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Greetings faithful readers!

Ok, I doubt many of you actually think 2012 is the end of the world.  However, the media sure is having a field day over the subject.  And what they are popularizing as the “2012 prophecy”, in fact, has absolutely nothing to do with what is actually happening .

Yes, I said “actually happening.”  There is something happening this year – and in fact has been happening for quite some time.  If you are one of the very few who actually understand McKenna’s Timewave Theory, then you know what I’m talking about.  If you have no idea what the hell “Timewave Theory” means, or who Terrance McKenna is, then believe me when I tell you that you know nothing about 2012 – regardless of what you’ve seen on T.V. or in movies.

So, I want to take this oportunity, as my very first post of 2012, to bring you folks into the inner circle of the 2012 prophecy and the Timewave Theory.

This whole hub-bub originated with Terrance McKenna.  I won’t go much into where he came from, since you can Google him just as easily.  Suffice it to say that he was one of the big movers and shakers back in the heyday of the 60s drug culture.  (Back when drugs like LSD were being studied in earnest by university psychologists and scientists.  The same culture that gave rise to folks like Tim Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.)

Terrance is something of a genius who has no problem combining modern scientific and psychological knowlege with ancient mystical wisdom.  For example: he studies the I Ching, he studies ancient cultures – like the Mayans- and he also does a lot of thinking about the future.  And that is the mind that created the Timewave Theory.  Now this subject can be rather complex – especially when the mathematics get involved – but I can give you a simplified explanation of the Timewave Theory here:

It all began with a rather simple observation.  Every once in a while, we invent something so huge, so revolutionary, that it utterly changes the way human beings live on this planet.  We’re talking about BIG stuff here, like the taming of fire.  Or the invention of the wheel.  Or the creation of farming.  Not just day-to-day conveniences, but things that literally make the humans who lived before the invention a completely alien civilization when compared to the humans who came after the invention.

McKenna looked back over the course of human history, and noticed a specific pattern in our progress:  It seems that each new revolutionary invention comes along in about half the time as the previous one.  So, let’s say it took us 10,000 years to tame fire.  Then the wheel would have come along 5,000 later.  The next major innovation would have come 2500 years later, etc, etc.

So McKenna decided to create a mathematical equation to chart this exponential rate of human progress.  This is where it can become complex – but don’t worry I’m not gonig down that road.  If you want to know more about the timewave equation, you can Google that too.  For now, let’s just take a look at a simplified graph to illustrate the idea:

Timewave Graph

Now, let me make it clear that the above chart is in no way scientific or even close to an accurate view of human history.  I just threw it together with a few example inventions to illustrate the point.

As you can see above, as time progresses, humans come up with new revolutionary inventions in half the time as the previous revolutionary invention.  This causes the Timewave itself to curve higher and higher – until it finally goes vertical.  That vertical line means that we are inventing world-changing new technology each and every second of each and every day.

And that’s impossible, isn’t it?  Everything you buy will be obsolete – and seriously so, like an 8-Track tape would be today – before you could even get to the check-out counter to purchase it.  Cities would have to be re-designed over and over again every day in order to keep up with new advances.  Your day-to-day life would change as drastically each day as it has changed over the last 50 years.  Future shock would be at an all-time high, meaning more and more people would develop psychological problems akin to post-traumatic stress disorder.

And there is real reason to be concerned about that kind of thing.  Even now, our technology advances tremendously every few weeks.  Before long, it will be every few days.  Then every few hours.  Then every few minutes.  Then every few seconds.  And then? – well McKenna’s graph goes entirely vertical at the winter solstice of 2012.  I call that point the “crash of the Timewave.”

So what can we imagine might happen after the timewave has crashed?   MnKenna himself admited that he didn’t know.  I can’t personally predict a thing past 2012, and I’ve encountered other futurists who say the same. 

If “time” is measured as the progress of humanity, then “time” ends at the end of this year.  And that is why McKenna referred to the year 2012 as “the end of human history.”  And, perhaps you can guess why our media jumped on that comment and ran with it – assuming it meant earthquakes and volcanoes and the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  (Sheeeesh.)

McKenna has made a few suggestions of what we might expect, as have others – but they all admit they are purely speculating.  Just tossing out ideas on what could possibly come after 2012. 

One is that, perhaps, we’ll finally invent time travel.  Yes, that is far-fetched – but it would invalidate the entire graph above, allowing us to move anywhere on the timeline we wish.

Another idea: perhaps aliens will finally reach Earth this year.  It’s a bit less far-fetched than time travel.  And the influx of new alien technology would also invalidate the above graph, starting a whole new technological age (and thus re-booting the Timewave chart at zero).

Another possibility – one the media salivates over – is that our technological civilization will collapse for some reason, sending us back to, perhaps, the 17th century or so and forcing us to pick the Timewave up from there.  (Of course that says nothing about what happens when the chart goes vertical again – which it would do in even less time than the first time around.)

I think the most level-headed theory is that 2012 will simply mark the end of an age, and 2013 will launch a new one.  The chart reboots to zero, and we begin the path of progress anew.  And/Or, perhaps we will simply hit a technological plateau where little to nothing comes along that might be called revolutionary.

Whatever is going to happen, it is fast approaching.  It has been happening for all of human history, but today we are getting to see its culmination.  Have you noticed the social upheaval and mass uprisings of the past decade – and especially over the last year?  Have you noticed that every single thing that has ever been popular is, currently, popular somewhere right now? 

Groups of people are going out into the woods to live like cavemen and see what it was like.  Others are playing the ancient sport of bull-leaping.  Others are swing dancing.  There are people out there attending Victorian parties and filling out damce cards, while others indulge in futuristic virtual realities.  (More often than you might think, those virtual realties are recreations of ancient cities and past cultures.)

All forms of music and art from throughout history are being performed and enojyed somewhere by someone.  Every single decade’s pop culture, from every single century, is currently back “in fashion” somewhere.   I’ve even heard of entirely extinct languages being revived by modern descendants of lost civilizations.  I like to call this time we live in the “dumping ground of history.”

Truly this is the culmination of human history.  It’s all happening Right Here, Right Now.  Maybe it will reach critical mass this December – or maybe it’ll happen sometime later.  (This isn’t hard science, folks.)  It is hardly the end of the world – but it is certainly exciting to witness!

I urge you to share this blog post on your Facebook, Google+, blogs, etc.  The popular misconception of 2012 as the “end of the world” is selling us all short.  We are poised to witness the most intense moment in human history, but the T.V. has you all looking the wrong way.



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11 responses to “So You Think 2012 is the End of the World?

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  1. Right before Terence’s death he seemed to be leaning toward the idea of the dawning of a self-aware AI, a Super Intelligence. Instead of the Alien coming down to earth from the stars it would come from “within”, emerging from an increasingly densely connected world wide web, watching unseen and waiting for some tipping point possibly. Bidding it’s time. Seeing how most everything we rely on is automated or moderated by computer technology the implications are tremendous. I think the fear of “Terminator” is too facile, just what would an artificial super intelligence do with our current systems? Would it be an enemy, or a brother, or a god to Mankind?

    What I always liked about McKenna was his willingness to just riff off of ideas and following them down various rabbit holes with no trepidation. Belief was anathema to him, he worked using models and they were always up for revision based on new information. And he freely admitted he could be entirely full of shit, but tried to take on ideas from many angles in an effort to have a greater understanding of things. He was always fun to hear out, whether in agreement with him or not. For me at least.


  2. I learned about Timewave about 18 months ago when doing some entheogen research, and bought the McKenna’s books where he talk about it. I didn’t get around to reading the Timewave material, but was reminded of it just yesterday when I going through books to par down my collection and decided to keep it. Now you make this blog entry…and that’s enough synchronicity for me to make sure I read that book sometime soon. 🙂

    Happy New Year!


  3. I have been watching this theory unfold into a well documented reality as the world keeps pace with the predicted, exponentially increasing rate of “change”, since the 1970s. Futurists used to call what is now happening the “singularity,” an event horizon in history that makes it effectively impossible to predict the future course of events with any confidence beyond, about, the year 2012. (This “historical singularity” should not be confused with the “technological singularity” theory, where intelligent computers invent more intelligent computers than themselves, etc. ad infinitum, rendering the human race obsolete and irrelevant. This prediction from Vernor Vinge has not come true yet and “probably” won’t this year.)

    Something to beware of, when contemplating the constantly accelerating growth of “the new” in human affairs, is projecting the growth curve too far. The math of an exponential growth curve is too simple to accurately describe the situation; it has worked well up until very recently, but the rate of change can not continue to speed up, at least not for much longer, because there is resistance built into the system. It takes a finite amount of time for human beings to recognize and act on “changes” and “the new,” and some will surf near the crest of the wave while most paddle around in backwaters as the world passes them by. And among those who are adopting and adapting to change at a faster pace, there is no unified direction – faster change means more diversity in human activities. Nobody can keep track of everything that is happening or even a significant fraction of what is going on; we will all become more and more focused and specialized on topics where we already have strong personal interest and a running start, while the changes that happen out of our sight will present us with constant surprises when we encounter them. As a general rule, younger people will adapt to this situation much better than older people, and the “generation gap” will get wider all the time.

    Another factor to consider is those bothersome “laws of physics,” which stand squarely in the way of some kinds of change and will not get out of our way. For instance, the explosive growth of human population and human technology has strained the physical resources of our home planet past the breaking point. No technological miracle is going to make this “not matter.” The math that successfully predicted the exponential growth of human knowledge and innovation, and the same people who did that math, also tell us that there is going to be a human population crash and that it is going to happen much sooner than most of us would believe. Our educational system has conditioned us to believe that every problem has at least one acceptable answer, and that the “people in charge” have that answer. But in real life there are some problems that do NOT have acceptable answers and overpopulation is one of them. At least a billion people are going to die, and all we can do is work to avoid making it worse than it has to be. Are you willing to live in a country that feeds its people by stealing food at gunpoint from areas that are already experiencing famine? If not, start preparing for revolution now.

    Economic and industrial systems that evolved under a much slower rate of change and growth are already starting to oscillate out of control, as their owners and managers attempt to contain and exploit the new world that arrives every few months by using old methods that no longer work. Institutions that were once taken for granted as the “stable bedrock of society” are collapsing, and they will be replaced with very different institutions sooner than would have seemed possible just a few years ago. When the word “revolution” first became current 300 or so years ago, it did not mean “overthrowing a government,” it meant “the world turned upside down.” Radical changes in social and political institutions do not change the way people actually live; changes in the way people actually live cause radical changes in social and political institutions. Revolutiionary changes in the way people actually live are now happening in less than one generation, and will continue to do so.

    The rigid and largely hereditary top-down economic, political and social command structures of the “advanced” nations and societies are starting to break down, because the world they evolved to control and exploit no longer exists. The people who own and control the institutions of State, forced to confront the reality of a world changing faster than they can adapt and maintain control, started to panic and over-react a full decade ago. The rapid establishment of Police State institutions, policies, and laws in the United States in the first decade of the 21st century is the natural response of our ruling class to a world changing faster than they can keep up with. It seems likely that our rulers are going to stomp down very hard, soon, and that the backlash will be a new kind of economic and political revolution enabled by densely networked many-to-many mass communication among the peasantry – a brand new phenomenon in the human experience. Some would say that this backlash has already started.

    What is one to do, when living in interesting times? Many will resort to denial and escapism, immersing themselves in fantasy worlds such as those provided by fundamentalist religion and the laughable mock battles of “Left vs. Right” politics – “movements” built and guided by loyal and committed members a one ruling elite, whose only moral and political ideologies are “greed is good” and “Me first!” Others will find escape through drugs. Every passing year sees the list of “diagnostic indicators” for administration of psychiatric drugs grow larger: If you are not perfectly happy, within normal limits, you have an organic brain disorder that can be treated with addictive drugs that flatten your emotional responses and reduce your ability to think, decide, and exercise personal initiative. Many more fall back on the tried and true self administration of narcotics and central nervous system depressants. But running away from the big scary real world is not the only option.

    One thing has not changed and will not for the forseeable future: The human organism. You were born knowing how to live as a human being, even if that knowledge was overwritten by “socialization” that started when you learned to talk. But you are still human, and at a preconscious level, you still know who and what you really are. People love doomsday prophesies, and you have read this far in mine, because we all know deep down inside that “civilization” is just plain wrong – it assaults our human nature and violates our deepest sense of right and wrong every day, in almost every way. We want to see it smashed, torn down, removed from the playing field. We want revenge for what our world has done to us and to the people we love most. But if we can acknowledge the truth of this condition, embrace the fact that we are right and the advocates of conformity and “social adjustment” are dead wrong, we can get past the violent impulse to lash out and start thinking about what we really DO want.

    The first and most necessary step in learning to cope with a world gone mad, is to redicsover your original human nature, bring it forward into the light of day, and make a commitment to live as your Maker (who or whatever you think that is) intended. I am not going to tell you who and what you are, and if I could “force” you to do just one thing, it would be to NOT let anyone else tell you who and what you are. Since that has already happened, many times over, I would actually be forcing you to go and find out for yourself, at any price and no matter what the consequences. That is what traditional mysticism and magick are for. We have the technology and if you use it, you can make yourself better, stronger, and faster at making creative adaptations to the chaotic and unstable world of the 21st century. When you do know who and what you really are, you will have a stable center that you can not be pushed away from, a true and reliable basis for making key life decisions.

    When you find your true self, you will find real courage. The fear of death will become “just another bothersome thing to deal with” if you find that you must sacrifice yourself so that others you care about more than yourself may live. That is why our ruling class has always done its best to suppress mysticism and magick: The thing they fear the most, the thing that keeps them up at night, is the knowledge that some of the peasants have come fully awake and can no longer be controlled by any amount of deception or force. And that more may wake up at any moment, inspired by the example of the Free men and women in their midst.


  4. Wonderful response, Steve! I urge everyone to take the time to read it – twice. 🙂


  5. I had a browser problem. Please delete this if reposted.

    I agree with you. This is a great point of view.
    Steve also have a very good reasoning too.

    Both meet, and help myself to express what I see coming.

    I wrote some about this, months ago, at Wyrd Crossings groups.
    I just took most of the original post as this (for me) appears to have some common ideas.

    First, about the Timewave, I may say the technological era is already making not so much difference to people. As commented in your article, we see all the time people living and doing thing of many different times. All decades are together.
    See Japanese people. They appear to take almost all lifestyles around and nobody cares.
    Just few decades ago, the Hippies were a great scandal. Today, most people don´t mind about.

    Same to technology. People are going to ignore it.

    See, people is going to ignore technology at all. Things just come ready from a box. Many people don´t know where milk comes from. At same side, people don´t mind if the gadget made in China will be used few times before crashing. They will use it and buy another. They will be really ignoring how things works or how was done.
    May be, soon most of this little things, will come from a place like: “only god knows from where is and who have done… may be was a machine”.
    Technology becomes is going to be too boring to death.

    In the 1800s, first movies still was like something evil.
    The first machines were near devilish.
    The first computers were a demoniac machine.
    The first medicines were witchery.

    What we´re expecting as majors science technology for next 100-300 years is almost seen at Star Trek and other. People won´t mind about. That is something they only expect to be at 70% sale in the near stores.

    Technology can´t be exponential as I see. That´s will only become to a level that nobody will matters.

    The following paragraphs are what I wrote some months ago, just revised some typos:

    I see most these current media channels becoming an increasing boring place.
    I guess this have to with times coming ahead.
    Major’s changes are coming after 2012. May be Nibiru, UFOs, and earthquakes? I see will be more than this.

    Just until few years ago, I found great forums, with great people I have
    opportunity to know and to keep near of some until these days.
    May be someone here will remember The Gatto Frito and the previous group. That was like a big collection of brilliant minds I have admiration.
    I guess someplace there are some groups still working, but they become rare to
    The most principals, have gone to be more discrete, but fully working, like this
    Wyrd group.
    At my country, we had for years to a good group, and it´s gone too.

    The most of times, appears the groups (occultism, etc.) close by the same reasons:
    -“lots of no-sense” (like people only kidding or not serious),
    -“to many feelings and no reason”,
    -“too many reason and no light”… and so on.

    What I´m trying is to say as see this as: “lots of confused people”.

    Sometimes ago I wrote at another group about my vision to the future. I told how this was always confirmed just any kind of oracle, I tried to use. This means me reading or someone reading for me.

    See, my vision for years about what is coming was just something like a general reply: “a major change. No correspondences to describe.”

    But what I asked and looked for? (For example, tarot, runes, I-ching…). I used common questions we see around, and the reply was the same:
    -Are UFOs coming? (Yes)
    -Will earthquakes destroy the planet? (Yes)
    -Nibiru (the X Planet) will move Earth from axe? (Yes)
    -Our planet goes into a crystal dimension and the not pure people will go anywhere? (Yes)

    The fire under the moon, or the cauldron, the rain, the wind, also had the same.

    So I kept silent about.

    But then become clear what´s happening, and I posted a short message at Facebook
    telling I changed all.

    See, currently Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Youtube, etc., etc., are just channels to
    lots of info, any info.

    People are going just into ANY info. This means confusion. What is this or that?

    When I retired some 10 years ago, I was bored with the increasing of “instant
    weekend course masters of anything”.

    This becomes worst every day.

    People are going to be more confused about all.
    Anyone read about any “spiritual” practice, any master, and they are doing just a “mix” of all that. The result is confusion.

    All kind of religions appears at any corner, but full of people who can´t do the
    most simple exercise for three days. And they have mixing anything.

    Is like trying to learn Kung-Fu just reading two lines at some cheap magazine. Add some words from any church priests, plus a bit from some good neighbor. And they have no one to say if this is right or no. Whoo will be reliable?

    People are going into dark and confusion. The world is confusion. Internet is a
    great electronic machine. Internet has no common sense and won´t have any, probably never.

    People´s mind are tuning like a radio station. And the “show” is that sum of lots of anything. Techno-gibberish, spiritual-gibberish, social-gibberish.

    So, how we can go to the world? I have this question too.

    (End of attached post, I continue now).

    What I talking about is: I see these times coming as some kind of dark age. Spiritual, techno, social.

    How it will be it´s something still we can only imagine taking parts. We are looking techno, mind, spiritual, arts, music, etc. All this will change in some way.

    I´m only sure that Light will be need. The inner light. Some people will see the others around in darkness and that may be a lot of work.

    May be soon, may last sometime more. It´s just what I see until now. For almost twenty years I had that vision and slowly things appears to come. So I worked and still keep working on myself. I have personal problems as any normal people. At least, I hope any bit I can change to improve myself will be usefull.


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  7. First off I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing. I have had a hard time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out there. I truly do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips? Appreciate it!


  8. Reblogged this on Ananael.


  9. I can well believe that as we approach closer to the Singularity, society will break down … in America. However, when the shit hits the fans in countries which have sensible gun control laws, *our* revolutions will not be quite so violent!


  10. On another note, I can see two problems with the time-wave hypothesis. Firstly, it assumes that Time is constant, whereas per Einstein we know that it is relative to the speed at which we travel. I would suggest that if we live our lives at a faster pace, it will actually cause the rate of technological change to level off – relative to our own viewpoint.

    Alternatively, given that the criteria against which technological change is measured is that of the previous civilization appearing to be alien to the subsequent one. However, if the operative word in that sentence is “appearing,” then all that is likely to happen when we hit the vertical line is that the world will convert to Post-Modernism, and it will cease to be a problem.


  11. Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to ALL.
    Thank you for this info/wisdom.



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