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When I posted my Uncrossing technique, I promised to follow it with my favorite mirror defense spell- so here it is.  I learned it from a Santero who was also an ex-Priest from a Russian Orthodox Church.  (He left the Church when he saw politics trumping spirituality.)  He was one of the most fascinating men I’ve ever met.

The spell is intended for use when you feel you are directly under attack- and it should follow the Uncrossing ritual I outlined previously.  In a best-case scenario, you would know the name of your attacker.  However, you can still make use of this spell if the source of the attack is unknown.

Gather a clear (not white) utility candle (generally available in any convenience or hardware store),* a mirror, a saucer, and a tumbler or other glass.

(*- A properly consecrated Solomonic candle is also acceptable here.)

Fill the tumbler half-way or so with water. Place the saucer over the mouth of the tumbler and flip the entire works upside down. The water remains in the inverted tumbler due to the saucer. Place the saucer/tumbler onto your altar or table.

Cut the utility candle in half. On the lower half, inscribe the name of the person who is causing you problems. If you do not know the name, inscribe “my enemies” instead.  (Of course, if you have an Athame or consecrate Burin, use that to do the inscribing.)

Invert the inscribed candle and dig out the wick from the *bottom* of the candle.  Light the wick you have just exposed, then affix the inverted half-candle to the upturned bottom of the tumbler.

Now place the mirror East of the candle/tumbler/saucer set-up, so that it reflects the set-up’s image Westward.  Address a prayer to the Archangel Michael to defend you against your enemies, to argue your case before the Divine Throne, etc.  (Some may wish to direct this prayer to the Guardian Angel instead.)  Psalms for protection against enemies can be included here as well:  Psalm 7, 9, 18, 41-43, 54, 55, 74, 79 and/or 94 depending on your circumstances.

This will effectively invert and reflect negative forces sent at you back to the sender. It is not offensive at all, and can’t harm anyone who does not intend to harm you in the first place. If you attempt to light the bottom of the candle and it refuses to catch, then you likely have the wrong person’s name on the candle.

After the candle-bottom burns completely away, replace it with the top half of the candle. This time it should be lit from the top as normal, and affixed to the tumbler right side up. Address Michael (or the Guardian Angel) once more with prayers of thanks, presenting the wax an offering.  (You can also offer some incense here, and anything else you feel is appropriate.)  Ask the angel always to protect and defend you, etc.  Allow that candle to burn away.

Finally, carry the tumbler to the front door and toss the water out as far as you can.


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  1. An extra note:

    I am often asked which direction one should inscribe the enemy’s name on the candle for this spell. Personally, I like to inscribe it so it reads toward the *bottom* of the candle. Thus, when you turn the candle upside down to light it from the bottom, the name is turned to stand on its head as well. It represents the same thing as the inverted candle itself.


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  3. i will give this a try thanks


  4. how long will it take affect for how many days you need to do this ?


    • You should only need to do it once. Then give it a couple of weeks to show results. If it doesn’t do the trick, you likely set it on the wrong target. (It won’t hurt someone who isn’t sending negative stuff at you, so no worries there.)


  5. So after the *bottom* candle has burned completely, do I flip the tumbler of water upright with the saucer on top to burn the top candle?


  6. I’m new to all this…I can’t find a “clear (not white) utility candle” for sale on any UK website or store. Am I missing something??


  7. I’ve heard that placing a mirror face out in a bedroom window will help guard against evil. Would that be ok to do with mirror after it’s used for defense? And not entirely related…. But would you know anything about visions?


    • It makes sense. The mirror acts to reflect whatever might try to enter through said window. There are other folk charms for keeping demons from entering the house as well – such as scattering pebbles or seeds on the ground in front of the window, or sprinkling white sand or salt across the windowsill. All of these serve to distract and entrance little astral beasties before they can think to enter. 🙂


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