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> Here is another take on the import of the Wikileaks US cable story.

This is a subject that has me watching very closely.  I am an avid supporter of Wikileaks and the philosophy for which they appear to stand.  Yet I have to admit a couple of points give me pause.  For example, Julian Assange’s insistence that the official story of 9-11 is accurate.  Also, a trusted friend of mine (with vast experience in computer and internet security) tells me that you are NOT truly anonymous or secure when you upload info to Wikileaks.  Perhaps worst of all is the fact that Wikileaks seems to have the aid and support of several media outlets that are fully owned and controlled by the bad guys… I don’t know what gives there.

But it isn’t all so cut and dry.  I can’t comment on the security of Wikileaks uploads, but I can comment on the other points:

Why would Julian speak out against 9-11 Truth?  Because if he didn’t, Wikileaks would have been dismissed as yet another “conspiracy theory” website and that would have been the end of it.  Who is to say that the real story of 9-11 won’t come out after Wikileaks is well established?  For that matter, who is to say that the Insurance File doesn’t contain everything we need on that very subject?

And what about the mainstream media cooperating with Wikileaks?  That’s a tougher question.  Assange himself pointed out that Wikileaks had been around for several years before “Collateral Murder”, but few people knew or cared about it.  He has expressed his frustration over the fact that Wikileaks was revealing tons of crimes and scandals, but no one came to see it.  That is the very reason he did the Collateral Murder publicity stunt, and why he finally involved the mainstream media.

What I can’t figure out, though, is why the mainstream media paid him any attention.  That, I admit, is damn suspicious.

Then there is the whole issue of Bradley Manning.  Supposedly this ONE man was able to smuggle out every scrap of info that Wikileaks is currently publishing – without raising any suspicion in his department.  (It wasn’t a one-shot deal.  He allegedly spent hours a day, for several days or weeks, burning the info onto CDs that he *pretended* were playing Lady Gaga.  Really???)  He then sent it all to Wikileaks and, for some reason, bragged about it to a non-military hacker friend of his.  That hacker then turned him in.  Yet, the footage of this hacker explaining his actions is obviously footage of a person under heavy drug influence.  We’ve never seen anything of Bradley Manning but one photo, and we’ve never heard from him.  Fuck – does this guy even exist, or was he made up?

(For the record, even if Wikileaks turns out to be everything they claim to be, I still think the US Government would be willing and able to create “Bradley Manning” as a scapegoat to save face and upon whom to hang their censorship and anti-free speech campaigns.  Even if Bradley Manning exists, he may have had nothing whatsoever to do with any of this.  It would be the US Government’s M.O. to pin the whole thing on him and torture him for the rest of his life.  Ref. Jose Padilla.)

So, yes, there are some good questions here that need to be answered – if they ever will be.


Posted December 20, 2010 by kheph777 in Intellectual Rights, politics

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