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Greetings Ye Seekers of Gold!

So my last couple of blog posts have been about magicians facing (and dealing with) various hardships that life on Earth naturally brings about.  And one of the primary examples was poverty – especially since many occultists prefer to remain relatively poor (as compared to, say, a corporate/criminal CEO), and because so many who just “don’t get it” view poverty as some kind of proof that magick isn’t worth the wood the wands are made from.

So, perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me that the discussion has turned specifically toward money magick.  Don Kraig talked about it a bit on his blog, Morgan Eckstein referred to it as well.  (See my previous post for links.)  Even Nick Farrell has weighed in – so don’t miss out on his insightful post.

Meanwhile, it was the recent contribution on Alex Sumner’s blog that has inspired me to make this post on the subject.   In Alex’s post, he relates an anecdote I have come to call the Tale of the Lottery Enthusiast – wherein he makes some vitally important points on the subject of money magick and how it really works.   I find it to be more than worth repeating here in full:

It so happened that I was having a good-natured discussion with fellow members of the Illuminati in a pub about whether it was possible to use our combined magickal skills to collectively win the Lottery. Or more to the point, the other people at the table were having a discussion, whilst I was trying to eat my dinner.

The discussion was getting quite heated between one person who insisted that we try it, and just about all the rest who were saying “No, it’s not possible,” etc. I finally finished off my food. “I have made a study of people who have cast successful money spells,” I said.

The Lottery-enthusiast was arguing so enthusiastically that it was several seconds before someone realised that I had said something interesting. “Go on, Alex! What is the result of your study?” they said.

“Well,” I said, as everyone became silent, “I’ve collected examples of people who have successfully used magic to make money. They include:

  • Professional people, getting an idea how to find themselves a new job;
  • Having been invited to interview, using magick to boost their confidence and help them say and do the right thing at the interview;
  • Businessmen seeking inspiration for how to bring new customers to their business;
  • Inventors, ‘dreaming up’ a new invention;
  • Songwriters coming up with the idea for a new hit song;
  • Novelists coming up with the plot for a new story.

“In short: none of these people invoked Money itself, they invoked a Money-making opportunity. The point being that when the said Money-making opportunity appeared seemingly miraculously in their lives, they converted it into actual money in a conventional manner, to wit: hard work. This, incidentally, is why there are so many ‘arty’ people in the Occult or people with artistic flair  – painters, writers, musicians, self-employed professionals, and so forth – because magick is all about drawing upon ones inner creativity.

“The one thing I have never heard of is people using magick to win the lottery. Therefore, if we were to use our magick skills to think up a money-making scheme, I’m certain that we would actually succeed! Whether we would be able to put the scheme into practice, however, would be another matter entirely. So my best advice would be to concentrate on the opportunity first, and forget the Lottery altogether.”

“But playing the Lottery is a money-making opportunity!” the gambling addict cried. At this point the argument erupted again. I immediately got the impression that no further good would come from trying to press my point, so I just let them get on with it.

Damn good points!  And I couldn’t help but offer the following reply:

Alex, I think anyone who ever wishes to use magick to make money should read your tale of the lottery enthusiast.  It hits the nail directly between the eyes.  🙂  Magick can certainly be used to bring in money – either by bringing about a money making opportunity (Jupiter and/or Mercury) or even by bringing in a one-time windfall of some kind (Sol).  But, either way, once it arrives it is then up to the magician to know what to DO with it.

Especially in the case of a windfall, if you don’t know how to work to make that money grow, then it will simply drain away – and fast.  Anyone in the world who has money will tell you the same.  You have to work for your money – not just to GET it, but also to KEEP it.  If you want to be rich, then managing your money will become a full time job in its own right.

This is why so many occultists who have done money magick will tell you that you usually get just what you need and then it goes away again.  It is because most of us don’t desire to do “money” as a full time job.  Instead, we tend to ask for what we need and then go on with our lives until the next need arises.

Yet, there are times when magick is used to get a better-paying job.  Or to attain money to invest in a new business, etc.  In those cases, yeah, you get money that sticks around as long as you keep doing the work to make it stay.

But to my knowledge, no one has ever achieved the creation of the magick purse that has fresh gold coins in it every day.  😉




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  1. Many people do not want to work. And complain: They say: “Damn!! You are a bad magician! This magic brought me a job!”
    Develop personal skills, asking guidance to Improve your skills Appears to be a very true starting point.
    And also note that if you intend to do, it’s area of activity can thrive.
    A real example: what are the real possibilities of financial gain for someone who wants to sell origami? I met a person many years ago who that simply did not understand that that “beautiful” 2 pages website with few examples, would not be enough for him to sustain a high standard of living as well. As his family had some money, he starting planning to travel all the country (plane and very good hotel of course), to sell “origami courses”. The result was: after two weeks, many beers at partyes and no one student, he came back and his father had to pay the bills. But he kept the website and continued for a long time asking to someone make a “magic miracle” for him. And asking such magic for free. For sure was not someone who was deserving such thing. To help a valuable one in some disaster is not the same.


  2. I sandi, thought this may interest you.


  3. Aaron, I wrote this on Lotto Spells about three years ago. I posted it to my site and when I get someone who wants me to cast lotto/lottery spells for them, this is where I point them to…



  4. When a person learns and does Magick to obtain wealth without working or a free ride to success in sex and business, one of two things can happen: That person can wise up in a hurry, or if he or she is sufficiently stubborn, get torn to pieces. Two little problems assure this result: Causing material changes in the physical Universe through paraphysical means expends vital energy that has to be replaced – and if one is not on a primarily “spiritual” program, it won’t be replaced. And, using paraphysical means to change material events also distorts complex networks of cause and effect in the Astral and beyond, with consequences no human being can accurately predict – including push-back, usually unconscious and automatic, from others who are affected.

    When a person’s primary reason for learning and doing Magick is to find and integrate higher aspects of his or her own organism so these can begin to influence his or her daily awareness, thought and behavior – a.k.a. “spiritual development” – a powerful toolkit that can be used to obtain material results comes with the package. But getting away with using that toolkit means thinking hard, thinking twice, and consulting oracles first – unless one has been directed to do the deed in question by reliable guides. When moving forward is indicated, it helps a lot to specify during the ceremony that all sentient beings who are affected by the work at hand must benefit from its impact. This “impact” may include a Karmic 2×4 landing where it will do the most good, but you knew the rite was dangerous when you undertook it.

    The problem with using Magick to win the lottery is that it means wading into a firestorm of psychic energy in the form of tens or hundreds of thousands of people “wishing as hard as they can” AND using every other form of Magick known to Man. Even so, there are ways to load the dice. But how much Divine and Angelic assistance can a Magician count on for winning the lottery? These beings have their own agenda; although they do have to come when called, they do not have to obey the summoner’s every command. What’s in it for the “spiritual evolution and long term general welfare of the human race” if YOU happen to win the lottery? What unknown, unsuspected but very important chains of events will follow when some seemingly “mundane” person wins instead? What would happen to the tiny, insignificant but nonetheless necessary work YOU were already picked out for, if your life is kicked onto a different track by an inconvenient amount of money?

    A Magician’s spiritual allies, guardian Angels and the like are not there to service his material desires and polish his ego to dazzle one and all – or if they are, that Magician had better get to a Priest immediately! In real life, they deliver only, and exactly, the assistance a Magician needs to get on with his or her work in the “spiritual development” and “community service” departments. Don’t expect $1,000 to arrive unexpectedly when the outstanding bills total to $100. But do ask for, and expect, material assistance when and as it really is needed to get on with the work your allies and Angels /are/ obligated to help you with.

    Life is full of “little lotteries” where a bit of materialistic Magick can work largely unopposed, with more or less guaranteed harmless consequences. Recently I acquired a much needed and highly valuable item of magickal apparel in a drawing – and you may trust that I cast a glamer of invisibility on the object in question and hexed the bowl those tickets were being drawn from! Some while back I did a similar trick to acquire a ceremonial drum – which I banged on quite a lot for several years before being directed to give it to someone who had important uses for it. When the participants in a drawing are Magicians and Witches, it’s not cheating to use psychic means to rig the outcome – and rather pointless to participate without doing so.

    If you sat through all that nonsense, the least you deserve is a trick from my personal “A” list: If confronted by a material situation where your required outcome makes it necessary to take something away from someone else by purely magickal means, failure is the most likely option. Most people have powerful unconscious defenses against that sort of influence. But there’s an app for that: Pry the required object out of their grubby hands by arranging for them to find something else they want even more, so they will discard the thing you are after to pick up that other thing. It is usually sufficient to direct the forces invoked to do this job and leave all the details to them. As long as the “loser” in this transaction gets something that that is more valuable – to them – than what you are taking, everyone walks away happy and the net Karmic outcome is “sunshine, butterflies and rainbows.”

    If you still want “wealth without working and a free ride to success in sex and business,” there is a simple solution, dear friends: J.R. “Bob” Dobbs and his mighty Church of the SubGenius, the best damned flying saucer cargo cult in this or any world. Have you heard the word of “Bob”? http://subgenius.com


  5. Let’s face it. Why lie to people?
    I know how to do this.
    And say about really making someone to have financial prosperity, wealth, fortune, money in abundance only by using magical powers raising my arms and making the invocation of the great forces of the universe.
    The only small and insignificant problem is to release the use of these abilities that I already have the knowledge, I need to be rich to carry out all the wonderfull and fantastic large magical works to the development of these skills. This includes magic expeditions to great sacred places around the world and preparing some decent temples amidst great forests that should be protected from the profane eyes within large and prosperous farms. For sure, that farms must be my property because the necessary energy link, and be located at specific sites in several countries.
    Some sponsors?
    Then it’s a breeze.
    P.S. – I’m kidding but I’m being serious too. Six digits money (Us$ our Eu$) values to start, ok?


  6. I have heard of several positive results in praying/using magic for “fairy gold” (ie quick money to meet a bill). Often it’s unpaid debts, or unexpected windfalls (tax returns, pay rises, charities or discounts). However fairy gold never solves the underlying money-spending problem.

    As for lotteries…. they are a massive whirlpool of wishes and invested hopes – very hard to move through. And the big ones do seem to be guarded.

    I’m interest in diviners or goetic’s (or similar information miners) to see if they have any luck with lottos etc. I’m current experimenting with Forex, after a dare by an atheist who suggested the last two digits at the close bell on the DowJones as a good randomised test target for such spiritually gained information.

    Generally though, money is energy. represents resources in this realm. very tricky to pull from nowhere and have no reciprocating side effect. Especially has handling fixed/scarce resources is one of the underlying sell points of a physical reality.


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