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Greetings students!

I’ve got some good news.  I’ll be at Florida Pagan Gathering Beltaine 2013 in about a week.  I’m not one of the headliners this year, but I have volunteered to present a workshop while I am there (Friday 4-6pm).

I’ve decided to forego the lecture format this time, and instead let the attendees direct the discussion.  This will be a good opportunity to ask someone with nearly 30 years of experience any question concerning magick you desire.  We can talk philosophy, certainly, but I hope you will take this chance to ask some practical questions about magick, spellwork, etc.

 I have backgrounds in Neopaganism and Wicca (Traditional and non-Traditional), Hoodoo and conjure, ATRs such as Palo Mayombe, Santeria and Voodoo, Solomonic Magick and Western Ceremonial Magick (especially the Golden Dawn).  Plus, there is a good chance my wife Carrie Mikell will be present, and she can answer from any of the above traditions – with even more depth into the ATRs.

Because this is a rare opportunity for you to pick our brains, I have decided to call this workshop “Stump the Wizard.”  🙂  Any question you have about the practice of magick, we’ll likely know the answer.  And in case we don’t, we’ll know how to find out.  😉

Hope to see you at FPG!

(Remember, this is a large festival, so there will be an admission charge!)


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