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Greetings Faithful Seekers of Ruby and Gold!

In just a few days – June 24th, 2012 – we will reach an auspicious date in the history of the modern Golden Dawn.  It was thirty years ago on that date that Very Honored Frater Ad Majorem Adonai Gloriam – better known as Francis Israel Regardie – consecrated the Vault of the Adepti of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

At the time of this consecration, it was thought that the Golden Dawn current had long-since passed into history.  Later, it was discovered that one last Temple of the Order (specifically from the Stella Matutina line) had survived in New Zealand – a Temple best known today as the Whare Ra.  (That, at least, was the name of the house built for the Temple.  The Temple itself was designated Smaragdum Thallasses.)  The Whare Ra Temple operated in relative silence until 1978.

But the Golden Dawn was not finished yet!  Already in America a new Temple was being formed by Mr. Chic Cicero.  When Cicero learned that Israel Regardie – that last known living adept of the Stella Matutina – was still alive and well in Phoenix, Arizona, he decided to make contact with him.  Regardie was impressed with Mr. Cicero’s efforts, and so traveled to the other side of the continent to see the new Temple for himself.

Just four years after the closing of Whare Ra (we might say one year for each of the Four Philosophical Elements), Regardie consecrated the Vault of the Adepti in America.  He then initiated the first Adepts in that new Vault, establishing a fresh Golden Dawn current that has since become a world-wide movement.

Today, there exist many different Golden Dawn Orders – and all of us share a debt of gratitude to the Ciceros and Dr. Regardie for their selfless dedication in reviving the G.D. current for everyone.  That is why I am deeply honored to be included in the following 30th Anniversary Announcement – in which we offer our thanks to Regardie and Chic and Tabatha Cicero for all they have done.

Below, you will see the names of many individuals, Temples and Orders that have come together for this simple – yet powerful – message of fraternity and gratitude.

30th Anniversary Announcement

NOTE:  If you didn’t get your name, Temple or Order added to the above list in time, we hope that you will still join with us by posting the image on your own blog, forum or other media (digital OR print) – along with your own words of appreciation.  🙂  If you do, send me a link!

Plus, everyone is encouraged to check out the Facebook Event Page for the Anniversary.  There you can add your own comments of fraternity and gratitude.  🙂

In case you haven’t seen what a Vault might look like, check out this video:

Virtual Vault of the Adepti of the Golden Dawn

In Peace and L.V.X.



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  1. Holy Cow! You guys should see the Facebook Event version of this Announcement blowing up! The outpouring of support is just incredible. :):):)



  2. Thanks Aaron.


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