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Jul 14, 2010

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> Hello all,
>   I have always wondered why there is NO ‘Paths’ from “Chokmah to Geburah” or “Binah to Chesed”? The “Lighting Flash” follows the Paths all the way down the Tree to Malkuth, but there is NO Path between Binah and Chesed for it to follow? WHY? Could this be, what some say, the “Hidden or Secret Paths”?
>   Also, there are three Paths from Malkuth. I thought that the first Sephiroth you go to from Malkuth was Yesod. But yet you can also go to Hod and Netzach. So, if Yesod is the first Sephiroth from Malkuth, why then are there Paths to the other two? When you go to Yesod there are Paths to Hod and Netzach, but it would seem you could “bypass” Yesod? This dos NOT seem right to me. I am NOT an expert, by no means, on this subject- believe me, but I can not figure this out!
>   Any thoughts ya’ll might have on this would be GREATLY appreciated, really!

I’m glad this thread was just resurrected, as I missed this question the first time around.  Your questions might just be answered by the Tree of Life and its relationship to the Expulsion from Eden.

In the Golden Dawn 4=7 Grade, you are taught that Adam resided in the Tiphareth of the pre-Fallen Tree of Life, while Eve resided in Yesod where she (as Isis) upheld the two Pillars.  Tiphareth was then where Da’ath is today, Yesod was in Tiphareth’s spot, and Malkuth was also one slot upward into the astral realm.  When Eve let go of the Pillars to reach down into Malkuth (and the Tree of Knowledge) the Middle Pillar collapsed into its current state, creating a gulf between the Supernals and the rest of the Middle Pillar- Da’ath.  However, there is another view…

Imagine a Tree of Life that looked much as it does now, but with Malkuth elevated into the position that is currently held by Da’ath.  The other spheres are in the same positions as they are now – but Malkuth itself is the active bridge between the Supernals and the lower Sephiroth.  There are two Paths you’ve never seen before – connecting Malkuth directly to Binah and Chockmah.  The two paths connecting Malkuth to Hod and Netzach are still there, but flow in the opposite direction – from Malkuth *downward* into Hod and Netzach.  Yesod, the Foundation, is actually the bottom-most sphere of the Tree, and Da’ath is a black gulf separating the Tree/Eden from the Kingdom of Shells.

In this model, Adam resides in Malkuth – the kingdom, the actual Garden itself.  It is not Eve who causes the Fall, but Adam.  By his act of disobedience, he let go of his hold upon Abba and Aima – thereby shattering the Paths that connected Malkuth to Binah and Chockmah.  It fell downward, swinging like a pendulum dangling from the three lowest Sephiroth, and came to rest beneath the Foundation of the Tree- directly on the boarder of the Kingdom of Shells.  The lowest part of Malkuth, which the Golden Dawn colors black, is the place where the two Kingdoms intersect.


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