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This is another old post, this time from my Facebook page.  Again, no need to respond, as Pinchy left us some months ago.



July 6 2010

Pinchy and Spazz share a meal. (Spazzy was sick at the time, and Pinchy insisted on being her friend.)


Today I lost my little boy Pinchy. He was a loveable and brave little guy – our explorer rat that sometimes escaped from the bedroom to check out the far reaches of the house. He was Pinchy because that’s what he did – at any time while you were in the bedroom, you might suddenly feel a pinch on your toes. It was little Pinchy saying hello. :):) More than once he even climbed onto the bed with us, to shock someone awake with a pinch, and then run like hell. lol He befriended our cat when she was sick and needed a friend. His heart was bigger than his little frame could show.

Pinchy was probably about 2 1/2 years old – and he never lost use of his legs or suffered nearly as much as many elderly rats suffer. He was his pinchy little self right up until the end. I miss him dearly.

Blessed Be, little guy!

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