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Summoning the Archangel Michael
Thu Nov 17, 2005 1:04 am

— In, “JM” wrote:
> hi Aaron,
> I would be interested
> to hear on those Michael invocations you did.

Just a couple of evocations we did in response to the storms that
were threatening our area of Florida at the time. I think we did
the first one for Francis- or was it Ivan? (There were so many,
it’s largely a blur!)

We used fairly standard procedure. We worked on the day and hour of
Sol- after checking to make sure Sol was well aspected. At that
time, we utilized the Armadel’s “Seal of Michael” for the Talisman
(painted with gold paint). Standard Solar incense (frankincense,
benzoin, and copal). 12-hour fast beforehand (we were on short
notice), and the Solomonic Bath.

I’ve described my working space elsewhere- an Oratory in the east of
the room with its own Altar, and another Altar out in the center of
the room. Everything in the Oratory is white. The outer Altar
could have been covered in yellow or gold (for Sol)- but we stuck
with white on that one as well. I’ll have to check my notes to see
if we used a yellow 7-day Candle- though that would be our usual
practice. (The incense and the wax are the standard offerings.)

For the working, I performed the Solomonic Bath first. Then, while
my skryer performed the Bath, I entered the Oratory and did my
Abramelin thing. Next, my skryer came in and sat at the outer
Altar, where we lit the Solar incense. I stayed in the Oratory and
donned a medal of St. Michael. (I also placed an image of St.
Michael slaying the Dragon- as symbolic of the Archangel slaying the
hurricane/Leviathan- upon the Altar.) Then, according to
instructions given to Dee and Kelley in the “5 Books of the
Mysteries” for summoning Michael, I began reading the 7 Penitential

After only two or three of the Psalms, my skryer interrupted to say
Michael had arrived, and we went from there. (Welcome, confirmation
of identity, statement of purpose, etc.) He said that he couldn’t
stop the storm, but that he would work to help us. He also gave us
the name and sigil of the Angel set over the storm, and then brought
that Angel to us.

Result: Over the next three days, we watched as the storm slowed
and finally stalled entirely just off the coast of Florida. While
there, it spun down a couple of catagories, and then finally ran
aground- doing comparatively much less damage than it had been set
to do.


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  1. i to have had experience with the angels, but the fallen angels. most people dismiss this as fiction, childs play. i heed, this is NOT the truth! i took 6 black candles, 1 red candle, 3 piceces of string, tied across each black candle in certain order, which i will not say, for safety issuses. i will not be responcable for anyones misfourtune. draw a perfect pentagram, each black candle around each point of star. red in the middle, chat, ‘o prince i invite you into my life, give my self to you as mind body soul. when u feel his presence, throw a hand full a limestone at the red candle. whatever u think the demons their or not, be careful, they can come whenever they want to. which could be at 3pm or 3am, while your fast asleep. remember demon love to enter or dreams. read our thoughts. and they dont like to leave without a fight. i had a go to a priest, and he didnt even believe me. careful! not science fiction.


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