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Carolina Dean recently posted this to the Hoodoo and Conjure Quarterly group on Facebook.  It was offered in response to someone who needed to banish a discordant person from their life.  However, as Dean states below, the same spell can be used to banish nearly anything.

I felt it was worth adding to my collection of favorite spells here, with his permission, of course.  I have named it the “Get Rid of Anything Spell”:

When the moon is full, carve your [enemy’s] name on a black candle (written backwards).* Take pins and drive them through the candle between each letter in his/her name. If you can get any personal concerns, wrap them in a written petition placed under the candle. Burn one letter of the name each day as the moon wanes while making your prayer or petition for them to leave.

(* – Inscribe the name backward, starting with the last letter of the name near the tip of the candle and moving toward the base.  When you stand the candle upright, the name will be standing on its head. – Aaron)

You might say something like:

Lord as you made the blind to see, let (N) see that s/he nolonger belong here; as you made the lame to walk, let him/her walk out of our lives forever; as you healed the sick, heal the wounds that (N) has inflicted upon me and my family, etc…..

Save each pin and stick it in the written petition and when the candle has burned down dispose of the written petition, pins, candle wax by tossing them into running water.

I would add that you should not look back toward the water as you leave.  Some might also choose to toss three pennies over their shoulder, in order to keep anything from following them home.  Dean concludes:

BTW, it works great with human-figure candles (which you can load with personal concerns)…  This spell also works on non-people type things as well…..pretty much anything you can name.  I’ve even done it on “the flu”…lol

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28 responses to “Get Rid of Anything Spell

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  1. Aaron, If I want to get rid of negativity at work can I call that out without fear that it would be answered by me losing my job? No job = no negativity there anymore. I assume be specific is the answer but how specific can I be with this?


    • Well, “Negativity At Work” is a rather long phrase to inscribe in a candle – especially for this kind of needle spell. Plus, as you correctly fear, it is a rather ambiguous phrase. Let me ask you this: what, exactly, is the cause of the negativity at work?


  2. It’s a person (s). It has to do with general attitudes. Seems to have a “blame someone” feel, a left over from previous administrations. The main causes are gone now, (earlier spell work … ahem.) But there is a residual attitude which I come up against daily. I combat it in Malkuth by not giving in to it. But it’s still there. I’m looking for something along the lines that this ritual seems to provide. I mean it can banish the flu right? So why not this?


    • Since the actual cause(s) of the problem have gone, then I don’t think you really need a further banishing spell. It sounds like what you need at this point is something to cool and harmonize the atmosphere at work. I think I’ll pose this question to some of my contacts in the conjure community, to see what they have tried that works. 🙂


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  4. Ok, I live in the city, and the nearest rivers (“running water”) that I know of…well, it’s illegal to throw “trash” into them. Are there other ways of disposing the stuff aside from tossing it into running water? I’ve only began to read on spellcasting not too long ago, and the very first method that I took into serious consideration involved burning the materials after the rite as a means of closure and disposal. I’m not sure if candle wax will burn, though.

    And about throwing coins over your shoulder…how exactly is this supposed to be done? Is it right-hand-to-right-shoulder or right-hand-to-left-shoulder, etc.? I’ve googled it up (“throwing coins over your shoulder”), and what’s apparent to me is that it is a practice specifically tied to tossing coins in the Trevi fountain. So far, I haven’t found anything that relates it to spellcasting or conjuring. I’ve also heard of throwing salt over one’s shoulder…can salt be used instead of coins, then? I mean, considering that it used to be a valuable commodity in ancient times; more “primordial”; and probably cheaper in bulk.

    Lastly, do the pins serve as “markers” on when to stop burning the candle down each day, or do you just snuff the flame out after it completely melts past a letter?


    • Ok, point by point:

      – An alternative to tossing spell ingredients into running water is to leave them at a crossroads. Many Santeros simply go to the largest local intersection, and leave the materials in the nearest dumpster to it. There are cases where you can burn the left-overs of a spell, but then you’d take the ashes to a river or crossroads anyway.

      – I’ve not encountered any rules about which hand or which shoulder should be used in tossing coins. The best I can say is that the right hand is often the “giving” hand while the left is the “receiving” hand – so you can toss the coins with the right hand if you wish. As for salt – the tradition there is related to salt that has been accidently spilled. You take a pinch of it and toss it over your left shoulder in order to blind your personal demon. But that is not related to using coins for payment, so I would not attempt to substitute salt for coins.

      – Yes the pins serve as markers so you know when to stop burning the candle each day. They are also related to the old concept of the “voodoo doll” – where you are sticking the pins into your problem in order to “pin it down.”

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      • Thanks for clearing those up. Another issue I have with leaving [a lump of wax, paper, and pins] as it is, is that it can be found by some schmuck later… In my mind, it’s kind of a “loose end”. By the way…if you toss coins as “payment” to a spirit, and someone picks them up later; would it possibly bring harm to that person?


      • Burial is a good way to get rid of remaining spell ingredients. Put things in a bag and bury them away from your home (or work or wherever you intend the spell to work)


  5. If I don’t have a name of the person that has put a spell on me_ what do I do?


    • Try to find a simple one or two word description of the curse that is effecting you. Such as “misfortune” or “anxiety” or whatever is happening to you. Inscribe that on the candle.


  6. I did this spell to get 2 evil people out of my life. They are still around, but they are leaving me alone. I want the one person to leave my job, as she causes many problems. Everyone else wants her to leave also. What can I do now, since this really didn’t seem to work?


    • First of all – how long ago did you do the spell? For something like this, you usually want to give it about six months before you decide if it worked or not.

      Still, even then, these kinds of spells are tricky and don’t always produce the exact results you want. (Such as wanting someone to go away, but they stay around and just leave yuo alone instead. Or the spell just doesn’t work at all and the person remains a problem.) In such a case, it means there is something larger going on with them that has them stuck where they are. I would perform a divination, Tarot in this case, to see what is up.

      If you have any experience with spirit work, you could also employ a spirit to first tell you why the person is around, then (going from its answer) ask it how to get rid of the person. You might have to do things in a specific way to address a specific situation.


  7. Do you know a good reader by phone if so could you email me the number .


  8. I have a person that I want to leave all of my family alone. She has caused so much pain and agony for myself, my children and my grand children. I want to do this spell but I don’t have anything personal of hers or know what a petition is?


    • Debra, if you don’t have anything personal of theirs you can proceed with the spell with only their name carved into the candle. A petition is a formal (often written but can be spoken) request for something.


  9. Isn’t there any easier way to get rid of someone that brought so much pain to you when they took the love of your life away from you ? Please


  10. OK, so I read that this can work on things that are not human. I have mice in my apartment and don’t want to kill them but they carry diseases and scare my kids, will this spell/position work on mice? Thank you for your help.


    • You could certainly give it a try. Though based on my own experience, you may have to talk to one of your house spirits directly for advice or help. I once had a roach infestation that *would not quit* (gotta love Florida) until I asked Samael if he could help (Scorpio rules insects) when I was feeding him that year. Within a couple of months we had been introduced to something that really did wipe them out, to our relief.

      Of course you obviously don’t want to go all Martial on those cute little micies… so you’ll have to ask for a kinder-gentler solution from one of your patrons or familiars.

      BTW – have you thought of getting a cat? It’s not a bloodless solution, but it’s a natural one and the cats can keep the mouse population in check (which even does them good).


      • Thank you for the response. Unfortunately cats are out of the question as my children are allergic. I have prayed on it and am waiting to see. Can you please clarify what you mean by the spirit of my home. Thanks again 🙂


      • By “house spirits” I was assuming you might have patrons or familiars who already have altars, or otherwise reside, in your home. Or who you work with in your spiritual practice. That is the best avenue to fixing a problem such as yours – as the spirit can lead you to a real-world solution.

        BTW – there are hairless cats. 😉


  11. I can find a decent spell to re-locate bugs, spiders etc, from our house. Do you know of anything?


    • I have yet to find any magick that successfully gets rid of bugs. I once asked Samael if he could help us fix a bug problem we had at the time – it wasn’t why I called him, of course, but I mentioned it to him as a “by the way” because he rules Scorpio. He didn’t say much, really – but within a week or so, we stumbled upon a product called “Termador” that actually took care of the problem for good. SO… from a magickal standpoint, Samael just said “nuke the little bastards with this poison.”

      (Samael… Poison of God… I just thought of that connection! lol)

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  12. I need to get rid of my husband’s aunties they are interfering too much.


    Ann Marie


  13. I have the unwanted person’s handwritten signature, how should I use it on this spell? Is there any ways of protecting myself while casting this spell? Just worried of the “comes back threefold”….


    • You would put the signature under the candle with the petition, and make sure the pins go through it too. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to “fix” the candle itself with an oil and herbs meant to drive someone away. There are tons of Hoodoo oils and powders for that – you might try the Command and Compelling oil we sell at Doc Sol’s:

      On the same site you’ll find planetary incenses and sprinkling powders – and the Saturn one of either would work well as the fixing powder.


    • Oh and as for the threefold return – that’s not really a thing unless you are specifically Wiccan and following their statutes. But even more important, this spell isn’t a curse and there wouldn’t be anything to come back on you. For all you know, the person you want to see leave could win the lottery or something. lol


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