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Aug 19, 2010

— In, “kathy” .. wrote:

> This distinctly reminds me of something I am sure Aaron has written
>somewhere but I cant seem to find it anywhere to quote (have looked
>a few times for it in the past) about “magic happens in the space
>between minds”.

I’ll have to look to be sure, but I’m nearly certain that is in chapter 3 of “Secrets…”

For those tuning in:  This is based on the observation that personality is *not* something that resides within yourself.  Instead, personality exists between yourself and someone else – literally within the matrix that forms between two minds when they interact.  This is why you are a different “person” when talking to your boss than when talking to your kids, or talking to your wife, or talking to a friend, etc.  (Daddy, Mr. Jones, Honey and Jonesy are all distinctly different people living in the same head.  We all have multiple personalities.  Someone with MPD simply has unnatrual breaks between each one.)

A second observation about human psychology is our natural tendancy to anthropomorphize nearly anything and everything.  Cars, boats, buildings, appliances, toys, etc, etc, (even concepts) – we can assign a personality to anything at all.  Everything has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies, which we humans recognize as personality.  This leads us to interact with even inanimate objects as if they were alive- which also means we have distinct personalities even for interacting with objects/concepts.

I think these two things are what make magick possible – especially spirit communication.  They say “every blade of grass has an Angel over it bidding it, ‘Grow.'”  And it is our ability to interact with literally anything that allows us to communicate with those Angels (or spirits).  We form that matrix between ourselves and another- animate or inanimate, incarnate or discarnate- and that allows us to interact with it on an extra-physical level.



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  1. Greetings again!
    I have a question that is somewhat off topic, but i can’t seem to find an appropriate article to post it.
    Brother Moloch commented on a forum that you might have the answer to why the Moon and Venus have an extra office in their spiritual hierarchy – spirit of spirits and intelligence of intelligences.
    Hope you won’t mind me asking here.
    Thank you!


  2. I’ve often wondered that myself – but have never found an answer that satisfies me… :/


  3. Oh ok, no problem. it was more out of curiosity, than for practical purposes 🙂


  4. I was gonna drop this, but then this guy came out of the blue with a compelling explanation. Here it goes:

    “Luna has many intelligences and spirits because she acts through the agency of her mansions. Each mansion has a Lord or Lady that rules over it.

    I spent some time with Luna trying to figure out Lunar Magic (I don’t know it all) but the function of the Moon and how it influences us as a whole was explained to me.

    In some Arabic texts the main angel to call upon for Lunar Magic is Silijel (not sure on the spelling and I don’t have my notes in front of me) The texts I read had conjurations for Silijel and Jibreil, when I asked Gabriel who they were he told me that Silijel is the mediator or gatekeeper and Jibreil was what the “Children of Ishmael” called him (Gabriel).

    A few months later I was speaking with a new friend who happens to be an Afghan refugee. We were comparing Christianity to Islam and I mentioned the four archangels. He rattled off their names in Arabic and lo and behold Jibreil = Gabriel.”

    Thought I ought to share this with you just in case. You might have probably come up with this explanation also.

    If this explanation would be the real thing, then i’m guessing there’s something more about Venus that magicians haven’t figured out yet.


    • “Luna has many intelligences and spirits because she acts through the agency of her mansions. Each mansion has a Lord or Lady that rules over it.”

      Ok, I understand the above is pure speculation. That is, it doesn’t prove what the old girmoire masters were actually thinking when they wrote about the “Intelligence of the Intelligences of the Moon.” That said – I have to say this answer totally has the ring of truth to me. There are 28 Lunar mansions – and those mansions were very important to the guys who wrote the grimoires. (They play less of a role today, but some are beginning to look into them again.) It would only make sense, then, that each mansion should have its own Intelligence. You would necessarily invoke the Intelligence of the specific time you are doing your work. Then, it is no leap in logic to assume there would also have been an Intelligence that rules over the other 28. “Malkah” (the Queen) would be that ruler. Awesome! 🙂

      That leaves us to question, then, what the names of the other 28 Intelligences are…?

      As for Jibreil/Gabriel – don’t you just love it when you get outside confirmation of something a spirit told you like that? 🙂


  5. Frater Barrabbas is into working with the mansions and from what I’ve on his blog, he gives them great importance (and I understand why).

    Wow! I guess you’re right with their ruler – Malkah. I don’t speak Hebrew, so I didn’t know what it meant. But it makes total sense that “a queen” would be the ruler of the intelligences of the queen of heavens :D.

    As for Jibreil-Gabriel, yeah, I guess that guy was given correct information from the spirit. The phonetics/semantics (not good with grammar stuff lol) of the words are the same, the first being in Arabic (I guess) and the second in Hebrew.

    I’ve only been practicing magick for some 18months, but things like these intrigue me and I want to get to the bottom of them. I aquired a familiar spirit from Bethor recently, to help me with my magick. I’m not that good with comunicating with spirits – I’ve had some success with the enochian heptarchy angels, using Scott Stenwick’s simple method from his blog presentation. Anyway, I can only comunicate with my familiar through simple y/n questions, or questions that require just a few words to answer. Half the time I feel the answer, instead of hearing the words in my mind. So I asked the familiar about the Spirit of the Spirits of Venus. I couldn’t make out the exact answer, but i felt it has something to do with the fact that Venus is the link to and from Tiphareth, and that the Spirits of Venus act as a 2way street – they bring the higher consciousness down to the mundane part of the mind, through the veil and structure it in a way more easily to bear by the individual. They also structure the consciousness of the practitioner in orther for him/her to teach and comprehend the consciousness of Tiphareth. This should be considered as pure speculation though, as I haven’t yet mastered the subtle conversation 🙂


    • The Spirit of the Spirits of Venus would likely have to do with the different “phases” of Venus. At one point in the year she rises in the East, at another point she rises in the West. In all, there are five stations of Venus throughout the year that mark a Pentagram across the heavens. (Trivia: No ancient culture venerated the Pentagram until after they had developed astronomy.) Venus took different forms at each of its stations, so there are likely different rulers and spirits at each one.

      The grimoires weren’t written with the Qabalah in mind. Not that there is anything at all wrong with Qabalah, but you’ll get further in your understanding of the Old Magick if you interpret it through the lens of astrology more than through the Tree of Life.


  6. And regarding the name of each individual intelligence, perhaps archangel Gabriel could help. But I guess someone with lots of experience in talking with spirits should ask him/her, certainly not me 🙂

    PS: wow you’re up early/late


    • Wouldn’t Anael make a better choice to ask about the spirits of Venus? Not that you *couldn’t* ask Gabriel. Or at least ask him who you should ask. lol


      • I was referring about the intelligences of the Moon, but i forgot to add this to the previous comment 🙂

        You make a good point with Venus’ path in the sky. And if I’m not mistaking, Venus is both the morning and the evening star, so perhaps there are different spirits for those phases too.

        Thank you for the wonderful answers!



      • The morning and evening star phases are two of the five. 🙂


  7. Oh i see 🙂 thanks!


  8. I asked my familiar last night to help me aquire more useful information about magick, both for practical and mystical purposes.

    24h later I was searching for accounts of rituals in which the outer planets were invoked or evoked – it struck me some time ago that the attribution of the outer planets to the ToL is wrong in any way I’ve come across because Chokmah is the zodiac, this a planet cannot represent something way greater than it, and Kether is… well God, so it’s absurd. It then struck me that the outer planets (all energies governing the bodies beyond Saturn) should be in Binah, this the name Eloh-IM (plural); but that’s a whole other discussion. So i came across Franz Bardon’s book The Practice of Magical Evocation. In Part II-4 he lists 28 lunar intelligences and their powers 😀 smh! If this isn’t synchronicity, I don’t know what is.


  9. A day later I found the angels of the mansions in Agrippa’s book 3, chapter 24. I transliterated their names into Hebrew and created their sigils. A few days later a window oppened for me to do a talisman charging. The election time wasn’t perfect, but it was all I got. I made the talisman according to the instructions from Warnock’s book during the time the Moon was in the specific mansion. I later conjured the specific angel in a GD style ritual. I started the ritual at 3am, so I skipped a few steps in the hierarchy and conjured the angel into the triangle via the godname Shaddai El Chai. An intense presence was felt and I have it the charge to empower the talisman. Now I just have to wait for results. Next time I find a right election time I’m willing to conjure the angel via the complete hierarchy: godname-archangel-intelligence of intelligences.

    Thanks for your time.



  10. One last thing. Perhaps the multiple entities in the lunar sphere also have to do with the lunar nodes.


  11. Me again. I took a shot at the Shem angels using the seals you provided on your article here:

    I managed to get in touch with Yeialel after conjuring him/her/it inside the table of practice. I only used mental communication, because i didn’t have any scrying tool.

    Thing is, i found this rosicrucian document for their Adeptus Minor degree and in the last pages of that document there’s a text box in which they say the seals are wrong and the use of them has lead to severe things: cancer, mental illness, possession. This was allegedly what the conclusion was about the seals after experimentation in the 1950s… They give only the hebrew letters of the name and the psalm verse corresponding to each angel for one to invoke them. I can send you the pdf document via private message on FB if you wish to review it.

    My question is if you have any knowledge of these things regarding the use of the angelic seals?

    Thank you!


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