Egg Spell for Spiritual Defense   3 comments

I have seen several techniques for using an egg to cleanse oneself.  (Very useful!)  However, I once learned a trick for using an egg for active spiritual defense:

Take a plain white egg.  Using a pencil or marker, decorate the egg with symbols, words and numbers that specifically symbolize YOU.  Of course, start with your full name (you can add “son/daughter of X”, where X is your mother’s name).  If you have a personal symbol or sigil, add that as well.  Then add your birthdate, your drivers license number, your social security number and anything else you can think of that indicates your person.  (I even used pencil graphite to add my thumbprint.)

In this case, you don’t want the egg to be cold.  Hold it between your hands and let it warm up to your body temperature.  While you are doing this, focus upon raising your personal energy, and channeling it down your arms, through your hands, and into the egg.  (If your tradition has a method of raising energy, use it.)

You’ve now created an “astral decoy” that appears to be you.  Place it wherever you feel an attack may be coming from.  If you are having problems related to your bed (nightmares, insomnia, sexual issues, etc), place it under your bed.  Otherwise place it over or near your front door, your window or wherever feels right.  (In one case, I knew who was attacking me, and I was able to hide the egg over HIS door.)  Finally, address the spirit of the egg and tell it to make a lot of noise and flap around like a wounded bird, so as to attract anything predatory that is looking for you.

This will not put a stop to or reverse what is being done against you, but it can get the heat off of your back long enough to figure out what is happening and fix it.  Or, if you’re dealing with someone who is not a conjurer, but is unconsciously sending hatred and negatvity your way, this egg spell can be a good way to defend yourself without hurting the poor sap who has a beef with you.

 How long you leave it out seems to depend on circumstances.  Sometimes the egg will rot and turn nasty, but quite often they don’t seem to rot at all.  Instead, their contents just vanish, as if eaten right out of the unbroken shell.  In either case, replace the egg when it reaces that point. 

Do NOT break the egg under any circumstance!  You can flush it, leave it at the crossroads or even burn it.  However, breaking it can unleash a lot of stored negativity.  The guy I mentioned above stumbled across the egg over his door weeks after I had left the house.  (It never rotted.)  He didn’t actually see it, but he was vacuuming and sucked the egg into the nozzle.  It popped with a bang as loud as a lightbulb hitting the ground, and over the next days and weeks the guy had an overdue mental breakdown.



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  3. so i have a question if someone steals property that has magickal tripwires to it like for example they steal a packpack that so happens to have sigils that will send anything they do back 3×3 or another example someone so happens to do a spell similar to the first part will they be able to reverse it or put it to rest?? what will most likely happen to the theif?

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