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Great news folks!

Over the years, I have lost count of the number of students who have asked about the system of spirit magick outlined in the Book of Abramelin.  Of course, the subject is not something that can be covered in a simple email or forum post.  Therefore, I have published two lengthy documents on the subject:  The first, Abramelin’s Magickal Word Squares, is freely available at my homepage.  It is a mere preview of the work I’ve done to decipher and correct the Abramelin talismans – the full scope of which I plan to release in an upcoming book.

The second document is called The Spirit Magick of Abramelin, which was published in Scarlet Imprint’s Diabolical anthology.  It is an in-depth essay on how to use the Abramelin talismans along with their associated spirits.  Needless to say, this is the one most of you have wanted to read – though I can understand why some may be hesitant to purchase an entire anthology just to get their hands on that one essay.

Thus the good news:  The Spirit Magick of Abramelin is being re-published in the upcoming edition of Hermetic Virtues Magazine.  🙂  Sorry it’s not free, but it will certainly be more affordable for those of you on a budget.  Besides, you’ll want to be familiar with Hermetic Virtues anyway – as they will soon be releasing their first full-scale book including never-before seen Golden Dawn-related material (some of it by yours truly).  I don’t want to give away too many details just yet, so stay tuned for for updates.

For now, those of you interested in all things Abramelin will want to get your hands on the next issue of the magazine.  😉


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