.  (Mine will follow in a future publication.)

So, in order for you to see my process – complete with journal references and quotes from Dee to back up my points – I wrote an essay entitled Restoring the Enochian Heptarchia.  It has been published by the Llewellyn Journal thus far, and you can read it for free.  🙂

Enjoy – and feel free to comment!



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4 responses to “New Article: Restoring the Enochian Heptarchia

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  1. Looks like there is already one response to the new essay: “Thoughts on the “Restored Heptarchia” (

    I wrote a response over on the Enochian Studies Facebook Group:

    In response, I have to say I take issue with this concept:

    “I think that Leitch should be clearer about what his arrangement is. It’s not a “restoration,” it’s an innovation. It’s not that his arguments for it are illogical, or that the pattern he comes up with is inelegant. But when you take source material and change it around, you’re not “uncovering” something original, you’re modifying the material.”

    He seems to think I’ve made an innovation based on my own experience or theories. However, what I present in that essay is Dee’s material. Dee wrote the journal entries and footnotes I cite, not me.

    So if he wants us to believe I’ve made new innovations rather than restoring Dee’s own material, then he needs to debunk what I quoted from the man himself. And he’s got to de better than “Dee had several chances to swap the powers around and never did.” He should address the specific quotes, and explain why I have misinterpreted them.

    Still, I expected this essay to stir some controversy. So this is still a good thing. :):):)


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  3. Perhaps the Lunar king rules over the Kings of the earth because the earthly monarchs were God’s representative in each country; And, following a divine Hierarchy, the only thing greater than an ensouled(incarnated) representative of god would exist in the first realm a non-ensouled entities directly above in the Great Chain of Being, right? The next level directly after a king on earth would be those of the lunar realm, wouldn’t you say?


    • I think that’s on the right track. A lot of old occult texts refer to everything beneath the Moon as “sub-lunary.” Even now you can find depictions of the seven heavens that show the Lunar Sphere actually incorporating the physical earth. That is also why the Moon is such an important consideration in practical magick. Thus one could suggest that kings and governments are under the direct command of the Moon.


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