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Greetings oh Patient Ones!

James Clark is the artist behind the diagrams and images in The Essential Enochian Grimoire.  (He worked mainly from sketches made by me and Carrie Mikell.)  Just for fun, and to tease the hell outta you guys, he has decided to let a bit of artwork from the book “leak” onto the interwebs every once in a while.  And, for the very same reasons, I’ve decided to make a series of blog posts about each image.  🙂

James’ first release is:


The Eagle – Kherub of the West


This is the symbol of the Western Kherub in the Golden Dawn traditions (and many traditions that followed).  His name is Nesher. He is a form of Scorpius, the fixed sign of Water, though he truly embodies all three signs of the Water triplicity.  He is always one of four – the others being angels in the forms of a Lion (Fire triplicity), an Ox (Earth triplicity) and a Man (Air triplicity).  You can find these angels in the first chapter of Ezekiel and the fourth chapter of the Revelation of St. John.

You will only see this guy in the second half of the grimoire, dedicated to Golden Dawn-style Enochiania.  You won’t see him in the Dee-purist half of the grimoire.

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2 responses to “Essential Enochian Grimoire Artwork 1

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  1. He’s also the puzzler out of the four. The other three make some sense. But Eagle for West/water/Scorpius a bit of a head scratcher 🙂


    • In the GD, I think it is because they wanted to reserve the Scorpion as a darker symbol of Death. So they borrow the constellation of the Eagle right next to Scorpius to stand in But, then, that hardly explains why we have an Eagle in the visions of Ezekiel and St. John. (I thought perhaps it had something to do with the four Royal Stars, but after looking into it, I don’t think so.)

      IIRC, there is some talk of the Eagle as an alchemical symbol (sublimated water), which might explain why the Eagle of all symbols was chosen.


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