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Aug 31, 2010

Greetings faithful readers!

The other day, I was watching a fun little documentary (on Discovery Science) about the human mind.  IIRC, it was called “Finding My Mind.”

One short segment of the documentary really sparked my enthusiasm.  In it, a scientist sat the show’s host in a chair and placed a head-mounted display (HMD) on his head.  An HMD, for those that don’t know, is basically a set of goggles that present sterioscopic  (3D) images to your eyes. 

In this case, the goggles were not linked to a computer-generated virtual world, but were instead linked to a camera showing live footage of the real world.  The camera was located in the same room as the host, positioned a few feet directly behind him.

Here is where it gets really cool.  The scientist walked up to our host, obviously holding a bright red pen in his hand.  He began to thrust that pen directly toward the camera (the host could see it through the goggles) while at the same time poking the host in the chest with another pen (which he could not see).  The host’s brain was fooled – he felt as though he were being poked in the chest with the red pen.

Having established this mental condition, the scientist then went and retrieved a large hammer.  He returned and swung the hammer with great force toward the camera.  The host – still sitting several feet away from all of this- reflexively recoiled as if he were about to be struck with the hammer.

I found this exciting because it was a scientific illustration (using VR no less!) of a principal I have taught my own studients:  The secret to out-of-body projection and astral travel is to simply “trick” your mind into thinking you are somewhere other than where your physical body is located.  Do this enough, and the mind will eventually be able to assume this non-local state at will.  I developed my method over years of trial and error, and have offered it as a course in astral travel.  Students have reported results with this method within as little as a week, though in the lessions I suggest giving it at least a month.  You can read it here:

Astral Vision and Travel

To accomplish the “trick”, I make use of visualization (either behind a blindfold or in a pitch-black room) coupled with repeated physical stimuli.  The documentary’s virtual-reality version merely replaces the visualizations with the HMD and camera.  (The physical stimuli remain.)  This increased its effectiveness to the point that an utter layman achieved results after just a couple of minutes in one sitting.  This has potential…  🙂



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