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Greetings, faithful readers!

If you’re reading this, then you’re likely aware of the current global Info War raging over Wikileaks and Julian Assange.  The world’s tyrants are angry, VERY angry.  As I have said in the past, tyranny depends on darkness – and the tyrants know it!  What Wikileaks represents is black death to these kinds of parasites and all of their interests.

Recently, several organizations have proven their cowardice and worthlessness – or perhaps even their outright support of internet bullying and censorship – by denying service to Wikileaks or its volunteers.  Paypal has shown their true yellow but cutting off dontaions through their service to Wikileaks – and I suspect Anonymous (who has finally joined the battle!) will take care of them:



Amazon.com is another example of a pathetic weenie organization that supports tyrants and censorship – and that is where this blog comes in.  If you are going to buy my books this Christmas, or anytime in the foreseeable future, I ask that you go directly to Llewellyn to buy them (or to your local bookstore) – please do NOT buy them from Amazon.

Here is a link to my stuff at Llewellyn:


Yes, it costs a little more -but it’s a small price to pay to help in the battle against the bad guys.  Plus, you help me out too – I make more royalties from each book you buy from Llewellyn or a bookstore.  So if you buy my work directly from Llewellyn, you can give it as gifts this Christmas with a good feeling to go along with it.  🙂

In fact, I would urge the same advice for any book or item you wish to buy.  Go directly to the publishers or sellers, don’t go through Amazon.  Not only do they not deserve our patronage, they have directly asked for our opposition by their support of internet bullying and censorship,

Thanks for listening,



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2 responses to “If You Plan to Buy My Books this Christmas…

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  1. PayPal has a LONG history of sabotaging activist websites. There is really no excuse to use their services for any purpose, ever.


  2. Information Age meet Information War–it’s the next evolution onwards from the Cold War…
    In the meantime, Revolution Money Exchange seems to be a decent alternative to PayPal.


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