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I am currently tearing through Joseph Peterson’s edition of the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. I bought it because it contains “Use of the Psalms” – a primary source for Psalm Magick. However, I’ve discovered that the entire grimoire is a fascinating piece of work – what a shame I’ve neglected a study of it for so long.

The first operation given in the text (the seven and twelve Seals) is much more cohesive and complete than I had given it credit for being.

Most of the following sections are different versions of the same text – consisting of Hebrew-letter talismans (as opposed to medieval Solomonic sigils) intended to reveal mysteries about various Biblical miracles – mostly taken from Moses’ activities in Exodus.  The burning bush, changing the rod into a serpent, the 7 Plagues of Egypt, parting the red sea, etc.  It reminds me, in spirit, of the Armadel of Solomon – though the Armadel uses medieval sigils.

There are also several treatises included that amount to long-winded Christian apologia for the existence and use of magick.  At least one of them is based almost entirely upon Agrippa’s occult philosophy.

Overall I think the magickal operations in this book are worthy for further exploration.  However, a LOT of corrective work would have to be done on the Hebrew, as the author(s) of the text obviously had no clue whatsoever about the Hebrew letters or language.

Check out the book here:

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