Cablegate – What’s REALLY going on?   1 comment

I keep hearing that the leaked cables “contain nothing new or shocking.” That’s not actually true (for example, were YOU aware that Dyncorp – an American security company – was organizing boy-parties for Iraqi police recruits?) – but for the sake of argument, what if it were true?  What if there really were nothing earth-shaking to be found in all the thousands of leaked docuemnts? 

It would make no difference whatsoever!

The content of the cables is of little importance when compared to the fact that they are *leaking at all.*  It represents a significant break-down of the system as it is currently intended to work.

Remember ‘V for Vendetta’? The first thing V did was take over the city’s PA system. It wasn’t to give a specific message to the people, it was merely to show them that the government was not in absolute control. Then he blew up a few government institutions to punctuate his point. Essentially, Wikileaks has done the very same thing here. If you want a real clue into what Julian and his crew are up to, read this essay:

Julian Assange and the Computer Conspiracy; “To destroy this invisible government”

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One response to “Cablegate – What’s REALLY going on?

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  1. I watched the video about the parties. Utterly disgusting stuff. I pray that those responsible will be not only punished but made to understand how and why what they are doing is so wrong. It’s not good enough that they just be caught, because they will not think they’ve done anything wrong.

    I also pray that more such corruption will continue to be uncovered and destroyed.


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