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I was recently a guest on an episode of the ‘Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole’ Podcast.  We talked for about an hour (on the air – and about as long off the air afterward!) and had an absolute blast.  We discussed Solomonic magick and its place in the current occult revival, its relationship to the African-Caribbean Diaspora traditions (Santeria, Voodoo, Hoodoo, etc) and about grimoire magick in general.

Check out the Podcast here.

I can’t wait to hang out with those guys again soon.  😉  I believe the topic will be Enochian magick and the Angelical Language.

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3 responses to “Solomonic Interview

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  1. Hi Aaron,

    Just finished listening to the podcast. I enjoyed it thoroughly. It occurred to me as he was asking you at the end about your contact info, I have been rude. I would like to offer to post your blog and website on my links page, if you are interested. In the first part of 2012, I will also be placing an order for your books to carry here in the shop and also in the online shop. I have a wholesale account with Llewellyn now, so I have already started carrying their stuff. Your books are on my short list to stock next.



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