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Oct 17, 2010

GSG went down without a hitch this time!  I set up the Facebook Event properly, and there were no scheduling conflicts.  I even had the night off work so I could stay and play well into the night.  :):):)

The workshop crowd was a bit slim this year, but everyone had a good time and learned a lot.  I got to attend my first-ever Don Kraig workshop (Modern Magick) – which was truly a trip down memory lane.  He outlined many of the processes I had learned from his book when I was but a babe in the Arts of Magick.  lol  As a pleasant surprise, Don also attended my workshop on Magickal Invocations. 

I was happy to find my semi-open discussion format was a complete success.  When I’m at conferences, folks don’t mind if you just read a lecture at them.  But Pagans at festivals are looking for something more interactive.  We not only covered the art and science of composing Solomonic invocations, but the discussion led us down a few worthwhile side-paths as well.

Afterward we left to find dinner, and then returned for the Samhain Sabbat.  Quite a few more people were able to make it for that, so there was a nice big crowd.  The ritual was themed around Pandora and her box of ills, and then her eventual redemption.  We all charged small sachets with some negative aspect of our lives or personalities, and sealed them in Pandora’s box before it was cast into a Cauldron to burn away.  When the ritual was closed, many of us went to an altar in the west to light candles for recently passed loved ones.  Between the three of us who were there together, we lit a total of five candles.  Samael has been MUCH too active this year!

Finally, the bonfire was lit, the drummers came out and the girls began to dance.  Even though I’m *very* out of practice, I was able to drum through the entire first set (an hour long), and most of the second set (nearly another hour) before we finally had to leave.  It was wonderful to play again!  Today my hands are bruised and sore, and it couldn’t feel better!  lol

Stay tuned, as I’ve been invited to attend another festival that is only a few months away…  I’ll post details (and a Facebook Event) as I learn more.


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