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When we think about exorcism (specifically of a place), we tend to think of it as an all-or-nothing deal.  The exorcist comes into the building and casts out anything that isn’t an Angel.   (For an example of a simple home cleansing and exorcism, see my Uncrossing instructions.)

For most common folks, a home free from all spirits is the desired goal.  However, if you are a practitioner of any form of magick, you likely have a house full of familiar spirits, ancestors, helpers, nature spirits and ghosts that simply enjoy hanging around.  You certainly do NOT want to cast these guys screaming into the outer abyss along with any harmful demons you exorcise. 

My Guardian Angel once revealed to me a simple technique for protecting your house-familiars from a general exorcism.   First, you want to perform the Uncrossing and house cleaning as described in the Uncrossing instructions – up to but NOT including sprinkling and perfuming the house while reading Psalms 90 and 91!

Instead, you will need a white candle and a piece of consecrated quartz crystal.  (The candle can be consecrated as well, but the crystal *must* be, in order to keep negative spirits from attaching themselves to it.)  You will also need an offering to the friendly spirits:  food items such as fruits and vegetables, bread and honey, milk, water, liquor, flowers, cigars, incense, etc – whatever you know your house spirits will enjoy.  Establish this offering either in your Temple space, or create a sacred space/circle around a table holding the offerings.  It should be in a room or area that you will not need to exorcise.

Now, take the white candle in your right hand and the consecrated stone in your left.  Beginning in the back of the house (or the place furthest away from the offerings) walk through every room as you address all friendly, familial and house spirits.  Announce that you are about to exorcise the house, and that any friendly spirits who wish to stay must follow the light (your candle) and grab hold of the stone.  Also announce that you have an offering set up for them in a safe place.

Once you have completed this, place the candle and stone on the table with the offerings.  You have now localized all of your house spirits in one safe location.  Then return to the Uncrossing instructions and perform the sprinkling and censing of the house (except for the room the offerings are in!) along with the recitation of Psalms 90 and 91.

Once the exorcisms are complete and the house is sealed and protected, return to the offering table and deal with it as you would any other offering.  (I usually leave the offering there for several days.)  Announce to the spirits that they are free to move around the house again – and (if it applies) break any magick circle you cast around the table.

May you AND your familiars enjoy a happy and prosperous home.  🙂




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  1. Brilliant idea!


  2. Aaron,
    It is so funny reading this because (again) I had another experience dealing with just this sort of situation. Another learning experience due to an oversight I made yet again but becoming more and more mindful of my various un-bodied housemates.
    Since the birth of my son I’ve been very protective of him and avowed that nothing frightening should ever disturb him like some beings had been to me at an early age. Especially as he might be able to see spiritual beings or be sensitive to them as he grows.

    I make sure to banish at times when I feel something unfriendly around but I also do weekly offerings and prayers to all my assisting spirits.
    Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago my wife and I were heading down to our son’s room when she mentioned that Anden seemed to end up in far different areas of the crib than she left him. She noticed he would be toward the bottom of the crib in a moment after glancing at the baby monitor where he wasn’t there before. It seemed odd since he was only a month old and not able to move himself around much yet. She asked if I thought any spirits were bothering him in his room. ( Jumping to spirit interaction as a cause for some occurrences in our household is not uncommon. My wife takes it as a matter of course after just a few years living together.)

    However, I hadn’t felt anything negative or harmful in Anden’s room before and made sure to banish and bless it before we started putting him down there for the night. My wife and I were both tired as we came into his room and put him in his crib for the night. I did sense a being in the room waiting around in the corner. It had no sense of it being threatening or disturbing but all the same I felt that no being was authorized here without my consent. I also felt agitated about it somehow getting past my wards, so I went into the next room which is my temple and grabbed my magical sword to do another banishing. My wife stood back and looked bothered while the energy in the room seemed to hype up as I completed my banishing. I placed the sword under the crib as a deterrent and preceded up stairs to do a quick meditation and get into bed. My wife stayed in the baby’s room to finish soothing him as I began my meditation.

    Quite early into my meditation I had a VERY clear image of luminescent woman’s face come within inches of mine and quite loudly scold me for daring to bring a steel weapon in the baby’s room in her presence and wave it around when I had invited her in the first place. She rattled on about the outrage of my behavior and the services she had offered for the sake of my son while I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on.
    -As a magician, I pride myself in having very interesting encounters and agreeable results, but my memory can often be among the poorest. Sometimes I forget vital details of a previous magickal act only to have them present themselves in an angry fashion later on:

    Before Anden’s birth I performed many magical blessings, prayers, and experiments to bring blessings into his/our life, and to help with his berthing experience. My family is of an Irish dissent and I have a love of Celtic mythology and magical practices as well. There are old folk prayers for asking the local Fair Folk, the Sidhe to watch over your baby and keep him safe in various ways. These particular Sidhe are known as the ‘White Ladies’ and are said to assist in delivery and young child care. I absolutely loved this idea. The prayers and ritual were beautiful so I performed it around and again after his birth.
    Anden’s nursery.
    …Even to this day, at the age of thirty, parts of my brain seem to still forget that magic really works or that these beings hear us. I/she hadn’t made the initial contact so I didn’t pay attention to her presence during my sleep deprived visits to
    Anyhow, after she had made herself QUITE clear and know, I bolted downstairs, removed the sword from under the crib, and have since made offerings and prayers of thanks for her help. I belive she has helped my son sleep through the night were before he would not at all while in our room. The weekly offerings and communication with my assisting spirits has been wonderful. It still is a challenge to maintain focus and be successful in the day to day world while keeping up relations in the otherworld. 😉

    Aaron, your post was impeccable, like the timing of it. My wife laughed when I read it to her. A very important and excellent topic to bring up! Thank you.

    Bryan Garner


    • Wow that was certainly a lesson learned! This is a big reason why I tell folks not to rush to the banishings right away. However, I can sympathize with you forgetting your previous ritual. I often find my own magickal experiences and accomplishments tend to “slip my mind” if I’m not careful. They seem to work much like dreams – if you don’t wirte them down or otherwise keep them fresh, they will fade. No matter how exciting or frightening or awe-inspiring they were at the time.

      Also – I am quite fascinated by your decision to banish the baby’s room with a sword and then leave the sword under his crib. I have done the *exact* same thing myself with my daughter – except in my case it did not turn out to be a friendly spirit after all.

      Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hi, I am looking for a bit of help and came across this page while looking for house protection.I have always used white light visualisations on our house and it was blessed before we moved in.When we came i had my spirit guides and clive(friendly spirit) with me and later my father also came to visit.It has always been a peaceful warm home.After living here for 5 years my mother in law passed.We didn’t enjoy a great relationship and my brother in laws took the body to her home and all got drunk around her.We were not present but they rang all night angry at us for not participating etc.Ever since then we have had a terrible time.Our car got stolen, we got stranded in singapore with 3 kids, our house got burgled, my bussiness got burgled, we have had 3 windows broken while we were out, etc etc.The list is huge and after a year we are about to go bankrupt.I feel like someone is sneaking up behind me to strangle me constantly and believe it is her.I smell smoke all the time(she was a smoker).Even writing this the temperature behind me just dropped.Help what can i do?


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