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Greetings Angel Workers!

James is not only an accomplished graphical artist, but he also has practical knowledge of and experience with the subject matter.  (That made working with him on these images *much* smoother.  Not to mention it means he is as dedicated as I am to getting every detail just right.)  The following is an image James is particularly proud of, from the upcoming Essential Enochian Grimoire:

The Seal of the True God

The Seal of the True God.
“And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God ” [Rev 7:2]

The Seal of God appears in the Book of the Revelation of St. John, carried by an angel from God’s Kingdom (of Light in the East) to the Earth.  It is then used to mark the foreheads of all the world’s faithful who serve the Light.  (See Rev 7, and 9:4.)  And this isn’t a religious concern, as even St. John clearly states the Seal was received by “a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues.” (Rev. 7:9).   (The only catch was that 144 thousand Jewish guys got to receive it first.)

Personally, I suspect such a mark would be upon one’s aura – a spiritual mark.  Consider the mark is places “in the forehead” in Revelation, the common location given for one’s “third eye” or psychic awareness.

The above Seal is probably familiar to most of you as the “Seal of Truth” – and Dee did refer to it by that term once or twice.  However, its full and proper name is given in Dee’s journals as Sigillium Dei Emeth, which translates literally as “Seal God Truth.”  In other grimoires that have versions of this Seal, it is called the “Seal of God.”  Thus, I tend to refer to this image as the “Seal of the True God.”  (However one could suggest other translations such as the “Seal of God’s Truth”, “Seal of the God (of) Truth” or even the “True Seal of God.”  Plus “Seal” can also be “Signature”, so we get titles such as the “True Signature of God,”)

In any case, what you are seeing above is, in fact, a very unique image.  Back in the old Enochian-L days (circa late 1990s), we dissected the numbers and letters of the Seal in minute detail – and we became aware of three problems in the available images of Dee’s Seal.  The above image addresses these problems:

One appears to be a mistake (either of Dee’s or of some later copyist).  A circumference character “y/15” (see above) is rendered as “y/14” in all published images of the Seal of the True God.  The problem is that “y/14” makes it impossible to decrypt the Angelic Name that contains that y.  If you look on p. 103 of Joseph Peterson’s John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery, you’ll see the angels actually gave him “y/15”  (There is also a mathematical mystery having to do with the numbers in the Seal’s circumference that requires this to be 15.)

Interestingly, this letter is only used in the eighth “hidden” name Aborymon, which is associated with Antichrist and the End Times.  (The name is likely related to Abaddon and Apollyon.)  If one wanted to be completely ridiculous, one might even suggest it was a deliberate blind Dee introduced into the Seal so dabblers wouldn’t find Aborymon’s name…

The second and third problems were deliberate blinds on the part of Dee, so dabblers wouldn’t stumble onto Aborymon’s name.  Really.

In most published versions of the Seal of the True God, you’ll find in the circumference a capital letter “A” without any numbers in its cell.  That’s the first letter of Aborymon, and it doesn’t tell you where to go to find the next letter of the name.  Dee originally recorded a “666” in this cell, and noted that one was to move counterclockwise six spaces to find the next letter.  Later, the Archangel Michael (in a vision) erased the “666” in that cell to illustrate dominance over the Antichrist.  Dee followed suit by leaving only the “A” on his own Seal.  Most have followed suit, but a few practitioners are starting to put the “666” back in place in order to repair the mathematical integrity of the circumference itself.

Finally, the last problem is a certain character “13/r” that also blocks the decryption of Aborymon.  (This is why I suspect the “y/15” was an honest mistake.)  If you move thirteen spaces clockwise from “13/r”, it just takes you back to the capital “A” that started the name.  However, this number 13 is necessary for that mathematical mystery I cryptically mentioned previously, so it has to stay.  You just have to know that to decrypt Aborymon properly you have to remove the “1” from “13” and only move clockwise three spaces.

This image is really a joint effort of several people.  First I drew up a sketch of a corrected Seal.  Then Carrie Mikell took that sketch and turned it into something I could actually scan and submit to the publisher.  (lol)  James then had Carrie’s large and clear picture to work from to create the final version you see above.  🙂


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  1. Does emeth translate better to purify than truth?


    • Not to my knowledge. The Hebrew word “Emeth”, according to an Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon, means:

      firmness, faithfulness, truth
      sureness, reliability
      stability, continuance
      faithfulness, reliableness
      truth as spoken
      of testimony and judgment
      of divine instruction
      truth as a body of ethical or religious knowledge
      true doctrine,
      in truth, truly

      (See: )

      Nothing in there about purification.


      • So probably “of divine instruction” rather than “truth == accuracy” of the modern world


      • I would say both. It is probably related directly to “Veritas” as described in both Hermeticism and academia. Spiritual Truth (Faith or Divine insruction), Scientific Truth and even Truth over falsehood. I assume its origin for Dee is Agrippa’s “Occult Philosophy” (Book 3, Ch. 11, “Of the Divine names, and their power and vertue”), where Emeth is a Name of God: “…the name Emeth which is interpreted Truth, and is the seal of God.”

        Interestingly, I just found this in John 14, where Jesus is talking to the Disciples about the Holy Spirit:

        “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.”


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