Muhammad, South Park and “Religious Wars”   3 comments

Apr 24, 2010
A good friend of mine just sent me an email asking my opinion about all of this Muhammad on South Park BS.  He stated that he has always tried to keep an open mind about the religious views of others, but that Islam was really beginning to grate on his last nerve.  I can grok where he is coming from.  But… well here is part of what I said to him in reply:

Well the problem isn’t really Islam – just like it isn’t Christianity, Judaism or any other religion.  The problem, in all cases, are whack-o religious fundamentalists.  People like that are NOT “faithful” or “spiritual” people.  For them, religion is a weapon to use against others, and to force people to bow to their control.

This goes hand-in-hand with my assertion that there has NEVER been a religious war on this planet.  Not once in all of recorded history have I found an example of one nation/people going to war over how another nation/people choose to worship.  Or who they choose to worship.

No, the so-called “religious wars” that have raged and currently rage around the world are ALL about politics and power.  Religion is just the excuse used by war-mongers to drum the people into accepting the war.  Again – for them religion is a weapon.  (Ever read the “Dune” series by Frank Herbert?  How about “The Prince” by Machiavelli?  If not, do so!)

So, no, I don’t think Islam is the problem.  There are *millions* of Muslims in the world who just live their lives and worship as they choose and leave it at that.  We can’t paint them with the same brush we should paint the “religious authorities” of the Muslim nations, who use religion as a social-engineering tool.  The same goes for faithful Jewish people vs. the State of Israel.  And the same goes here in America for Christians vs. the “Christian Right.” 

Religious authorities have never and will never have a damned thing to do with God.

I ended with some choice words about how much I cared if Muslims were offended by South Park’s depiction of Muhhamad, nor about anyone being offended by anyone else’s religious satire.  But the words I used aren’t suitable for a blog that kids might read.  lolol  😉



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3 responses to “Muhammad, South Park and “Religious Wars”

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