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Censer Burning

Greetings, faithful followers!

I thought it might be useful – for me as well as my readers – to post my favorite recipes for planetary incenses here.

In a best case scenario, you would want each incense to include the planet’s sacred number of ingredients.  Thus, Saturn incense should include three ingredients, Jupiter incense should contain four, etc.  The down side to this is when you reach the higher-numbered planets:  six ingredients for Sol and seven for Venus isn’t so much, but by the time you reach Luna’s nine ingredients the recipies begin to get unwieldy.  Another option is to have all the recipies include the same sacred number of ingrendients.  Three and seven are always “standard” sacred numbers for nearly any purpose.

I generally choose three ingredients for mine – representing each of the three worlds described by Agrippa (physical, mental and spiritual), or the three shamanic worlds (celestial, terrestrial and the underworld).  I have found that simpler is better when it comes to mixing aromatic powders together.  Quite often, substances that you think would smell wonderful when burned together, instead create acrid and unpleasant burning smells.  Whatever number you choose, it will take some trial and error before you find the exact mixture that works best for you.

Incense of Saturn/Saturday:

1 part Myrrh

1 part Asafoetida

1/4 part Sulphur

Incense of Jupiter/Thursday:

1 part cedar

1/4 part clove

1/8th part apple pectin

A few drops of pine oil

NOTE: This is a rare case where I use more than three ingredients, and four is sacred to Jupiter.  I find that apple pectin tends to have an acrid burning smell – so I add very little and then offset it with the pine oil.

Incense of Mars/Tuesday:

1 part Pipe Tobacco (or, my favorite, “Black and Mild”)

1/2 part Cinnamon

1/8th part Crushed Red Pepper

WARNING!: Martian incense is one of the most dangerous substances I’ve worked with!  It is, quite simply, tear gas.  If you make this, do not add too much red pepper.  And when you burn it, do it in small quantities. Never, for any reason, lean over the censor and inhale or draw in breath!  Too much pepper or direct inhalation can burn your throat and lungs.

Incense of Sol/Sunday:

1 part Frankincense

1 part Copal

1/2 part Benzoin.

NOTE: You may also use standard “Church” incense, which can be found in most botanicas or christian supply stores.

Incense of Venus/Friday:

1 part Sanalwood

1 part Benzoin

1/2 part Red Rose Petals

Incense of Mercury/Wednesday:

1 part Benzoin

1/4 part Frankencense

1/8 part Lavender Blossoms

Incense of Luna/Monday:

1 part Calamus

1/2 part Juniper Berries

1/4 part Gardenia Flower

As a note, I generally find that the various flowers used in the above incenses tend to produce a burnt smell when placed on hot coals.  A good solution is to replace the flowers with a drop or two of essential oil instead.  Just be careful, as too much flower essence will quickly overpower the other ingredients in the recipe.

You should, of course, test these recipes and tweak them according to your tastes and intuition.  Or, if you feel inspired to do so, try making scents with the planetary number of ingredients.  A wonderful resource for this work is Scott Cunningham’s Incenses Oils and Brews.

Also, you can use these for Elemental incenses as well:

Fire: Martian Incense

Water: Lunar Incense

Air: Mercury Incense

Earth: Saturn incense*

(* – Personally, I find Saturn incense too noxious for Earth. My favorite Earthy scent is Patchouli.)

May you find these suffumigations useful and powerful in your magick.


ADDENDUM:  One thing Agrippa mentions, and I’ve been meaning to experiment with it, is the inclusion of a lodestone.  (That is a natural magnet made from magnetite.)  It certainly wouldn’t add anything to the scent of the incense – so I’ve always assumed it was included for its attractive properties.  That is, since a magnet can be used to magnetize other metals, then perhaps it is added to the incense to “magnetize” it to attract forces in sympathy with it.

However, I do note that Agrippa only lists the lodestone as an ingredient for Saturn and Martian incenses.  So this may hint at a more chthonic attribution for the lodestone, having something to do with commanding spirits…

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16 responses to “Planetary Suffumigations (Incenses)

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  1. oh the little things one forgets when a newb i.e. number of ingredients = planet’s sacred number; how obvious this should have been; duh, me; THANKS, Aaron!!


  2. Yes indeed! Keep that sacred number in mind for *everything* – number of days of purification, number of each item offered to the entity, number of times to say the prayers, etc, etc.


  3. Great post Aaron! Do you ever mix your aromatics with makko to make cones? That’s the way I’ve been doing it for a while (I hate charcoal!).

    Again, thanks for the recipes, I’ll have to try them out soon!

    -Fr AENE


  4. When talking about some of the many train wreck Lamas and Students in Tibetan Buddhism I used to say that we are like the CIA: our failures are public but our successes are secret. I think that the same holds true in GD as well as other schools.


  5. Here here, Inominandum! Though I suspect you meant to post this to the Truth About the GD post. 🙂


  6. Thank you for your recipes. I remember getting nu essences years ago and loving them, from planetary to abramelin.


  7. Hi Aaron, a couple resources that might help. not only makes some of the finest esoteric-themed incenses in the business but the owner is an expert in bringing in the highest quality ingredients. If you want to really enhance these recipes, it’s well worth finding the best, there is a huge difference between frankincense you can buy anywhere and the higher quality resin. For example take your Sol recipe, use Hougary frankincense and high end white copal. You can also find a lot of suggestions for these kinds of things at my incense resource site One of the things I’d really like to see is more incense work with aloeswood which can vary vastly in quality and scent, but can also have some intense psychological triggers. I’ll also second the Nu Essence recommendation!


  8. Also, if you want to take the danger out of your Mars incense use an incense heater. Mermade has them for a decent price with good temperature control and you can use it so that it releases the aromatics without too much smoke.


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  10. Thank you Aaron.
    Except for using whole resins for incense and essential oils (for anointing and dressing), I have stuck with the stick or powdered incense that others have made. Luckily one can order just about anything on the internet these days. Those working with Agrippa or medieval magic like the GoS or GKoS might want to use the incense of Saturn for Water, the incense of Jupiter for Air, the incense of Mars for fire, the incense for Venus for earth and use the incense of Mercury for your altar oil as I do (see Agrippa’s Scale of the Number Five). Also, the use of loadstone or “sulphurous stinking substances” (including Asafoetida) should not be made use of within medieval systems except when one uses the Spirits’ Chain or one is trying to coerce and threaten spirits. The use of loadstone or iron in goetic working (like the iron box and sulphur) should be limited to threats, punishment, and displays of authority and power.


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  13. Pls i need other archangels ritual journal entry


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