The Essential Enochian Grimoire and Cover Art   23 comments

Greetings Angel-Workers!

I’ve been given the go-ahead to share the cover-art for my next book with you.  Check it out!

Essential Enochian Grimoire

The Essential Enochian Grimoire – Front Cover

This is the first Enochian Magick book of its kind ever published.  It is not a re-hash of Dee’s journal entries, nor is it about magickal theory.  This grimoire – as the term implies – is a manual on how to perform the magick.   This may be the first time you’re ever seen Enochian Magick presented as Dee himself would likely have performed it.

And that’s hardly all this book covers!  Part 1 is an introduction to the Enochian tradition, perfect for students who are just beginning their study of the material:

– It begins with the mythos of Enoch the Prophet.

– Then outlines the work (and likely intentions) of John Dee and Edward Kelley.  As a bonus, I even included a “cast of characters” that explains “who’s who” (both human and angel) in Dee’s magickal journals and biographies about him.

– Finally covering the post-Dee period that eventually led to the Golden Dawn recension of the system (aka Neo-Enochian).   I explain how the original Dee material made it to the Golden Dawn, how it changed as it went along, and exactly what are the differences between the Dee-purist and Neo-Enochian systems.

Part 2 of the book is the grimoire proper:

– Starting with the cosmology of Dee’s system, all of the tools and talismans, the hierarchies of angels (along with their functions and – where Dee recorded them – their appearances) and finally the initiations and magickal rituals used to summon them.  All four phases of the system are laid out: the Heptarchia, Gebofal (the Book of Loagaeth system), the Parts of the Earth and the Watchtower system.

– Then the Neo-Enochan system is layed out (entirely separate from the Dee-purist material):  including its unique hierarchy of Elemental angels and their functions, the application of occult forces (astrology, Tarot, geomancy, Tetragrammaton, etc) to the Watchtowers, the construction of truncated pyramids and Elemental sphinxes, and the descriptions and attributions of the Coptic-Egyptian Godforms used with the Watchtower squares (as well as with Rosicrucian Chess).  These Godforms include updated and corrected color schemes based upon the Elements they represent.  Finally, an example Neo-Enochian summoning ceremony is included to show you how it all fits together in practice.

Once you have read and studied the Essential Enochian Grimoire, you will have a firm grasp of the two Enochian currents (Dee-purist and Neo-Enochian), understand the differences between them, and have more than enough material on hand to begin experimenting with either one.


Enochian Magic is one aspect of the Western Esoteric Tradition that students sometimes find intimidating and overwhelming. In The Essential Enochian Grimoire, Aaron Leitch has done a remarkable job of clarifying the Enochian system for the benefit of both beginners and advanced magicians alike. You will not find a better introduction to Enochian Magic anywhere.

—  Charles “Chic” Cicero and Sandra “Tabatha” Cicero
Chief Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Co-authors of The Essential Golden Dawn


In the complex and often confusing world of Enochian Magick, Aaron Leitch has accomplished the seemingly impossible by bringing clarity and precision while never oversimplifying or speaking down to the reader. He separates the major sources of what is actually a set of magickal systems—from the works of Dee and from those of the Golden Dawn—and without requiring years of studying an arcane language clearly explains the methods and techniques. He keeps each form of the systems discrete and independent for the purist, but also shows how they can be combined for the adventurer. This book belongs on your magickal bookshelf.

—Donald Michael Kraig, Author of Modern Magick


“Leitch brings his expertise to the fore in what is sure to live up to its name as an indispensable addition to any Enochian magician’s bookshelf. The Essential Enochian Grimoire provides a comprehensive look at the history and composition of both Dee’s original system and the innovations of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, and others, all appropriately divided so that magicians of either a Dee purist or Neo-Enochian persuasion can take or leave material as they see fit. Leitch goes beyond just the theory of Enochian magic, delivering a workable approach to the system that will be an important asset to many. In addition, he looks at lesser known areas, employing a scholarly approach, while making the system easy to learn and use. A highly recommended book.”
— Frater Yechidah, author of Enochian Magic in Theory and Enochian Magic in Practice


Due out in early 2014!


23 responses to “The Essential Enochian Grimoire and Cover Art

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  1. Sorry man, that’s not art. That’s an assembly of pre-existing images, and some fonts. How can I take you seriously if you misuse the word art, which is absolutely central to everything you write about.


    • Lol 🙂

      1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

      Personally, I find the cover quite beautiful and appealing! 😉


    • Unbelievable. Someone literally “judges a book by it’s cover” and mentions being taken seriously.
      As seriously as an angry 15yo boys metal band with recycled, stereotypical and cliched imagery maybe?


      • Slater said before and I agree.
        I see little difference between an typical art critic and a stereotypical Satanic metal band made ​​up of cliches that presents itself as being “original”.


    • excellent…if that’s the only thing you can find wrong with it, it must be smoking hot goodness!


  2. This book will be released in Kindle version?


  3. Enochian is my one field of pure ignorance within Western magic and knowing your other works, this sounds like it’s going to be a top to bottom inclusive volume to get my ass into gear.
    The only bad thing here is the wait until 2014 🙂


  4. Aaron, I assume that this book is meant to be read AFTER the Angelical Language, two book set?


    • Nope – the two aren’t related in that sense. You can read them in either order, or just one or the other depending on your personal interests. However, my publisher told me she wishes she had read the Essential Enochian Grimoire *before* the Angelical Language books. She said the Enochian system never made sense to her before she read this new book – and that would have helped make the subject matter of the Angelical Language books easier to grasp.

      I should add that the section covering Gebofal (the Book of Loagaeth system) isn’t remotely as in-depth as what you find in the Angelical Language Vol 1. So if that is an area of interest to you, you’ll want both books.


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  6. Wow, this will be a fabulous work, not to mention it is a fantastic cover! So glad to see your projects coming to an excellent fruition!


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  8. This will be a much needed aid to those who wish to work with the Enochian system and I congratulate you on what will no doubt become an essential work for future students of Dee and Kelly.




  9. I’ve decided to leave Enochian off until I feel mastered in other areas of magic. It has never quite made sense to me, and I never understood where Dee ended and the Golden Dawn began. I have great respect for the legacy of the Golden Dawn, but my own practice tends to be fueled by pre-GD ritual, correspondences, ect. However, this grimoire looks outstanding and perhaps it will be the book that helps me to explore this system.


    • From what you say here, I think this is the *exact* Enochian book you’ve been looking for. 🙂 And you’re not alone, either. I’ve encountered a great number of students – both beginners and even adepts – who have been looking for this explanation of the Enochian systems, and how they differ from one another.


  10. Ok first I want to come out and say that I don’t or rather haven’t ever used a prescribed ritual. I go off instinct, knowledge, and hopefully wisdom while performing rituals and such, but I do enjoy reading and learning. So here’s my question. Currently, and for some time, I’ve been ocassionally reading up on old king Solomon’s keys as well as the Enochianagics. So, is it wrong to mix up the two in any way and why? I know one is about controlling demons and the other is about working with angels, but could they be mixed?


  11. Aaron, I think you’ve really done it this time. Though I’ve really enjoyed and benefited from your other works, I think this one is separate from the pack. It will be the kind of book that folks dig into 200 years from now….and it doesn’t take a prophet to know that. 😉


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