Ritual Magic Class Update 1   4 comments

Hey Students!

Just letting you know there has been an update to the Ritual Magick Classes info.

The store has asked that we set the per-class fee to $15.  Hopefully that won’t break anyone’s bank!  🙂

The dates have been finalized to September 2nd through October 14th – a solid seven weeks instead of eight.

I have not yet gotten a solid date on a Chic and Tabatha Cicero appearance, so that is still TBA.  Keep an eye out here for that info.  🙂

4 responses to “Ritual Magic Class Update 1

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  1. I would check it out if I was in the States. Good luck with the classes, looks interesting.


    • Thanks, Frater. We will see about maybe recording them. 🙂


      • How many people can fit into the courseroom?

        Is anybody carpooling in or around Orlando?


      • I’m not sure about the carpooling – you could always ask around on Facebook. 🙂

        As for the classroom, I’m not entirely sure how large the class area is in the store in question. You can always contact them directly and ask how mnay spots are avaialable. I’m sure there is still room if you want to bring a few friends. 🙂


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