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Greetings Devotees of the Holy Guardian Angel!

Nephilim Press will soon publish has now released a brand new anthology entitled The Holy Guardian Angel.  It is a collection of essays about the HGA by various occultists (some you know, and some new names as well) – including me!  🙂

The Holy Guardian Angel


My contribution is called After Abramelin: Working With the Holy Guardian Angel.  If you remember my older essay, The Spirit-Magick of Abramelin, this new essay is its direct counterpoint – explaining how one is supposed to work with the Guardian Angel after completing the Rite.

Here are the introductory paragraphs of my essay:

After Abramelin: Working with the Holy Guardian Angel

The Book of Abramelin is a German magickal text supposedly written by Abraham von Worms in the 1400s. It contains a method of invoking and permanently bonding with one’s Holy Guardian Angel. The angel, then, becomes the primary guide and teacher of the aspirant, and the source of his spiritual authority. This allows the aspirant to perform magick, command lesser spirits and – most importantly – strive toward a higher state of spiritual purity.

Because you are reading this book, I assume you have some familiarity with – or interest in – this famous grimoire. Yet information about it can be rather hard to find. While much has been written about the six (or eighteen) month Rite outlined in that book, precious little has been written about how the system works after those months are completed. In a previous anthology I was given the opportunity to write about the spirit-magick of Abramelin, providing a basic outline of how one should work with the spirits and talismans of that system after completing the initiation. Now, I have been given another opportunity to provide my readers with a rare glimpse into the practice of Abramelin – this time concerning the Holy Guardian Angel itself.

All too often, seekers who read the Book of Abramelin make the assumption that it is “just” an evocation ceremony. A lengthy and involved one, for certain, but ultimately just a method of summoning a very powerful angel. That angel, then, will immediately answer all of your questions about life, the universe and everything and provide you with all the miracle-working powers you could desire.  Afterward, you go on with your life as an empowered magus and never need look back at Abramelin again. As they say: “Been there, done that.”

Let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. In this essay, I will tell you what you can likely expect during the final days of the initiation itself and in the weeks, months and years that follow. I will bust any number of Abramelin myths, and explain how Abraham himself outlines the system as it should be practiced over the course of a lifetime.


Now available at the Nephilim Press homepage!  🙂 🙂 🙂

You can read more about the anthology – including a table of contents – at The Lion’s Den blog.

P.S. – a special congrats goes out to Frater Rufus Opus, who is being “officially” published for the very first time in this anthology!  Good work, brother!



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  1. Great! Looking forward to reading your experiences. Let us know how to order it.
    I don’t think there are hard and fast rules here. After completing the ritual everyone will relate to their own HGA in their own unique way. Afterall it’s not the same HGA for everyone!
    And I guess there must be many who have contact with their HGA without even having gone through the Abramelin ritual, but through other means, maybe even spontaneous revelation. Because we are not dealing with a force, like a HGA that is Ambramelin’s “egregore”, but one’s own contact with something personal which leads one to one’s highest Self.


    • It is true there are no “hard and fast” rules in relation to one’s relationship with the HGA, because each of us must follow what our Guardian’s teach. Still, there is a system outlined in the Book of Abramelin – it has served me well for the better part of two decades now, and I will present it in full in the essay.

      As for others gaining contact with the HGA through other means – certainly. There are many ways to establish contact. However, Abramelin is not just about establishing contact. Abramelin is a “crowning ritual” by which you physically and spiritually bond with the angel. Crowning rituals are not unique to Abramelin by any means – though Abramelin is the only source for such a rite found in the Western grimoires.


  2. Aaron I successfully completed the ritual a few years ago and I’m very grateful for all your writings on the subject!


  3. Congratulations for one more work Aaron.
    It is also important because such works allows practitioners to understand more and contemplate the paths forward and bring inspiration to guide where and how to seek and conduct our studies.


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  7. Reblogged this on Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom) and commented:

    The Holy Guardian Angel anthology, published by Nephilim Press, has been released at last! 🙂 I’ve updated the blog post accordingly – including a link to where to purchase your copy. 🙂


  8. Reblogged this on A Ramblers Quest to Somewhere and commented:
    This book is the real deal when it comes to gems of knowledge regarding your Holy Guardian Angel.


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